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  1. Hey All, We're changing things up a bit this time out. The biggest change is that we will start selling any titles we have more than 10 of at 1pm Pacific on our website located at www.1234gorecords.com/rsdjune2021. We are getting really good fill on many of the best titles so expect to see a nice selection up then. At 8:30pm we'll be putting everything else up on the site. If you make two orders we will combine them at shipment time and issue refunds of any excessive shipping costs. We'll be open 8am to 8pm as we normally are on RSD events however we are by appointment only until Noon and then we'll be taking walk ups from then on out. Appointments have sold out for the first drop. A week or so after the first drop we'll be announcing how we're going to handle the July drop. The state of california is loosening restrictions after this first drop and we're feeling out if we want to keep appointments going forward because it seems to be a lot nicer to just know when you can come in rather than wait for hours in line. Anyway, we'll see how this first one goes! Hope to see you out there and do not be scared to come down after noon. We have great fill and will likely have most of what you're looking for!
  2. Trying to complete my collection. Let me know if you have a copy you'd like to part with!
  3. If you missed out on this at your local store, it looks like the label has copies on their webstore. http://www.mezzotint.com/store.html#polaris
  4. Looking to trade for both of these records. Please let me know if interested in giving them up. I have an extra sealed copy of Pearl Jam Live at Easy Street if that interests you. DM me. Collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/BGDesign/collection?sort_by=artists_sort&sort_order=asc
  5. I have quite a few titles left over from record store day releases. Offering 15% off these titles. Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular!
  6. Hello all! Here's our annual RSD thread! Hope you've all been well. I'm not sure quite how it happened but we went waaay bigger than last year it feels like so we've got a ton of stuff in house for the day. On top of all that we have been given an exclusive alternate artwork edition of The Longshot 7" picture disc. Customized for us by Billie Joe Armstrong just for RSD. This version will only be available in our stores. If there are leftovers we will put them online but we expect them to go pretty fast. IF YOU'RE IN OAKLAND 8AM TO 8PM First person in line gets 5 minutes in the shop alone. First 100 folks in line get entered in to a raffle for a $100 gift certificate to be given away the following week. Tacos Oscar AND Aburaya Japanese Fried Chicken will be serving up the goods outside the shop!! Supercrush (https://supercrush.bandcamp.com/) from Seattle will be play for free around 3pm!! IF YOU'RE IN SF 8AM TO 8PM First person in line gets 5 minutes in the shop alone. First 100 folks in line get entered in to a raffle for a $100 gift certificate to be given away the following week. IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR OUR LEFTOVERS Leftovers will be up at http://www.1234gorecords.com/catalog after we close on Saturday. I will update here with as accurate a time as possible. We have to reconcile two stores inventory to make sure everything is up and accurate but that usually only takes an hour or so. Rules of the mail order road. 1. Please make sure your address is correct in your paypal account. We ship directly from paypal and they automatically input whatever address you have in there. If it isn't correct in your paypal account we may not catch it. 2. Please try to condense everything you want in to one order. We can try to combine orders if you place two but we may also miss it because we're processing hundreds of orders in a very short amount of time. 3. PLEEEEEEEASE don't place an order, freak out that you might not get something, order from some place else and then cancel with us. That's such a bummer. The inventory in our store should be accurate. If it's still up in the store, we still have stock. If we experience an oversell on something we will be in touch ASAP but that didn't happen more than a handful of times last year out of hundreds of orders. 4. If you have questions about an order, Please email [email protected] We won't be doing customer service stuff in this thread or even checking it that often as we'll be working like crazy to get your orders out in a timely manner. Finally, Know we love you and are working very hard to get your orders out as quickly as possible. Also know that it's two people working on this and we aren't Amazon so while it will go quickly it won't be same day shipping. Last year I think we got everything out withing 5 or 6 days total. Oh and tracking will be available in your paypal account once we've shipped. If it's not there, we haven't gotten to it yet. We've got a pretty great reputation around these parts for the most part I think so don't be scurred. We're going to take care of you and it's going to be great. Thanks everyone! You guys really make the dream work for us post RSD and it's greatly appreciated! Oh hey, one last thing, our Oakland shop just turned TEN YEARS OLD this year! Thanks for your support over the years. We've got these snazzy anniversary shirts for sale right now in our Oakland shop and in our webstore if you're interested. HD Cotton shirts and a discharge print so the design will never crack or distort on you, unlike the band Discharge. Limited time only availability on those so if ya want one don't wait too long!
  7. Hey folks, we finally opened our new webstore this week as announced on our facebook page. Our focus is mostly imported hard rock and metal vinyl but we do throw in some surprises from other genres here and there. Some RSD releases were just added so check out our new arrivals. This message board was huge in launching our original shop 7 years ago so big thanks to those of you who helped us along the way. Thanks for looking - http://lastrightsrecords.com/
  8. Maybe an odd request, but if anyone wants to trade a copy of last years RSD Bowie release Cracked Actor for a copy of this year’s RSD release London Blackout 78, I’d like to make that trade happen. The London Blackout is new and sealed. ISO Cracked Actor. Thanks!
  9. Hi all I'm in Waxhaw near Charlotte NC for RSD this year so can anyone suggest which would be the best store to go to and what sort of time I would need to go to start queing? I could go into Charlotte or one of the towns around me. Thanks in advance
  10. Just got this press release in my inbox, figured it was time to get a thread going. RSD Black Friday is Friday, November 24. Fleet Foxes have announced a special edition 10” EP available exclusively at independent record stores starting on Record Store Day's Black Friday, November 24. Those interested in purchasing a copy can find an independent record store near them by visiting recordstoreday.com. The EP features four songs, thoughtfully selected from a WFUV session recorded at New York's historic, Electric Lady Studios on June 13, 2017, days before Crack-Upwas released. In addition to the announcement, Fleet Foxes have released a Classic Album Sunday Q&A which can be viewed here. Side A of the vinyl includes “Cassius, -” and “- Naiads, Cassadies” while Side B includes “Mearcstapa” and “On Another Ocean (January / June).” Each pair is recorded and cut as one long track to reflect the intentional fluidity between these songs, on both the album and in live performance.
  11. Hey everyone, Here's some info about our Black Friday & Small Business Saturday festivities. Leftovers will be up shortly after we close if you're not in the bay area. http://www.1234gorecords.com/catalog FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24TH TO SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25TH BOTH of our stores will be open from 9am to 8pm on November 24th with tons of exclusive releases and deeply discounted sale items. Wondering what all is being released? Check out the full list here http://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases The following day for "Small Business Saturday" everything in the shop that isn't an RSD exclusive will be 10% off! We rarely if ever do sales so come take advantage! Still haven't been to our SF shop? Well get over there! It's open noon to 8 Sunday - Friday and 11-8 on Saturday! 1038 VALENCIA STREET SF, CA 94110
  12. I'm trying to find a copy of the Foster the People Broken Jaw / Ruby Vinyl that was released for record store day back in 2012. Message me if you are willing to sell, thanks.
  13. Is 86 days away, too long away to start this? Probably so, but wgaf...at least it'll be here for when the rumors start coming in. Cheers. http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/01/26/rsd-2017-dolly-partons-puppy-love-getting-reissued/
  14. whats up guys, looking for a RSD copy of Blonde. Anyone on here have an extra or one they are getting rid of? I'd pay generously for one
  15. Just some odds & ends for sale for some record money. All records NM/NM Shipping is $4 US only. Knocked a couple bucks off from my discogs listings Alice In Chains - Live Facelift RSD $23 In shrink, w/hype sticker Hank III - Love sick, Broke, & Drifting $68 OG Press,Black, NO CD! In shrink, w/hype sticker Some Girls - The Blues Grey Marble $3 or free if you buy 1 of the above just ask
  16. so I ended up with an extra copy of each of these. I am selling a sealed copy of each. they were expensive as hell due to importing from overseas. willing to sell separately for $50ppd in the US or you can get both for $90ppd. also down with interesting trade proposals, but cash is king.
  17. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to post a run down of what to expect tomorrow at both our locations. HAPPENING IN BOTH SHOPS: Both shops are open from 8am to 8pm. First person in line gets 5 minutes in the shop alone. Limit one copy of each release per person. Sunday is a free for all. People in line by 8am will get a raffle ticket that will serve as their number to get in and a chance to win a $100 gift certificate. Drawing to be held on Sunday. Around 400 different RSD exclusives on hand. Yes we have that thing you want. No we can't do holds. Yes you should get here early but honestly coming later is fine too. Just don't get mad when the suuuuper limited thing you wanted is gone...but also don't be surprised if it isn't. RSD is weird. OAKLAND: 420 40th Street #5, Oakland, CA 94609 Free coffee from SubRosa and donuts by Donut Savant while supplies last. No Worries vegan Filipino food will be selling starting around 11am. Not entirely sure but I think we will have a chance for folks to win a free pair of Dr. Martens if they find a golden record in the shop. This is happening for sure in SF but haven't gotten clarification if it's in both shops yet. SF: 1038 Valencia Street, SF, CA 94110 A chance for folks to win a free pair of Dr. Martens if they find a golden record in the shop. Plus we'll have coupons that will get you 20% off at their shops anyway which ain't a shabby consolation prize. ONLINE: http://www.1234gorecords.com/catalog We'll have things up as quickly as possible. It's a bit of a process getting both stores inventory meshed but we do it pretty fast. I think there's a good deal of folks on here who can attest to the speed and quality in which we do things in that regard. Stay tuned here for more details. We process A LOT of orders after RSD and to avoid confusion we do ask that you take some time do/consider the following. 1. Make sure the address in your paypal matches the address you want stuff sent to. Throwing us weird curve balls may result in packages being sent to places you don't want them to be sent. Give us a hand and make it crystal clear. It takes very little time to have that lined up on your end. Please make sure it's accurate before you order. Changing it after doesn't always work. 2. Please understand that it's 2 people picking and packing these orders and we're not Amazon. It'll take us a few days to a week to get everything out depending on how many orders we get. Please don't order a bunch of stuff from us in the early Sunday AM and then write to cancel when you don't get a tracking number half an hour later. That's a real drag for everyone. We process this stuff as quickly as possible and are in touch pretty quickly if there's a problem so don't assume we must be out of something if you don't hear back immediately. We're working on it. 3. We love and appreciate y'all. Honestly.
  18. I ended up with an extra copy of the Against Me - Stabitha Christie RSD 7." Anyone out there interested in a straight trade for the "Osama" 7?"
  19. SOLD Ended up with extra copies of these. These are the coloured vinyl presses. FCC is purple and MnK is cream white. Both are double LPs. Only asking what I paid for plus shipping and Paypal fees: $142. Media Mail shipping is FREE in the US.
  20. This one sold out before I could get it on RSD at my local shop. Let me know how much you're selling it for if you're parting with it!
  21. I was able to get everything on my want list except for this release. Checked 3 different shops, none of which had a copy. Help me out? Thanks!
  22. http://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=242419 Found this on Interpunk. The release date shows th 24th but the 7" is on the RSD list. I figured this was the RSD release. Anyone have any information?
  23. "Trips" European repress is available now on LP+7" with digital download from Unless You Try Records. Album & 7" design by Sergie Loobkoff. 12" Tracklist: 1 80 West 2 Clean Up 3 September 4 Demon 5 Crew of One 6 Dead 7 How Would You Know 8 Nightly 9 Free Time 10 El Dorado 11 Magellan 12 Did You Change 13 Happy for You 7" Tracklist: 1 Happy for You (Acoustic) 2 Magellan (Acoustic) PRE-ORDER LP+7" + 'YAFMO' 12" BUNDLE HERE • Trips 12" Tie-dye + Acoustic 7" Tie-dye vinyl (Pressing limited to 100) • You Are Freaking Me Out 12" Clear / Black Smoke vinyl (Pressing limited to 150) THIS ITEM IS READY TO SHIP! Finally repressed for European fans, "Trips" was originally released back in 2011 and marked the band's first newly-recorded output in five years. Whilst it made numerous 'best of...' lists that year, and sold well in the band's home market, the album never really received the same exposure over here in Europe - a fact that is definitely not lost on the band, who count Euro-fans among their most loyal. Indeed the band members have often lamented that the one thing they miss when they play shows here is that there is not the same level of 'sing-along' for the Trips material versus similar shows in the States...Well now we need to remedy that, starting with this repress!!! As a very special bonus, this package includes an exclusive acoustic 7" that you won't find anywhere else! Two exclusive stripped-down versions of tracks on the LP were recorded during the Trips 'sessions' and we have committed these bad boys to vinyl before wrapping them in a silver ink, screen-printed sleeve with artwork by the band! Each LP will contain a download insert (including the bonus 7" tracks!) and to round off this superb package we will also be giving away test presses of all our releases...Nice!

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