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  1. That big ass sticker probably cost more than the packaging.
  2. That's exactly what I said to my wife! It doesn't seem like a lot of effort or money went into the pressing. It's as simple as could be but for a lot of us it has been on our want list for years so we had to buy it when given the chance.
  3. Are the discs themselves even in good shape? I'd imagine anyone who threw a box of records in the wet garage didn't take the best care of them in the first place. If they're actually something that you want to listen to and enjoy, you might be better off looking for a good used copy or possibly a new copy.
  4. The only time I have ever asked for a replacement for anything:
  5. I'm the same way. Every month or so I check the stats but I don't think too much about them, I just like to see. I also like to see what my top valuable records are and how often they change. I get surprised when I see a fairly recent release end up in my top 50. I also love looking through artists catalogues and seeing what I'm missing and if it's worth picking up simply for collecting purposes. I wish they would make the info fields a little longer when looking for variants because sometimes it's a real pain in the ass.
  6. I'm not a big fan of boxes that aren't designed to look good on a shelf. Remember when the Dance Gavin Dance boxset came out and it was $50?
  7. Pretty silly they didn't just do both preorders at the same time
  8. How so? Did you complain about the Splatter turning out slightly different?
  9. I don't have a copy of this so I suppose I should grab one. Any info on colors and pressing numbers yet?
  10. You pick your own record every month out of a bunch of albums in different #vibes. If you don't like any of them, you get to select the curate option and that's when they will choose a record for you. They will look at your inventory on discogs and spotify and last.fm and pick something that they think you would like. I've only had them curate one for me and they sent me an album by Well Wisher. It came with a hand written note that explained why she chose the album for me, who they were similar to, and it didn't feel like it was picked at random. I was very okay with what they chose for me that month. The other 3 months so far that I have picked on my own were VNYL exclusives of albums that I actually wanted.
  11. This makes sense because you still get your airhead. Win/Win