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  1. I have a Technics SL-Q3, belonged to my grandmother since the 80s and when I was a kid I used to listen to records on it all the time. Now it's mine and while it sounds good I do think that it needs either a cartridge or stylus replacement. As far as I know it hasn't been replaced since the late 80s or something like that. It has a Shure M44-7 cart, but the problem is I see a lot of people in forums saying if I'm not gonna use it as a DJ turntable I shouldn't buy another one. And since I'll only use it to listen to records, no DJing, I thought I'd ask. Which cartridge and needle should I
  2. Well, guess I'm gonna try with isopropyl alcohol then, I'd try with magic eraser....only problem is they don't sell them in my country. Pray this works
  3. as the title says. I went to a concert, saw this guy I like very much, gave him a vinyl (which is a special edition of only 500 produced worldwide) for him to sign it. Never in my life thought someone would lack the common sense to sign it on the label, instead he signed the actual vinyl with sharpie! (Btw, being a special edition the vinyl is pink colored) I already tried taking as much off with some mild detergent soap but it's still there, is there anything else I can try? This is a special edition I don't want it to be ruined forever! Please there must be something I can do, even if it

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