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  1. These guys are super great, good folks too. They have a full LP coming out later this year or next : Listen Here Buy Here Wonderful band from Athens GA featuring Banjo, Cello, Clarinet, Steel, Violin and Drums. 7" released in February 2013 on Gypsy Farm Records, limited to only 150 pressings included CD-EP includes all tracks on 7" plus 3 extras
  2. My first post on here, I will try not to seem like a creep out for your goodies. My name is WJ and I help Zeke Sayer run Gypsy Farm Records in Athens, GA. Some References : HHBTM (Athens), Orange Twin (Athens), Stickfigure (Atlanta), Bachelor (Austria), ODDBOX (London). List of items available : 7 Inchers THE RODNEY KINGS / "Irene" 7 - $6 4 fuzzed out ditties plucked straight from Athens, GA's most sensational punk band. Cover photo taken from The Kings' house party. Shake your Bones baby, it's gonna be one tough night. THE HUMMS / "Don't Think About Death" 7 - $6 "-With tracks off their 2010 Lemonland album (released on Bachelor Records) this 7INCH showcases the Humms’ signature haunting surf-rock style. Like a zombie shredding a tasty wave, the tracks “Don’t Think About Death” and “Buttermilk” are a little scary and a lot of fun." - LA RECORD / 2010 MUUY BIIEN / "Knife Fights" 7 - $5 / RAW PUNK Distro item from Wondertick Records. Rarely does any firecracker on this devil-dish fizzle any longer than 40 seconds. The music is maddening, spaced out mostly from your own imagination in-between muffed out little teases. Quailbones / "ST" 7 - $5 Distro Item from Ghost Orchard Records. Quailbones self-titled 7INCH is pure grain drain Rock and Raw from Murray, Kentucky. 12 Inchers GYPNOSIS / "Gypsy Farm Compilation" - $10 Featured are the freaks that will soon steal the hearts of all the scoundrels you thought your mother threw out years ago! The Rodney Kings, These Magnificent Tapeworms, The Humms, Uncle Skunkle, The Ice Creams and Ghost Lights! Do the sinister shuffle, the tainted tango. GYPNOSIS is a fantastically vicious piece of wax! THE HUMMS / "Lemonland" LP - $10 “The Athens [GA] band's debut album, Lemonland, plays like a hidden disc in one of the Nuggets box sets” - STOMP AND STAMMER / 2010 All records are available for sale or trade, **most of the titles are available (WHOLESALE) through Stickfigure Distro in Atlanta, GA Let's see what you got to swap! Love local singles! That's all for now. new releases coming soon from The Ice Creams, Old Smokey (Members of Olivia Tremor Control, HAM1 and MOTHS)!