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  1. I PayPal claimed last month and got my money back. I want this album but this is a friggin joke of what’s going on. Rather not deal with it.
  2. Just got this from Amazon and it’s the indie exclusive. Dunno how that happened but that’s fine with me.
  3. Lucky to get a signed poster which is cool. However, did anyone else not get an insert? Mine was sealed and all, but I was surprised this didn't have anything.
  4. My favorite band since ‘99 and this is def the most disappointing songs I’ve heard from them
  5. Previews of all the songs on iTunes. Album sounds all over the place as expected.
  6. It’s out there already if you know where to look
  7. Just an FYI, Prepare to wait 1-2 months if ordering from get better. Try sisters in Christ first if possible.
  8. I got my orange splatter today and i'm in the USA, so these are shipping well before the date. Southern Lord always packs well but I have bad seam split at the top. Oh well. Album rips p hard.
  9. Another split/ep with Ragana for PO: http://anout.storenvy.com/collections/65287-all-products/products/24287931-aor030-thou-ragana-split-12-lp
  10. It leaked...and I 100% hear why these weren’t on the album. That’s not a knock, these are just out of place.
  11. jon720

    PO: Vein - Errorzone

    Mine comes tom and it leaked yesterday. It’s a banger.
  12. Screen printed wrap around alternate cover, sealed with wax and I want to say hand numbered as well and exclusive color. Pretty much what it states but done a lot better then other labels I’ve bought stuff from. Maybe some extras thrown in depending on the package.
  13. jon720

    PO: The Sidekicks - Happiness Hours

    I’ve listened to this like 50 times already. Def their best I think.
  14. None. I just can’t read apparently
  15. This is going to sound like ass on a single LP