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  1. Just an FYI, Prepare to wait 1-2 months if ordering from get better. Try sisters in Christ first if possible.
  2. I got my orange splatter today and i'm in the USA, so these are shipping well before the date. Southern Lord always packs well but I have bad seam split at the top. Oh well. Album rips p hard.
  3. Another split/ep with Ragana for PO: http://anout.storenvy.com/collections/65287-all-products/products/24287931-aor030-thou-ragana-split-12-lp
  4. It leaked...and I 100% hear why these weren’t on the album. That’s not a knock, these are just out of place.
  5. jon720

    PO: Vein - Errorzone

    Mine comes tom and it leaked yesterday. It’s a banger.
  6. Screen printed wrap around alternate cover, sealed with wax and I want to say hand numbered as well and exclusive color. Pretty much what it states but done a lot better then other labels I’ve bought stuff from. Maybe some extras thrown in depending on the package.
  7. jon720

    PO: The Sidekicks - Happiness Hours

    I’ve listened to this like 50 times already. Def their best I think.
  8. None. I just can’t read apparently
  9. This is going to sound like ass on a single LP
  10. jon720

    PO: True Love - The Pact

    Emailed them a week ago about this and just heard back that these will be shipping next week. Woo
  11. jon720


    True. Nothing against it, just sayin'.
  12. jon720


    It's a covers album. There's nothing original.