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  1. As much as I know as everyone is patiently waiting for the official Cowboy Bebop OST on vinyl, I thought I'd just leave this here... https://www.juno.co.uk/products/yoko-kanno-the-cowboy-bebop-1-soundtrack/747198-01/ $26 and some change after shipping to the U.S. It's the boot on clear vinyl. I don't know about you, but I think that's a hell of a deal!
  2. Just bought Idler Wheel. $37 after shipping. Sheesh...but it's a must have and I expect that it will sound much better than the first press.
  3. The last show BN ever played was my town. I went. Am I a bad person?
  4. Also, here's a music video from Hunt the Dinosaur if we have any deathcore fans around here. I'm almost positive you guys have heard of them even if it's through memes. I will only have 25 copies of their album! It is going to come in four different shell colors (all off which match the album art). Pre-order now. I should have these in hand mid to late January!
  5. Thanks to whomever bought the Silent Hill 2 cassette! Here is a link to a track from the upcoming Henry Holt tape: https://hereisnowhererecords.bandcamp.com/album/discography-1997-2005 Check it out if you are a fan of Midwest emo or slowcore. If you just hit the play button one time then you might find that it's quite an enjoyable tune. I could even put up another track or two from theirs if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  6. GD has A LOT in common with DH. Listen to the lead riffs on the longer tracks....was just telling my friend this yesterday. The endings of these long songs from the rhythm guitar are VERY similar and the lead follows similar progressions, from finger picking simple leads to tremolo outros....
  7. Can't wait to see Greet Death open for Deafheaven on their upcoming tour. It'll be like my 12th time seeing Deafheaven, lol. Seen 'em twice this year already and seeing them in a month with Power Trip, but will be my first for GD...super pumped!
  8. Same, I did that for Jim Sullivan too a few months back, but it seems I no longer have that option...
  9. So I can't do a one-month sub anymore? Only interested in Idler Wheel. That's a shame because I really want this one...
  10. Noticed that there was some activity in this thread. I am popping in to say that I spin this thing like 10 times a week. I love it.
  11. Hey, VC. I just opened up a Limited Run. Right now, we’ve got pre-orders on a few tapes which are really limited (around 20 of each for my shop). The first is for Hunt The Dinosaur’s new album that just dropped this year, second is from another deathcore album which is not just one, but two EPs from Texas’ own Navajo, and the third preorder is from a little band called Henry Holt who will definitely please fans of Midwest emo/slowcore (this is their collected work from 1997-2005). ALSO, I have ONE copy of the Silent Hill 2 OST, so grab it while you can! There are a few more releases in the shop including incredible psych-folk from the late Dallas/Portland artist Blake Mackey and the last few copies of an EP I put out a few years back under The Secret Truth of the Universe. Please support small labels and check out http://deadredqueenrecords.limitedrun.com/ who is helping me put out all of these tapes. Thanks, guys! http://hereisnowhererecords.limitedrun.com
  12. Beck used to slap in the 90s and even in the early aughts. Hasn't released anything noteworthy IMO for at least 15 years....