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  1. The Saddest Landscape - All is Apologized For. All is Forgiven 2xLP Swain - The Long Dark Blue Mitski - Puberty 2 Mitski - Bury Me At Make Out Creek Code Orange - Forever Step For Change - "EP Promo" Cassette
  2. any press, would prefer to order within the US
  3. emily reo for the 10"?
  4. I go on this thread for the first time after scrolling past it for months to look for the long ear and it's on the first page i look at lmao
  5. how fucking good is that new song
  6. one time i ordered like 6 lps and when the package came there was only 1 and they blamed it on an intern lmao
  7. sorry they're not alphabetical i got lazy. add $5 shipping. will cut deals on orders with multiple records. *12"* Allison Weiss - Say What You Mean|Half pale orange/Half dark orange /500|$7 Aficionado - S/T|White /500|$5 Beach House - Depression Cherry|Black|Has tiny tear on the sleeve (not all the way through)|$12 (Has $20 tag) Dinosaur Jr. - I bet on Sky|Black|$12 Rozwell Kid - Too Shabby|Pink /100(?)|$12 (Has $19 tag) Empires - Freshwater Reflection|Transparent blue 196/220|$8 IIOI/Koji split|/500 Clear Maroon (Looks more like opaque pink w/ black smoke)|$12 The Menzingers - A Lesson in the Abuse|Green marble|$12 Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence|Royal blue/Yellow haze/500|$10 Our Lady - II|Marbled mint 36/100|$8 Billy Wallace & The Virginia Blues - Tucumcari, New Mexico & Other Songs|Black 191/220|$8 Husband&wife - Dark dark woods|White 103/110 + cd|$8 TS & The Past Haunts - Gone and Goner|Opaque Green|$3 PUP - S/T|Transluscent orange /500|$12 Nai Harvest - Hairball|Green /1000|$10 Title Fight - Hyperview|Grey|Tiny split on spine+sleeve|$10 H2O - Thicker Than Water|Clear yellow tint w/ black splatter|$10 Hierophant - Great Mother: Holy Monster|Opaque red/1000|Tear on top of the jacket|$5 Terror - No regrets|Gray /1000|$6 Native - Wrestling Moves|Cream /514|$8 Mountain Man - Two|Tan /300 + etched b-side|$3 TRC - Nation|Red|$3 Monument to Thieves - S/T|Black /100 + cd|$3 Of us Giants - Nova Scotia|Mixed /300|$7 Striking Distance - The Fuse is Lit|Orange/700|$5 Tancred - S/T|Lavender /150|$9 Soul Control - Cycles|Opaque Orange|$6 This Time Next Year - Drop out of Life|Coke Bottle Clear|$3 Mother of Mercy - IV: Symptoms of Existence|Gray|$8 In Between - Still|Dark gray|$7 Long Lost - Save yourself start again|Green/500|$5 *7"* (add $3 each, has to ship with a 12") Allison Weiss - Making it up|Brown vinyl Human Kitten - The day before she died|Black vinyl New Found Glory - Tip of the Iceberg|Black vinyl (2 available) Happy Diving - So Bunted|Red vinyl H2O - D.C.|Black vinyl Hierophant - Son of the Carcinoma|White vinyl Monument to Thieves - Anyone but you|Black vinyl Settler - Dissociation songs in the key of f|Black w/ screenprinted b-side Test of time - The price|Clear blue w/ black streaks Soul Control - Bore Core|Black vinyl *Cassettes* Rozwell Kid - S/T|Orange 2nd press|$5 mewithoutyou - Pale horses|Dark blue|$5 Chris Farren + Grey Gordon split|White|$5 *Misc* This La Dispute banner|$40 please cover the paypal fees. thank you don't hesitate to PM any questions! I also only have two mailers at the moment but in the next day or so (waiting for paypal -> bank) i'm going to order some! edit: will order if there's an actual demand