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  1. Really happy with the decision to use the CD artwork for Define. Always thought those shadow zombie things on the vinyl version were super cringe.
  2. I had that one in my cart and decided it cost too much at the time. So dumb.
  3. I am still looking for a copy of Veteran. Bought one on a website earlier this year and found out it was a scam site....*sigh*
  4. I didn't see that the 1000 Gecs repress was a preorder, but the new remix album said it was a 4-5 week preorder. So will 1000 ship immediately or in a month?
  5. They emailed me that my order was cancelled as well, but the refund has yet to hit my PP. Well, that sucks.
  6. Already sold out of a preorder of /2000. Wow. Holy cow, someone GECS me already.
  7. They took Erase Me to a whole new level, but if this is a live album then, seriously, FUCK ME!
  8. Talbot and Co. slap dong, so obviously. I already told you. Plus, they are proto-butt-rock/post-grunge-gaze. So, again, don't be butt-hurt, my fellow chud.