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  1. Woke up at 10 to a text from a friend about this being live and I was luckily able to grab a Milky Clear still. Can't wait for this. New single is out too!
  2. It was a really weird thing to just randomly bring up for no fucking reason. Why would one even assume that shit?
  3. Chad probably tells that Translucent orange vinyl that he loves it but he spins Goat and Forever variants more. Really, no matter what's playing he just hears What's Eating Gilbert at all times.
  4. Chris stated recently that he now owns all of his own music.
  5. Pretty sad how hard it is to get basic information on a release. It's as if the label doesn't even know what they ordered.
  6. Keep us informed on when you cancel your eBay order!
  7. What are the actual pressing numbers on this? The numbers on Discogs are pretty much all wrong. Also, it's pretty fucked that no one listened to a test press of this. Anyone who purchased this should get a replacement for free.
  8. What's this weird fetish of ordering records and canceling the order? This is whacky shit, don't you realize?
  9. Without listening to the song I'm still going to go ahead and say all of it. NFG has always sounded the same to me.
  10. These went up for sale on January 31st. 150 went up and they took a few days to sell out. I was there at 2pm buying one immediately thinking they'd go quick.