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  1. Same. Shipping number was sent to me on the 20th. No movement.
  2. Shoes introduced me to NOFX. It'll always be my favorite.
  3. I use Brave Browser and I've literally never seen an ad on this site. I wouldn't know they existed if people didn't complain about them every so often.
  4. I really love all four singles from this album so far.
  5. I loved it. I was a bit worried that it would be a shit show at noon with 10 variants. This was easy on the wallet and stress free.
  6. Same! Showed up today. Keep an eye out if you ordered this since they didn't send shipping notification.
  7. Ordered On A Wire but I received this variant from Amazon by mistake...
  8. Hell yeah! I've been waiting for a good copy of this for a few years!
  9. I hope you sleep well knowing that this will be pressed again. Be patient.
  10. Cause obviously that 5th year repress is coming, duh.