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  1. If anyone is looking for a copy of the Striking Distance LP they were selling last weekend, Vinyl Conflict has the leftovers up: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/2074637006
  2. Damn, I was so stoked to grab a tank top for the beach at the Providence gig that I completely missed this.
  3. Any Baltimore heads here or anyone going to the Praise record release this weekend? I was supposed to road trip down, but COVID got in the way. Long shot, but looking for a copy of the limited Praise record that Celebrated Summer records has today at noon and also a record release copy (assuming they have one tomorrow) 🙏🏼
  4. Anyone seeing the Chisel that can grab the tour press of the new record for me? Couldn’t make the Boston gig. Positive karma for anyone who can 😬
  5. Thanks, everyone. I want to say that when I filed the dispute I had to pick item not received. They also used to have an appeal feature which is no longer an option. I guess I’ll call him them and honestly I’m so mad about the whole thing I might just report it to my CC company and have to deal with getting a new card. Sending PMA to all the good sellers out there that make this hobby not a nightmare.
  6. Looking for some help from the board because it’s been SO long since I’ve dealt with a shitty seller. I bought a record on discogs and received the wrong record. I have transcripts with the seller because I assumed it was an honest mistake, and when I finally asked for a refund they stopped responding. I opened a PayPal case and they just closed it because the seller provided the tracking info saying I received a package essentially. I’m not seeing an option to reopen this case. Again, it’s been a long time so looking for any and all help here. Thank you 🙏🏼
  7. Anyone by chance have a copy of the No Pressure 7” that they would sell for a reasonable price? I hate spinning 7”s these days, but this record has really grown on me and I snoozed on the Triple B press.
  8. Relapse is already on their back catalog. Also, EVERYONE buy as much Cave In shit you can directly from Relapse so they feel it will be cost effective to get some lawyers working on the rights for Antenna.
  9. https://tolivealie.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=19&products_id=2975 UP NOW DONT SLEEP PEACE TEST - PRY
  10. Need this for nostalgia reasons. Anyone not spinning their copy?
  11. https://bnds.us/tw9q10 Anyone else notice on Quicksand’s site they have a link to tour dates? Assuming this is announced later today.
  12. Late to the party, but looking for ALK3 👀 thought I still had a copy in my collection, and it turns out I don’t…
  13. https://www.wannahearitstore.com Support the new local spot in MA. They still got a lot of good shit.