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  1. My clear copy of Sigur Rós ”Inni” with the DVD cost like $25 max. These record labels are smoking crack with some of their prices.
  2. Plarocks

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Yeah, I may hold off for the S/T. Wanted that for decades.
  3. I want this, but NOT for $80.
  4. The OG is playing at Alamo Drafthouse in Woodbridge VA, on their BIGGEST screen.....TONIGHT!
  5. Plarocks

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Mesmerize is the “rare” one. Only one in ten orders are shipped.
  6. That first Indian Summer 7” is great. So glad I picked that up for a few bucks back in the day! Never saw that clear 12-inch version, though. Might have to “double dip” if the price is right.
  7. Plarocks

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I don’t know if I can bring myself to pay $40 for essentially one LP of B-Sides. My 2007 German pressing is fine.
  8. Plarocks

    The Third Man Records Thread

    Amen. And my black copy probably has less surface noise. I would rather have a “best of” Single Releases 2012. I would pay $60 for that!
  9. Plarocks

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Retail price $1199!
  10. Tori Amos. I remember being offered $150 for my OG “Y Kant Tori Read LP, “ and turning it down. Oh well. I still love her work though. Hopefully the “Strange Little Girls” double LP boot will eventually go down in price.
  11. Plarocks

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    OMG, Laura Nyro!??? “Eli and the 13th Confession” is one of my FAVORITE albums. Mamma Cass!? If you tell me she likes Spanky McFarlane too, I bow before your musical goddess. Where did you FIND this woman?
  12. Plarocks

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    B-sides box now up at BullMoose! Are there going to be different UK and US pressings of this box? Ideally, I would like the UK pressing. Wondering if I should cancel my UK Amazon order?
  13. Plarocks

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    YOU are one “lucky” dude. I can only imagine sitting around listening to Kate Bush LPs, or watching Kate Bush videos, and having your partner enjoy that almost as much as you. God I wanted to see one of those shows she put on. Bought the BTD vinyl box though!
  14. Plarocks

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    I have OGs of all the studio albums, and also the Audio Fidelity pressing of Hounds, the “ATR mastercut” of Lionheart, Japanese pressings of TKI and NFE....God I love Kate. Originally was going to “dismiss” the boxes, as I originally thought you had to buy “all four,” to get the “b-sides” LPs.... However, all the remastered “b-sides” are actually included just in box number 4....and that was about $100....Insta-ORDERED! Bravo for Kate not attempting the “uber cash grab,” and forcing us to buy all the albums/singles again to get the b-sides. Some of them are her best work!
  15. Plarocks

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    You know I was going to “dismiss” both, but then read the Cheap Trick is on clear vinyl.... If it is under $40, I will look and see what is on it. Eyeing the Mamas and Papas... But would prefer to pay around $30 for clean OG “toilet” cover... Will line up for Phish though.