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  1. Viva La Vida is really tempting... looks like a bunch of Coldplay LPs are reduced in price right now (edit, maybe just this one and A Rush of Blood). Warehouse Deals has Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Black 2xLP for $17.52 like new, prime shipping. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B01FDF12UI/ref=tmm_vnl_used_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=used&qid=&sr=
  2. Vouching for this guy! Great stuff, fast shipping, couldn't be more pleased. Buy some records yall!
  3. Vouching for this guy! My first order came today, thrilled with the condition of the records and the packaging, appreciate the 7" too man. Good luck selling the rest.
  4. My store was told they can't sell AAEA until 3/24 even though they have it in. Really regretting not preordering now!
  5. That MGMT flips from $13 to $25 all the time I've noticed. I've seen it In Stock at $13 for periods of time, then it shoots back up randomly for a few days. Finally caved and grabbed one in case the sale ever does end. I was really pleased with the pressing.
  6. I think my BN has them in. I wonder if they'll be told to hold them for the 24th, wish I would've preordered one now!
  7. And I get that, which is useful for shopping on Discogs. But sometimes I just want an uncluttered list I can refer to when I'm looking around a record store or something. (edit, I do get your point though, a word doc on my phone would accomplish the same thing more or less)
  8. Can't wait to pick August up Friday. Been eying those 50-60$ pressings but the wallet says no. If anyone wants a better price, Barnes & Noble usually releases email coupons on Thursdays when there's a big new-release lineup Friday. Usually good for at least 15-20% off. Just don't go to my local BN cuz they only ordered 1... Edit: Was the date pushed back on these? It's been saying 3/17 for ages but now a few sites have 3/24 instead. I can wait another week but that's about it
  9. Discogs makes it hard to curate my wants when I just want a copy of an album that's been pressed 20+ times, but I don't particularly care which pressing. I'm not really using any social aspects of Deadformat, but it's great for keeping my lists.
  10. Just checked 3 items off my wantlist at great prices, all in perfect condition. Thanks a lot man, awesome seller!
  11. Just checked 3 items off my wantlist at great prices, all in perfect condition. Thanks a lot man, awesome seller!