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  1. God, MCU music. The most generic and bland shit out there. STANDARD FARE MUSIC, my friends. Continue to brainwash yourselves and RAP your minds with NONSENSE and TOMFOOLERY. Watch this and EDUCATE YOURSELVES:
  2. I miss pre-'95 RIDE when Mark Gardener didn't wear the Freddy Krueger hat and the tracks used to slap. Still, single kinda raps, as a matter of fact.
  3. Is someone getting the best... the best... the best... THE BEST OF YOU!!!
  4. Only place I see that at is Rough Trade...sound about right? And thanks!
  5. If Crumb comes back in stock can someone please message me? Did not know this was happening, FML.
  6. Or, preferably, an album comprised of entirely original nursery rhymes titled "Bald Baizley Gets Gaped".
  7. I still remember a time in the not-so-distant past where I was poking fun at two guys actually arguing via some thread that I am sure everyone has long since forgotten and I got banned for a month. In that interim, I made music, tended to my garden, read a few books and actually lived my life. I did, however, miss being a troll, if just for a little bit, on the boards. It's crazy how some people can't read between the lines most of the time which shows how often we overestimate human intelligence.
  8. Honestly, this band would be much better as an instrumental rock group....John's vocals are, well...
  9. Do you love the likes of Foo Fighters? If your answer is yes then Baroness is the bland for you.
  10. When I saw them with Deafheaven like 70% of the crowd left after Baroness finished. Sad that everyone just went to see an hour of standard fair anthemic rock (the likes of Foo Fighters with more solos) instead of staying for heavenly transcendence. Oh well, lucky for me and everyone who stayed!
  11. I went to a benefit show about 5 months ago for their original bassist Lucas Starr who I remember seeing play with them around the time "Son, I Loved You" dropped. Well, he had terminal cancer, so Underoath, Terminal, '68 and a few other bands were trying to raise money for his hospital bills, which was really a great thing...but today I found out that he died a month after that show. What a bummer...