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  1. RT @nihilist_arbys: Here at Arbys we've got the greatest, best taco bowls What's that? We don't? Huh. Eh, who gives a shit? Arbys: the b…

  2. I didn't even know etid represses were being discussed, that would be sick. Not going to boycott Fall Out Boy or Panic represses though, that shit is pretty expensive right now.
  3. For the orange they'll be selling that variant on warped according to the band.
  4. Haven't had a chance to come back here to update, but I after emailing merchnow again they replied they found more of the beer splatter and that they had shipped one with my bundle out. Just received package today, came with beer and everything else from my package my a Pvris 7" and the black shirt that was supposed to come with it, out of stock on both and a 7 dollar refund for the shirt, just happy to get the beer splatter at this point though. Anybody else get an email like that?
  5. I was at the Hamilton show the night the merchnow emails went out. I also received one and sent a very angry email back about how I preordered the first day and that my cart also included the other variant as well. The band is not happy, and had found out the same time we did, they're trying to do as much as they can but from what I could tell it wasn't looking good. Super fans all over the world who preordered first are being fucked. It's been a few days since the email and I'm still without a reply as well, so good on you guys where merchnow was at least somewhat courteous in sending out a reply.
  6. All I got was Pretty Odd, still trying to grab the other three unsuccessfully.