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  1. Let me preface this by saying I have about a third grade level of understanding of audio connections. If someone seems wrong, it probably is, and I'm totally unaware. That being said, I'm having a bear of a time trying to upgrade my set up. For the longest time I've been running my AT LP120USB straight into Rokit 6s. The current way I have it wired is a little odd, but works. I'll get into that in a moment. I was looking to incorporate a volume control, and the Magni comes highly recommended. The way I've been using my set up is a bit odd. Utilizing the LP120's preamp
  2. Insanity, right? I want it that bad. Figured I should specify since the only replies I was getting we're of the "yeah, I want it, too" variety.
  3. Ooh, I didn't know! Thanks for the heads up. I think I still might be interested in a one of this pressing, just for the collection. I appreciate the info, though!
  4. Was 15 minutes late to the sale earlier today and missed out. Didn't expect me to sell out so quickly, but that's what you get for being late. Looking to buy two of these, and I'm very willing to talk price. LMK if you have one coming in! Thanks!
  5. Got the one I thought would be most difficult to track down incoming, anyone else tonight?
  6. Seems like it's time for a new, cleaner want list. Had great luck on here, but my old want list was getting crazy looking with everything crossed out. So, starting fresh with some of the same wants I hadn't been able to snag, and some new ones, as well. Anyways, here's what I'm on the hunt for. Some are more specific than others, but let's work something out! PMs or posts work! Looking for almost any variant/pressing unless specified. 7" Adele - Skyfall August Burns Red - Indonesia Bastille - Pompeii Bayside - Time Has Come BMTH - Go to Hell Chvrches - We Sink Defeater - Dear Father
  7. Argh, looks like I was about 6 minutes late with my PM. Thanks anyways, OP!
  8. Just looking to pick these up today. I'd love to support my local shop, but the one downtown doesn't have any of these when I called. TDWP - South of the City 7" Pianos Become The Teeth - Close 7" Chvrches - Get Away/Dead Air 7" (this is a UK exclusive, but I can dream!) More than willing to kick a few bones your way for helping out. Let me know if anyone can hook it up. Thanks for the read!

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