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  1. That’s awful. I had the same thing happen with a rare Beck single beck in the day.
  2. I’m not- DM me a link and I’ll join (though I really do t have anything to trade). Thanks.
  3. Thanks! I’ve got them on my watch list, but there hasn’t been a lot of postings/purchases in the last year or so. I figure I’d hedge my bets here- I’ve had good luck in the past!
  4. Hi all! I’m looking for any of the following versions of ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ by Face to Face 1) the 1999 2-CD version with the 2nd CD being ‘So Why Aren’t You Happy?’ 2) the 2012 version that tacked the ‘So Why Aren’t You Happy?’ Tracks at the end of the album or 3) the CD EP of So Why Aren’t You Happy’. If you’re willing to part with one of the above, send me a message. Thanks for looking!
  5. Does anybody have a Bloodshot Records 15 CD sampler they are willing to part with? Thanks for looking!
  6. I’ve found Jazz Coffin! Still looking for Rompilation