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  1. Nothing and I ordered 3 other records with it so I'd really like to see some movement
  2. My copy went from Nashville to Pittsburgh to North Carolina and was apparently supposed to be delivered at my house in New York yesterday... I also have a merchnow order that went from Albany (3 hours east of me... ) , to Denver.... Idk what the USPS is doing these days.
  3. U-Turn Orbit https://uturnaudio.com/collections/turntables
  4. My copy arrived today. The black with splatter is underwhelming at best. Looks like Black w/ a little White Splatter. Also arrived with a large seam split at the top.
  5. Just gonna leave this here - https://www.higherlonelypower.com
  6. The one I ordered from Kings Road UK turned out to be the olive green w/ White Splatter one like it said.
  7. I saw this and got really confused. Is new Travis back? Is ht back in the vinyl game?
  8. I don't believe this release ever got it's own thread so I am making one because I have a question. For those who don't know, TWIABP put out a comp of their 7"s and stuff. Buy it here - https://theworldisabeautifulplace.limitedrun.com/ Anyways, has anyone who ordered this opened it yet? My discs pretty much Coke Bottle Clear and I was wondering if that's what everyone's looks like, or if there was more of a Green Marble, like the packaging says.
  9. Jeremy just released a new poetry book today as well - https://secretvoice.bigcartel.com/