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  1. Dntel's Life is Full of Possibilities had a loser edition. I bet sub pop will do a white pressing with cool shit on it
  2. I see we're calling each other names now... smooth. Today's a great day! Glad sub pop answered the prayers
  3. That's true. I had called because it's the most direct contact, other than actually going in their offices.
  4. Letting them know doesn't hurt at all... not sure why you're so bothered and why you're taking what I said so literal. With all the 4AD reissues, Old Ramon has to be pretty high on their OOP list. I have no problem waiting. It's gonna take a while for it to be reissued regardless if they get suggestions or not since it's not even in the works yet.
  5. There probably would have never been an Ugly Casanova or Built to Spill repress if it wasn't for people pleading them. Yeah, they release a lot of new music and they can make much more money reissuing their old catalog, they probably just don't really know what's worth reissuing.
  6. They just feel like it isn't really top priority right now, when it has been long overdue
  7. I've already brought this to attention, but thought I'd resurface it since we're on the topic of vinyl... Sub Pop confirmed an Old Ramon reissue, but it probably won't even happen until next year. Sub Pop's office # is (206) 441-8441 Hassle the fuck out of them