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  1. I asked https://www.instagram.com/ampsock_custom_jackets if he was going to be making jackets for these. I haven't had a need to buy any of his jackets yet, but this might be my first.
  2. I'm not sure. I figured if Spotify had an early exclusive, I would have been included, but I found this link on Facebook. I ordered one though!
  3. The Wonder Years "The Greatest Generation" 10th Anniversary 3x12" Vinyl Box Set The Wonder Years 3xLP Box Set including demo/rarities disc and 32-page book of never-before-seen photos, Notes from the band and essays from Hanif Abdurraqib, Hannah Seidlitz and Thomas Nassiff. Limited to 3500 copies. THIS ITEM IS ON PRE-ORDER AND WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL AROUND SEPTEMBER 8TH. Variant Breakdown: A/B: Orange Inside Ultra Clear with Blue Splatter C/D: Blue Inside Ultra Clear with White Splatter E/F: White Inside Ultra Clear with Blue Splatter Tracklist: Side A: 01. There, There 02. Passing Through a Screen Door 03. We Could Die Like This 04. Dismantling Summer Side B: 05. The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves 06. The Devil in My Bloodstream 07. Teenage Parents Side C: 08. Chaser 09. An American Religion (FSF) 10. A Raindance in Traffic 11. Madelyn Side D: 12. Cul-de-sac 13. I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral Side E: 14. GODDAMNITALL 15. Need You (Voice Note Demo 9-12-12, 2:37 PM) 16. Madelyn (Voice Note Demo) 17. The Devil in My Bloodstream (The Mill Demo 8-5-12, 12:47 AM) Side F: 18. We Could Die Like This (The Mill Demo, 11-23-12, 5:29 PM) 19. Teenage Parents (The Mill Demo, 7-31-12, 1:31 PM) 20. Dismantling Summer (The Mill Demo, 8-1-12, 3:52 PM) 21. The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves (The Mill/Bandwagon Demo, 11-20-12, 3:57 PM) USD $64.99 https://shop.spotify.com/en/artist/0nq64XZMWV1s7XHXIkdH7K/product/the-wonder-years-the-greatest-generation-10th-anniversary-3x12-box-set
  4. This feels like when George Costanza told the guy that the unadvertised sale started on Monday...
  5. I couldn't find The Wonder Years. Anyone able to help a brother out?
  6. https://riserecords.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/tranjoyrcs-lp
  7. For $44 you can buy all 6 songs spread across two 10"s! It's almost 21 minutes of music!
  8. According to Setlist.fm, when I saw them in September: Handwritten - 6 The ’59 Sound - 6 Get Hurt - 5 American Slang - 2 Señor and the Queen - 1 Sink or Swim - 1
  9. Ten Stores showed up on my door today. No notice or anything. Keep an eye peeled if you ordered this.
  10. Same. Shipping number was sent to me on the 20th. No movement.
  11. Shoes introduced me to NOFX. It'll always be my favorite.
  12. I use Brave Browser and I've literally never seen an ad on this site. I wouldn't know they existed if people didn't complain about them every so often.

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