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  1. KyleTuttle

    FS: No Trigger Canyoneer LP / Clear OOP

    Hi, do you still have this???
  2. I'm interested in Tycoon! What would you like for it?
  3. KyleTuttle

    No Trigger Test Presses

    I was outbid with 1 second left! So so close to having it. Any leads or help is much appreciated!
  4. KyleTuttle

    No Trigger Test Presses

    Looking for No Trigger test presses. Looking to Buy or possibly trade
  5. KyleTuttle

    FS: Rare records

    the polar bear club redder the better $15?
  6. KyleTuttle

    FS: Rare records

    for the have heart demo final press in black $20? and the what counts first press......$35?
  7. KyleTuttle

    Have Heart first pressings

    I'm looking for first pressings or rare pressings of Have Heart's 2003 demo and/or The Things We Carry. anyone ???