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  1. Nope wrong one...got the replacement, and it's here: TURNTABLE RECORD PLAYER NEEDLE STYLUS 741-D7 H H Scott ASC-21
  2. Those look so swag....when they come out how much will they be?
  3. lol, true....evennow days its hard to get anything free online!
  4. Well I see freebie cd's sometimes....guess u can only do it offline...or pay 3-5 bucks
  5. Hey anyone got any freebie demo cassettes? Just wondering because I always love having physical copies I can share and talk about.
  6. dude, I already cleaned it the best I could, the record I cleaned with a mix of ethyl alcohol, water and dishwashing soap, took me lik an hour to clean the record. Then I used a goo off thingy I got at home depot.
  7. lol techdecks were my life as a kid dont get me started on bakugan...
  8. "to my calculations 0-0 my tech deck has plastered plastic wheels with a copied signature in red paint saying shecks and on the bottom saying plan b" (hehe...lol)
  9. Thanks! Funny thing is that I brought it home with a pile, didn't even look through them. Sadly when my dad was young, he drew on the top left of the record cover
  10. Yep, it's as it says, I got the misprint of Miles Davis's Kind of Blue. I just simply took a pile of records from my grandma's house, just expecting to find some crap, and I find this: http://www.discogs.com/Miles-Davis-Kind-Of-Blue/release/5293461 All matrix numbers match up, as well as track misprint. In proof, heres Images of the vinyl: I know the pictures are not the best quality, But I was the one who added the matrix/runout codes. It's probably only worth 40 or whatever, but it's cool to have something rare.
  11. Opposite way around....I am nice to people yet people just are mean back to me....dont look at the reputation, trust me theres bullies on this place

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