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  1. Is this not going up on Hopeless's MerchNow page? Cause I could easily combine some shipping and save a buttload.
  2. I want the re-recorded versions of the newer albums. The ones he just released
  3. Their $4 shipping is the best. We'll, besides the airhead.
  4. I'll take a UK or US tour press if anyone winds up with an extra!
  5. Really wanted the bundle but $46 for a 7" and a t-shirt did not make good feelings in my heart.
  6. Shit seems to be about to hit the fan but does anyone else feel like that instagram page feels like that annoying kid growing up being like "you're in trouble. You're in trouble." or "I know something that you don't know...". This shit is serious and should be handled that way. The band did it perfectly, one sentence with the comments turned off. Until the article comes out, either add facts or shush up. Tell everyone what a fucking scum bag he is, tell the world your story, but don't just sit there and tell us you have a juicy secret that you won't tell.
  7. whoa! someone get the story on that one, please!