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  1. We knew that though. Pitchfork stated that they were ersatz shit. Mere pimpwork and masturbatory, at best. And we all know that Sparta made the grade from Pitchy with the exception of the tame-core album Threes.
  2. No, but this is more easy-listening than rock. Like Snow Patrol or something, lol.
  3. Oh , Sparta. The band that keeps playing it safer and safer with each release.
  4. I have a Splatterhouse 2 OST on sawblade vinyl that I would be willing to trade for a copy of The Fountain.
  5. Would you have a lead on Persona 5? Thanks, man.
  6. I also have a splatter FFVI by Red Gorilla...
  7. I have trades...if anyone needs a Whirr Feels Like You, Splatterhouse 2 (sawblade vinyl) or Katamari Damacy first pressing....
  8. Anyone have this boxset? Looking to trade or buy. Thanks.
  9. Let’s put it this way. Only way I’d part with my copy is for Mondo The Fountain or for Sun Kil Moon Benji.
  10. As much as I know as everyone is patiently waiting for the official Cowboy Bebop OST on vinyl, I thought I'd just leave this here... https://www.juno.co.uk/products/yoko-kanno-the-cowboy-bebop-1-soundtrack/747198-01/ $26 and some change after shipping to the U.S. It's the boot on clear vinyl. I don't know about you, but I think that's a hell of a deal!
  11. Just bought Idler Wheel. $37 after shipping. Sheesh...but it's a must have and I expect that it will sound much better than the first press.
  12. The last show BN ever played was my town. I went. Am I a bad person?