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  1. Am I doing something wrong or is shipping from jpc to the US somehow cheaper than me shipping a record from NJ to NY?
  2. My status states: I feel like the last time I checked it was "Processing" or something like that
  3. After 2 full listens, I am really loving this album. bonus obligatory review point: It's almost like the Menzingers, but better than all their newer stuff.
  4. Bummed it’s not the full set, but definitely still want to own this.
  5. https://store.greenday.com/horny-bumper-sticker-digital-album.html don’t forget to get your merch to show your love for the band/the new album/being horny
  6. I'm glad they spend some studio/behind the scenes time on "ME!" - It sorta changed the song for me, in a good way.
  7. The Manic Store Exclusive now states: 🙄
  8. They just added signed CDs that are up until the 23rd, maybe she is signing everything at once.
  9. Just trying to remind people that they exist and get back on the radio.
  10. I have nothing to say... I just wanted to be a part of this.
  11. Some more gone... someone buy the rest of this stuff!