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  1. He Dead... I would have nixed that one. The feature vocals kill anything that might be seen as haunting/ominous behind the lyrics and sound of this track. Made me cringe, but, then again, that's just me. La Mala Ordina...I would have kept the features out of this one as well. Lackluster at best. But maybe these rappers are friends that they've invited on this one? Then the two minute of outro/noise. More annoying than artistic. Again, IMO. Run For Your Life and Nothing Is Safe are notable bangers for me. The former especially for inviting an original horror-core rapper on the track, the latter for the Carpenter influence (even if it is heavy-handed, it sounds good). If I could also say that I may be in the minority, but the interludes don't add much to the album. I already get the concept of it being a "horror movie" album without the sound bites. All In Your Head, low replay value. Again, feature detracts from it. The contrast of extreme melody against the sparse industrial beats kind of pulls me out of these types of songs. Blood of the Fang and Story 7 are bangers and excel from the tight, sparse production (blips, bells, static, etc.). Vocal content on Story 7, eh, are fine, but the bpm slowdown is what makes this one click for me. Listen, fam. It definitely isn't a 4.5, but also not an 8. You know this is just my opinion, right? I would return to some of these tracks, though.
  2. If I am perceived as a cuck, so be it. At the end of the day, I still...r...
  3. The album has some good songs on it. It's fine. And Daveed is a pretty cool guy. He complimented me on my music at a film festival and I was surprised because I am decent at best. Also, Danny Brown deserved a BNM (IMO).
  4. Hm, I think I might have been listening to a different album than you guys...
  5. Hey, guys... https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/clipping-there-existed-an-addiction-to-blood/
  6. Anyone notice how "For the Guilty" kinda has the guitar sound of MBV's "Who Sees You" mixed with the vocal/melody of Slowdive's "Here She Comes". IT FUCKING SLAPS!!!
  7. My Amazon UK order says it was delayed until Nov/Dec...
  8. Second pressing that ships in Januray...
  9. It sounds like if Nothing were stronger songwriters. I like the grungier sound which has a purpose in the sound of this record. The distortion and low tones actually make me empathize with Cole's destructive nature and addiction. As soon as Horsehead started I was like...shit!
  10. Angel Olsen BNM will come Monday or Tuesday. They will make us wait for the 9.5. Yeah, DIIV will likely get a 7.2-7.7 for this one which means I am ready to sell my copy before even getting it.