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  1. What's going to happen when they realize we're heading right back into another lockdown by the time tour starts?
  2. Release Information: Please note that this item is a pre-order not expected to ship until January 28, 2022. Current production delays in vinyl pressing are affecting labels worldwide - we ask for your patience and understanding while we work to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Please contact our customer service team with any order-related issues, thank you. Take a journey through Anthony Green's entire catalog with this limited vinyl release of his Studio 4 livestream, filmed and recorded in autumn of 2020. This release includes gatefold packaging and 19 songs spread ou
  3. I really don't know how I missed Brother, Sister. My shelf needs it.
  4. What the hell... Hello The Wonder Years fans! Thank you for your patience during this very lengthy wait for us to receive the boxsets from the vinyl manufacturer. Unfortunately, we have some bad news regarding these boxsets. The vinyl manufacturer shorted us several boxsets from what we were supposed to be sent, and after many back and forths with them, we were unsuccessful in being able to be sent those missing boxsets. They are unable to send us more. As much as it pains us to inform you, if you are receiving this email, you were one of the last people to or
  5. They don't think they could sell 4 regular records in a triple gatefold @ $50 each for every one of these they sell to someone who has to also go to the show?
  6. These will only be playable on a GJ decryption needle that will be released on the 5th year anniversary of the vinyl but only to people with area codes that are prime numbers.
  7. This needs a new thread. People no longer interested in the coloring book nonsense will end up never seeing this. I clicked on this expecting to see a bunch of people talking about their jackets being damaged only to find a completely new and unrelated release.
  8. I was expecting much worse when mine arrived but all of the edges were tight so it couldn't move around too much. All extra cardboard would have done would be protect it from a bend of a puncture from the front or back. Mine showed up mint. If it didn't, it happens.
  9. Ross confirmed a repress on Instagram but said it will probably not be until next year.
  10. Thank you! Had to dig through the trash, dunno how it slipped by. 4 hours away in Pittsburgh... be here in a week it says....

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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