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  1. It's shown in the current ad as part of the promo, but I checked at 2 Targets last night and no luck
  2. Probably not, the description states: "We received a few overages - once these are gone, they will not be made available again."
  3. the Target exclusive and this maybe? either way, no way it's a real/official release.
  4. Their twitter said today, but they didn't know the time and to just keep checking the site.
  5. Got shipping notice for the signed Red CDs, hopefully the heart comes back.
  6. based on that 9 second clip (if real) I can already predict what my most listened to song in November will be.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. It switched to Sold Out while I was checking out the first time, but now it let me.
  8. Try posting the youtube clips on /r/NameThatSong/ Also, that first song is super catchy.

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