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  1. Downsizing a bit! All records have $4 shipping for 1, each additional one is $1 more Would prefer to do sales through Discogs because it's better tracked and organized, but if you do not have an account I have no problem going through here https://www.discogs.com/seller/jessicadotmpeg/profile [Band- Album /Variant /# of pressings if known .. $How much] Dance Gavin Dance- Acceptance Speech /Yellow /HT Exc. 1000$105 Dance Gavin Dance- Downtown Battle Mountain /Clear /HT Exc.1000 $55 Dance Gavin Dance- Downtown Battle Mountain II /White /HT Exc.1700 ..$60 Dance Gavin Dance- Happiness /Green /HT Exc.1700 ..$110 Dance Gavin Dance- Whatever I Say Is Royal /White /HT Exc.1700 ..$25 The Acacia Strain- Death Is The Only Mortal /Clear /..$30 The Acacia Strain- Coma Witch /Purple and White Starburst 2xLP w. CD /300 ..$35 The Acacia Strain- The Dead Walk /Piggy Pink /1000 ..$75 Bayside/ Saves The Day/ I Am The Avalanche/ Transit- Untitled /Black /1700 ..$8 Bayside- The Walking Wounded /Yellow /400..$28 Bayside- Sirens And Condolences /Yellow /525..$20 Bayside- Shudder /Yellow /449..$10 Bayside- Live @ The Bayside Social Club /White 2xLP /900..$25 Bayside- Cult /White /HT Exc 1200 ..$10 Bayside- Cult /Clear /266..$15 Bayside- Cult White Edition /Red 2xLP /1300..$20 Bayside- Covers: Volume #1 /Red /200 ..$20 Bayside- Acoustic /Clear /155..$30 Bayside- Killing Time /Cream /1500..$80 Bayside- Time Has Come /Pink /500.. $10 Cold World- No Omega /Orange w. Black and White Splatter /100 ..$40 Foundation-Turncoat /Green /300 ..$18 Foundation-When The Smoke Clears /Grey w. Blue and Red Splatter /700 ..$15 Rival Mod- Mod Justice /Red /958 ..$8 Power Trip- Manifest Decimation / Black /1000 ..$10 Immortal Technique- RSD Revolutionary Volume 1 /Clear Blue /1000 2xLP ..$30 Circa Survive- Descensus /Yellow and Black Splatter /500 ..$30 Circa Survive- Descensus /Clear w. White and Blue Splatter /1000 ..$20 Bird In Row- You, Me & The Violence /Black /549 ..$10 Trash Talk- 119 /White ..$18 Modern Life Is War- Fever Hunting /Bone /2000 ..$7 Downpresser- Don't Need A Reason /Black /600 ..$5 Harm's Way- Reality Approaches /Pink /557 ..$10 Hundredth- Resist /Milky Clear w. Oxblood Haze /400 ..$10
  2. Selling off a bunch of records, $3 shipping for the first record +$1 for each record after that. Will bundle prices! $8 Touche Amore | PTSBBAM | 1st p. 180gram Black /961-pending $10 Touche Amore | Is Survived By | 1st p. Translucent Light Blue /698 $10 Touche Amore | ...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse | 6th p. 180g Orange /1500 -Sold $4 Touche Amore/ Title Fight | Split | 2nd p. Opaque Blue /??? $4 Touche Amore/ Pianos Become The Teeth | Split | 1st p. Bone /??? $4 Touche Amore/ La Dispute | Split | 4th p. Black /2000 -Sold $4 Touche Amore/ Casket Lottery | Split | 1st p. Cream Opaque /1100 $4 Touche Amore | Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol 2. | 1st p. Opaque Blue /??? -Sold $4 Touche Amore | Live On BBC Radio 1: Vol 1. | 1st p. White /2300 -Sold $13 Pianos Become The Teeth | Close RSD 2015 | 1st p. Blue Marble /1000 $10 God's Hate | Divine Injustice | 1st p. Red, White and Blue Splatter /200 $15 Forced Order | Eternal War | 2nd p. Red /150-Sold $13 To The Wind | Block Out The Sun & Sleep | 1st p. White w/ Black and Brown Haze /??? -Sold $20 Nothing | Guilty Of Everything | Deluxe LGBT Edition | 4th p. Black /1000 $9 Hundredth | Revolt | 1st p. Opaque Gray w/ Keys engraved on back /800 $9 Hundredth | Resist | 1st p. Milky Clear/Oxblood Haze /400 $7 Hundredth | Let Go | 1st p. 180g Black /1000 $55 Circa Survive | Violent Waves | 1st p. 180g Black /???-Sold $40 Being As An Ocean | Dear G-d | 1st p. Black /250 -Sold $10 All Out War | Truth In The Age Of Lies | 3rd p. Grey /350 $15 Defeater | Empty Days And Sleepless Nights | 5th p. Copper /1000-sold $10 AFI | Burials | 1st p. Black /??? $15 Modern Life Is War | Midnight In America | 2nd p. Seafoam Green /225-Sold $7 H2O | Don't Forget Your Roots | 1st p. White /700 $6 Ceremony | 6 Covers | 1st p. Clear w/ Screenprinted Black Rose Design on B-Sides /1500 $15 Heart | Red Velvet Car | Red Heart Shaped disc | Recorded Live @ EMP Seattle /???
  3. He said "either" he didn't specify which one.
  4. There was one left at the HT near me, I can see if it's still there and grab it for you if you want.
  5. Definitely skipped over a few of those on accident. I was looking over it last night and I forgot to delete a couple that I found, thank you!!
  6. I'm looking to help a friend complete his PTW discography collection. He has a long way to go, so I thought I would give him a hand. I'm looking for the following records. Please hmu if you are willing to sell your copy! Willing to pay good money Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Black Clear Yellow And Peach Marble Blue Clear Peach Marble The Opposite Of December Navy Blue The Opposite Of December/Tear From The Red Blue/Red Black Test Press Versions White/ Coke Bottle Half/Half Clear, Coke Bottle Blue You Come Before You Clear Gold Clear Red Clear Green Green/White Marble Black Test Press
  7. I never listen to it, I'd rather someone else have it and enjoy it more
  8. Selling some records, all prices ppd. Hmu if interested. Between The Buried And Me- Colors, Bubblegum Pink. $30 Defeater- Letters Home, Red. $10 Defeater- Sleepless Days And Empty Nights. Copper $20 Katy Perry- Prism, Double LP Black 180. $25 Modern Life Is War- Midnight In America, Seafoam Green. $14 Naysayer- Laid To Rest, Clear 1/ White and Blue Splatter. $10 No Doubt- Rock Steady, Double LP Black. $24 Real Friends- Maybe This Is The Same Place And We're Just Changing, Cyan/Easter Yellow Swirl. $25 Saosin- Saosin, Clear w/ Black Smoke. $20 For Today- Prevailer, Blood Red. $24 I Am The Avalanche- Wolverines. White $15 AFI- Burials, Black. $20 Gideon- Calloused, Red. $15 Gideon- Milestones, Translucent Blue. $15 The Ghost Inside- Dear Youth, Black. $25 Champion- Time Slips Away, Blue. $13 Ceremony- Six Covers, Clear w/ Black Rose. $8 Heart- Red Velvet Car, Heart Shaped. Recorded Live @ EMP Seattle $15 Knuckle Puck- The Weight That You Buried, Blue w/ White & Black Splatter $25 No Trigger- Tycoon, Orange/Red $15 In Hearts Wake- Earthwalker, Green/ White Starburst $20 H2O- Don't Forget Your Roots, White $10
  9. Looking to by Bayside's "Already Gone" 7" !! It's the last one that I need to complete my discography for them. Please help! PM me if you have one that you're willing to part with~ Thank you!
  10. Just trying to get rid of a few records that aren't getting enough attention Shipping is $3 + $1 for each additional record if you want to buy more than one. For Today- Prevailer- Blood Red $15 Ceremony- 6 Covers- Clear w/ Black Rose $7 Champion- Time Slips Away- Light Blue $10 Katy Perry- Prism- Double LP Black $20 Real Friends- Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing- Cyan/Easter Yellow Swirl OFFER
  11. I have it, pm me offer if you want it.
  12. Good luck dude. I bought it for $85 last month. Wouldn't pay any more for it and it's one of my favorites. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you don't gotta try to cash out so big on it. Especially with good people
  13. Trying to finish some collections// grab some bangers. HMU if you have any of these that you are looking to part with *for not an outlandish price*.. Please and thank you! Bayside- Acoustic Bayside- Already Gone, Sick Sick Sick 7" (Acoustic) Bayside- Time Has Come 7" Twitching Tongues- 2010 Demo Tape Twitching Tongues- 2011 Sleep Therapy Tour Tape Twitching Tongues/ Ruckus Split Desolated- Disorder Of Mind Emarosa- Relativity Emarosa- Self Titled System Of A Down- Mezmerize Taking Back Sunday- Louder Now The Acacia Strain- Wormwood The Devil Wears Prada- Plagues The Devil Wears Prada- With Branches Below And Roots Above
  14. Looking to complete my Twitching Tongues collection! Help Need, 2010 Demo Tape 2011 Sleep Therapy Tour Tape Ruckus Split hmu
  15. Trying to cop that HT release.. All The stores in my surrounding area are sold out, not trying to pay 3x the price it was originally from people that are just trying to flip it. If anyone knows of a HT that still has it, or has an extra copy that they want to sell for a decent price, hmu.

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