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  1. I’m not necessarily saying it is him. At the very least, I didn’t think it was you either though. I don’t post much since selling most of my collection but I still lurk time to time as I still get info on albums that interest me. All I was saying is that if you go back to the beginning, James jumped on that kid pretty quick which would appear to be an early cover. I don’t know him personally, just seemed odd then, more so now. I still keep in contact with a few members from the VC on instagram and when I was told to check this thread out, I just had to. It’s comical. Whether Gatorpride is a troll within VC, an internet troll, or an actual kid, the one thing I think anyone can agree with, it’s funny as hell.
  2. You know... I’m thinking it’s James. He has this beef going back and forth with him. James made a point to make beef with him from the beginning and then made a point to ignore this thread until Gatorpride called him out. Gator just so happens to be from the same hometown too. Not to mention, they had a Instagram back and forth before James Champ supposedly blocked him. Gator posts a tattoo he wants which is the same one James has. They both allegedly love Coheed too. Then, James discovers the fake picture. Is it because James posted the picture on the Gator IG account to begin with? What the hell kind of odds does someone find random stolen pics like that? Millions of pics are posted daily but he found the one match? Fishy as hell. He called this the long troll or whatever, so I’m thinking this is James Champs troll account and if so, hell of a job pulling it off. Too much coralation if you ask me. Regardless of whether it’s him or not, it’s funny as hell to read.
  3. The internet is full of shit. You can take it or eat it, your pick bud...
  4. Pretty sure he was making light of a shitty situation. Don't take shit so seriously...
  5. That's awesome man! Cant wait to get it but no such luck until the release date for me.
  6. I mean... aren't all games repetitive in terms of gameplay? Mario bros is run left or right and jump. Sometimes you can fly left or right. Racing games are just gassing and breaking around tracks. Call of Duty is run, duck, shoot. I know some games have massive controls but the common game is repetitive in general.

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