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  1. "You have my word". Yeah, we trust someone who hasn't even released one record yet and is pulling this shit. Get rapt, bro!
  2. One of my favorite shows this year by far (and I have definitely been to over 50 this year, maybe closer to 100 at this point). Anyone going to her Philly show in September? I am thinking about going to that one and am super excited for the new album....matrix.
  3. Yes, if the incels on the board allow me to trade-gape them then at least they will be getting some action.
  4. Goddamn, Zuu slaps/raps really hard. Already enjoying it more than Taboo. Can't wait to see him with $uicideboy$ and Turnstile.
  5. Listened to the single 4 times in a row. Already genius asf. Rap AOTY for me already.
  6. Will likely form a bowl with it and send a pic to Mr. Homme. Hopefully he takes it as a sodomy invitation so I can rap him.
  7. It was $90 on LITA two weeks ago, but gape yourself, bro. Get ramshackled by a BBC.
  8. Hey, I will trade this QOTSA album for the Persona 5 boxset if anyone has one. They did a repress a few weeks ago and it already sold out and I can't find that bitch anywhere anymore. If not then I guess this shit is gonna "Go With The Flow" on my turntable...."Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh???"
  9. This album raps so hard that you newbs just never got it, especially the neckbeard, incels (braincels) of this community.