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  1. Love this lady’s work, and a signed single LP version for a very reasonable price. Deluxe box for those of you that like picture discs with exclusive tracks and cassettes: https://www.batforlashes.com/shop?gclid=d2cstore_DSP_BTN
  2. Added note, I have had wonderful results from Amazon.de, so there’s that.
  3. Amazon and records. A BAD combination. Just don’t do it* *unless there is no where else to buy it, or it is DIRT cheap. 😜
  4. Some bands should not make new 2LP sets that cost $60+ I don’t care how good the album is...I will PASS! 🤑
  5. I didn’t mean to gloat. I’m sorry...😐 Yes, they should repress this damn album! I hope you got a purple Beach House, because I am REALLY jonesin’ for that one, but I refuse to pay $50+ for it.....
  6. I actually have legit copies of the UK and the red US pressing that I bought decades ago... I was just in a silly joke mood. 😁
  7. I had one of these IN MY cart at the stroke of four, and was simply trying to up my cart to TWO copies, just to make up for the $7 shipping charge... Gave up and just tried to check out one...GONE! My greed kept me from my “purple bliss.” 😄 Oh well, I have a black copy. Amazing record! 👍
  8. I bought one of these from a “shady” bootlegger in the Netherlands. My record was “blank.”
  9. They REALLY should do a 10,000+ run of this thing. I don’t understand this “beanie baby” way of manufacturing, and selling records that people want. It is like printing money. Just make more copies already. 🤪
  10. It might be perfect for CDs or DVDs too!
  11. Yes, they ALL “outgas.” The gas goes right through paper and cardboard, and will damage the playing surface of the record over time. The gas even goes through poly lined inner sleeves, but slower. I had a “new” Simply Vinyl album that had this damage, and there is no correcting it. 😣 Just don’t use them.