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  1. I'm dying to see this! My daughter was born right before the Philly showing (where I live) and this show happened, so I have to wait for the digital release. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/brainiac-tribute-happening-in-nyc-with-mems-of-gvsb-d-plan-wrens-much-more/ But, Schmersal lived here for a bit, so I've seen Enon a healthy amount of times as well as Crooks on Tape, which makes waiting a little more tolerable. And yeah, $8 is insane for that album.
  2. That's crazy, congrats! They cancelled mine, but did give me some extra store credit.
  3. That Brainiac is worth it for 'Flash Ram' alone. Such an insane/good album.
  4. I like that Amazon priced Oligaga with the same number Pitchfork used to rate the album.
  5. These albums were on repeat for me during high school/college. Definitely keeping an eye out for Black Sails since I missed it.
  6. Contacted Amazon.ca, they told me the issue was that they're in stock as fulfilled from another vendor but Amazon themselves do not have any inventory on hand at the moment. Going to sit on it a bit longer but don't expect much.
  7. OR... ~ 32 if you double up on one of the records to hit free shipping. ****Edited:. Nevermind, I messed up. Still charges for international shipping at checkout.****
  8. Ha! Phenomenal album. Might have to take a page from your book soon.
  9. There was a pre-order for 'Friends.Lovers.Favorites' I'd posted about a bit ago. Amazon posted the cassette ASIN labelled as vinyl, then changed it after a people had ordered. I complained, they honored the price.
  10. Normally a big fan of buying from the labels, but this was a classic case of 'Wasn't planning on buying at all, can't pass up for that price.' The flip side of buying on Amazon is that they might get a discount to purchase the stock, but it's a guaranteed bulk order for the band/label regardless of what sells. We'll see how my infant daughter takes to grindcore.
  11. Reached out to customer service, spent way too long explaining the issue on both chat and the phone. BUT - they agreed to cancel the original order, have me reorder the correct ASIN and credit me the $18.02 difference. Added bonus: Getting to explain HIRS as a band to the support agent who was curious.
  12. Same. Not sure what's up with Amazon and this record - there are two separate listings for the vinyl with different ASINs. The other is $25.99. This is coming out on a few different colors, but I can't see that causing a $17 price difference. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. The HIRS Collective - Friends. Lovers. Favorites.: $8.99 (Pre-order) http://amzn.to/2C0og0s Seems like this might be a pricing mistake as the label has the CD/cassette priced at 9, but the vinyl at 20. Features collaborations with Laura Jane Grace(Against Me), Shirley Manson(Garbage), Martin Crudo(Limp Wrist), Marissa Paternoster(Screaming Females), Erica Freas(RVIVR), Sadie Switchblade(G.L.O.S.S.), Alice Bag and Candace Hansen(Alice Bag & The Sissy Bears), Pierce(Soul Glo)

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