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  1. Japanese blue variant up at the Secretly Store. This is the one I wanted. I am glad I waited. 😊
  2. I have a Japanese pressing of it that sounds phenomenal. CC is one of the best produced albums ever made, and really shines on a high end system. 👍🏻 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AWp48WzlkMo
  3. If you are a current Ten Club member, they sent a special Ticketmaster link where you could pick out the shows you want to attend: https://pearljam.com/news/ten-club-ticket-presale-info
  4. The B-more tickets are $103. About $122 each with all the BS fees. Eh, I decided to try for one “pit” ticket, at a 26% possibility. If I actually get it, I will just go or possibly trade it for a sealed copy of Vault 9. 😁
  5. I liked this video. Although, I wanted him to be playing the full videos with some commercials and the expected Headbangers Ball bumpers and crazy MTV animations! 😄
  6. First Vault release I missed. I love this era of the band, and the set list for this one Anyone with an extra for sale or trade? I have an extra Live at Third Man set I could trade.
  7. Of course when I FINALLY have the money to buy the new live Vault #9 vinyl set, I can’t find it on the website now... FUCK! 🤦🏼‍♂️
  8. They have done this for me too. Bull Moose is awesome! 😎
  9. That would make sense why Target keeps putting that hold on my account every week. Might eventually show up in 8 months. 😄 Glad you got yours, and sadly the “Hats” mishap is why I primarily don’t use Amazon. That would have been the “main” album I wanted. 😣
  10. Has anyone seen this from Target yet? They keep putting a “temporary hold” on my account, and no shipping notice. 🙄
  11. Had the opportunity to add “The Big Day,” to my original 2 LP order for CB and AR for $20, but the $90 price tag stung for just the two. I thought there would be a regular retail release for his new album. But then the price DOUBLED, AND it sold out! 😲