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  1. You can reserve this at Diverse Vinyl, which I did. But it will be much cheaper for me to get this at the Beggars website. I guess I will keep trying…
  2. So they just e-mail me at random, if my customer number comes up from their computer generator? Or, do I need to do something?
  3. Would love to get a day/time when the limited, colored version of SO5 goes up. I almost missed the last one.
  4. All the modern technology is focused on I-phones and Playstations. Manufacturing records and tapes is a lost and dying art, and is completely different technology. They can’t even make a good quality tape deck anymore.
  5. That Judybats - Native Son is one of my white whale records. I saw it ONCE at Waxie Maxies back around 1990, behind the counter. I just bought my first CD player, so I bought the CD. I never saw the LP version again. There is not even a Discogs listing for it. That one is on the top of my list. 😃
  6. Geesh, I have trouble just keeping up with my one account.
  7. I ALMOST drove 9 hours to buy one of these in Nashville, after my movie in Winchester. But, then sanity kicked in. 😄
  8. Speaking of which....wanted this but have been completely broke over the past month. If someone has buyers remorse, or simply forgot to cancel their membership, and wants to get their money back, PM me. I’m your guy.
  9. I wanted a clear one, but the transparent blue was the closest thing they had.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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