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  1. Does anybody have a Bloodshot Records 15 CD sampler they are willing to part with? Thanks for looking!
  2. I’ve found Jazz Coffin! Still looking for Rompilation
  3. Hello all, I’m on the hunt for two CD’s by Andrew Jackson Jihad (AJJ): Rompilation Back in the Jazz Coffin Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything to trade. PM me if you have either or both and are willing to part with them. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I’m looking for The Gun Club CD reissues of ‘Lucky Jim’ and ‘Divinity’ on Flow Records. Additionally I am looking for ‘Wildweed’ and ‘Ramblin’ Jeffrey Lee and Cypress Grove with Willie Love’ also on Flow Records. Feel free to contact me if your looking to sell. Thanks
  5. Hi all- long time lurker, first time poster! I am looking for a copy of 'Behold The Hurricane' 7" by The Horrible Crowes. Any info or a nod in the right direction would be helpful! My ebay and let is veon3 (perfect rating of course). Hope to hear something, thanks!