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  1. Chocolate Matter works perfectly near the end of the album, kind of a shame it had to be moved to the front. So happy this is finally getting released though!
  2. https://jai-paul.com/ site is kind of a nightmare to navigate BTSTU remastered 12" Do You Love Her Now / He white label 12" signed/500 Jasmine Special Edition 12"
  3. It looks like all of their listings are taken from Turntable Lab.
  4. Yeah, both Silent Hill covers leave a lot to be desired. Also kind of annoying that Silent Hill doesn't have the title on the cover while the second one does. Whatever though, at least Silent Hill 2 on vinyl is finally happening!
  5. Pink Floyd Saucerful mono https://www.uncut.co.uk/news/pink-floyd-announce-saucerful-secrets-mono-remaster-109655?fbclid=IwAR1yDHsdqS0Fx5XwQJmizIf16KCEHk5GJoNTLdoJ4mS0KCBT_00zC13IDdY#7aM0pllFPPumcwSW.01
  6. Damn, Lost in Translation and Twin Peaks Season 2 soundtracks are must haves.
  7. SRC Bull Moose Amazon out 4/12 on orange vinyl details: Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio Plated and pressed on high-quality vinyl at RTI Matte finish jacket and 11 x 22 Insert
  8. Shirts and hoodies have been available for a while https://shop.discogs.com/
  9. Basement is also my favorite ES album. There's a lot of amazing tracks he did around that period that they didn't put on the final album though. (Stickman, True Love, etc.)
  10. Nah it's just one pressing at the moment. Here's what AKR said on Reddit: