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  1. Isn't PK a RFA this year? I wonder how many teams take a run at him after this playoff run
  2. I really am shocked by all the love for Niskanan. Guy seemed to be a product of the system and I'd be scared to give him big money. Also, money seems to be getting ready to flood to him because of how scarce the UFA market is for D men.
  3. I just love how Bill Simmons (Who I usually love) was talking about how great the playoffs have been and all this crap when in reality it's a joke. 1 vs 2 on both sides and it's basically the same 4 teams people picked preseason to get to this point. This is the problem with NBA. Always has and basically always will be.
  4. What's the reasoning behind this? I'm confused
  5. Bylsma needs to learn how to change up the lines during a game. Watching the games it was infuriating to watch him just roll out the same line combinations over and over and I'm not even a Penguins fan.
  6. Guy could have a job five minutes after the news conference to announcing the firing. I think him keeping Bylsma around too long is really the only reason he got fired.
  7. I can't believe this went to OT. Also, this Hayward guy in the glass is a freaking tool.
  8. That's where my real issue is. But clearly everyone has issues with the inconsistency! haha Brain Allen man... I really don't like that guy! These last 5 minutes! I'm gonna have a stroke...
  9. I know Garbutt walks the line but so do many players. Perry grabbed Garbutt's (I think) and flips him upside down and calls nothing in game three I believe. Along with that... Perry did the same thing that happened to him to Benn and didn't get ejected. Also, you have to say he started the contact/fight with Roussell so why aren't they looking for him? Now don't get me wrong. I didn't like the dive into Robi's legs but I want to say that I don't think he meant to hurt him or anything of that nature. I just don't think the Ducks can really bitch about anymore calls cause they have more PP in the series. Honestly, I just feel like they act like they have never gotten a call in their life. So honestly, both teams have done things and most things are just a part of playoff hockey and I'm just an annoying fan who wishes they fell towards my team when they don't. LOL NOW I JUST WISH THE REFS WOULD CALM DOWN SO WHISTLE HAPPY.
  10. THAT'S A FUCKING EJECTION?! LUCIC FUCKING GETS A MOTHER FUCKER FROM BEHIND AND GETS NOTHING AND HE GETS TOSSED. FUCK OFF. Also, fucking idiot move by Garbutt my god... I am just annoyed by the inconstancy of all of this hahaha
  11. Man I hate the Ducks. Only the Ducks could bitch all fucking series about calls yet they get so many ticky tack calls and lead the series in calls for sure. But be because the Stars play "physical" (according to the Ducks coach) they go under the microscope. You might call this a watching the game alone at my house angry post.
  12. This is going to be hard. I'm going to be doing final projects for school and try to watch the Stars game... I think the Stars will stress me out more
  13. Got to go to the game again last night. Unreal! Stadium was rocking throughout the whole thing. These teams are starting to plain hate each other. With the Ducks seeming to feel the hate a bit more. Ducks players and their fans for the most part have really been starting to bug me. Complaining about calls yet the refs have let stuff go for both sides (Example: Perry grabbing Garbutt's legs and flipping him upside down) and I believe the Ducks have had more powerplays but this series has been decided by 5 on 5. The Stars lost by one in both games on the road and Ducks went and lost by basically 3 both games here (that open net goal by Benn should have counted...) You got to be liking the confidence the Stars are playing with right now. I'm obviously biased but the Ducks seem to have thrown basically a hissy fit after both losses and shown a lack composure when down as well. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on here about the series but I'm not sure many people are watching hahaha
  14. It's just awful I mean... That call changed the game should have made it 3-3 if nothing changed but that goal counting. I mean there would have been mid game riots if that had happened to Montreal and it didn't count. I just want to hear the refs/NHL's reasoning for the no goal.
  15. These CBC announcers make me want to sit in a room and be forced to listen to Pierre McGuire, Keith Jones, Mike Milbury, and Brian Engblom talk hockey. And by hockey I mean talk about the original 6 teams and the Penguins because I'm not 100 percent sure those guys could even name all 30 teams.

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