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  1. Bump I found sandman and castyoudowns first two and only shirts!
  2. Looking for any vinyl and any merch from them in medium. Please!! (etc: Ecostrike, Castyoudown, Drawing last Breath, SANDMAN, Undying)
  3. ISO: xELEGYx, Ecostrike, Cast You Down

    ^ and sandman
  4. I would love to see a repress of Congress - Blackened Persistence
  5. New 7" from Safe and Sound with an insane new sound on New Age Records. Vinyl Preorders /200 Marble Blue /300 Marble Grey /77 "77" Pressing Marble grey with green New Age label (limit 1 per order) - Listen/Buy digital
  6. ISO: xELEGYx, Ecostrike, Cast You Down

    I saw that! They're insane. And good idea, thanks!!
  7. ISO: xELEGYx, Ecostrike, Cast You Down

    I'm jealous! I haven't, I follow them all on twitter and I'm just assuming they would have put leftovers online by now if they had any
  8. sent you a message earlier today