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  1. Temples x Jagwar Ma Remix Press on 12" Picture Disc, limited edition sold only in the UK on Record Store Day. I was hoping to find a copy of this vinyl press by Heavenly Recordings sold on RSD. I wanted a copy as soon as I saw the artwork for the vinyl itself (Designed by Oliver Hibert who is an excellent psychedelic artist) and then even more after hearing the songs, but because it was only sold in stores in the UK, I had no chance to get it. I came here hoping maybe somebody has a copy or knows where to locate one. I cant find it anywhere online or on eBay. I thought here might be a good place to post about it. It is my understanding that only 1000 copies were made so I imagine it would be potentially and probably difficult to find. Luckily, its only a few weeks old, so there should be very close to 1000 copies still out there The tracks are: Shelter Song - Temples (Jagwar Ma Remix) Man I Need - Jagwar Ma (Temples Remix) I wont make any offers but I will discuss prices if somebody can find one, and I would be willing to pay handsomely for it. Heavenly Recordings Post Thanks guys! EDIT/UPDATE: I have actually found 2 listings on eBay now, so the status of finding one has changed. I would still prefer buying from a user on here and potentially getting a better deal, however now I know for certain I can get a copy. I still want to find one on here, however, if at all possible. Thanks!