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ACID PROBLEM - S/T 12" Out On 16oh FFO: Jesus Lizard, KARP, Later Flag

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"Acid Problem have emerged from Brooklyn with a stellar 12” e.p that combines the experimentation and tangential riffs of later era Black Flag with the powerful driving song structures of more modern offerings like Condominium or Slices. Not afraid to take a walk on the demented side these 5 songs still remain white-knuckle gripped to pounding guitar lines in a centrifuge of frantic hc punk sensibilities. Fans of hc punk ranging from Cold Sweat to early Flipper will find an immediate bond with this release from 16oh records. Elements of this s/t effort verge toward straight up pounding hc punk only to turn upon itself in a possessed ferocity as if constantly at war with itself. Any listener duped into feeling this is another straightforward hc release is soon jolted by frenetic unease and palpable agitation that make any moments of ease not only unattainable but unimaginable. Impossible to pigeon-hole but immensely satisfying this is a debut that compels you to re-set the needle as soon as it ends." - Richard Boe

211 copies on STEEL RESERVE BLUE. Act now while supplies last! The entire 12" is streaming here:


Order here:


Get in touch at [email protected] for wholesale or trades.


Grudges - Abuse 7"

This is almost done. I had tests made for the bands tour but we found an issue with the a side of the record. This will be getting rectified soon and then the rest of the press will be out and available. A guy at Joint Custody told me "Bad ass this sounds totally like Nasum" so maybe if you like Nasum you'll dig this record!


Sick Plot 7" tests are approved, resuming artwork soon!

Swann Danger 7" tests are approved and order is in for the artwork. I'm an idiot and we made tip on sleeves for this record. It's going to be bad fucking ass. I've always wanted to do one and what better format than a 7" right?

St. Dad LP tests are somewhere? I think some are coming to me soon.

The Scam LP is in production!

Mindless 7" about to enter production.


I just put up a ton of Bastard Noise, Copout and other cool joints in the distro. Get at it while they last! I'll have more up soon.


And thanks once again for supporting this label. It's a labor of love and I appreciate all support!


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LABOR DAY SALE! 20% off for the next week at 16oh if you enter LABORDAYS. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Thanks for the support and looking forward to giving a nice donation to a group who need support in a time where women's reproductive rights are being attacked.

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