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  1. Deadass, this is the most erection-worthy reco I have seen in a minute. No cap, it would be sick if Psyopus "Ideas of Reference" or "Our Puzzling Encounters.." was also pressed. Would defo cum in my pants if any label would have the wherewithal to press these, on God.
  2. They rapped the hell out of me without asking. Probably been 4 years or so, but yeah. Rapped me to death, practically.
  3. They are playing with HEALTH and Show Me the Body here. Oh my fucking....
  4. First two songs are keeping me soft. Like some polished 90s Midwest emo CRAP.
  5. What is this fake ass Alex G sounding ish? I've been busy listening to NoCap, Ghostemane, Candy and Jacob Ogawa today. So all you haters back off and get rapt!
  6. One of my favorite moments is when Daveed told me he thought my song was dope that was used for the intro of a film fest that I worked on. ❤️ #shoegazeforlife
  7. UFOF is, hands down, one of the best albums of the year. And the new single indicates we have genius of equal measure on our hands with their latest offering. Wow.
  8. Wondering why I didn't pull the trigger when I had this in my cart. Of course, that is before I saw him live. He's incredible!
  9. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Bitchfork
  10. Hey, my rappers. Does anyone have the orange pressing of this? Looking to buy. Lemme know. Danke.
  11. I don't care about that. If Pitchy says it's good I will listen to THE MOST TRUSTED VOICE IN MUSIC. Anything else is lame asf, no cap (on god).