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  1. Toss the PVC sleeve and use a polyethylene bag. https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/4186/12-record-jacket-sleeve-font-colorredno-flapfontbr12-34-x-12-34-x-b3-mil-bpolyethylene Over time, the PVC sleeve outgasses, and will destroy the surface of your record.
  2. I want this, but $50!? 🤑 I am gonna wait on this. Still looking for Satan, Sex and No Regrets after all this time.
  3. I saw a copy, late, at both Protean records in Baltimore and Trax on Wax in Catonsville yesterday. Might be worth it to give them a call later on this morning.
  4. I fell into that trap where I thought “I can’t afford a record cleaning machine,” while I was collecting, accumulating and listening to LPs for a few years when I started. Here’s the secret. Playing an “uncleaned” record with all the grit and dirt in the grooves is like playing your records with sandpaper. You are wearing out your record AND stylus prematurely. I read this in Goldmine back in the day, and now agree with it. If you are “serious” about your vinyl collection, sell off one quarter of your collection so you can buy one of these RCM machines to p
  5. I actually use those in place of those horrid PVC sleeves that come with some premium titles. Simply Vinyl, Stereolab reissues, etc. My favorite ones are the BU 4mil 13in x 13in sleeves, and the 4mil 12 3/4 version, I mentioned earlier. I bought about 200 of the former, but when I went to buy some more, BU said they were discontinued, and I could not buy anymore unless I made a custom order for 5000. I could go for 1000. 2000 would probably be a “lifetime” supply of them with 1000 of the 12 3/4’s. But 5000, for me, of just the 13 by 13s would be
  6. I seriously doubt it. I called them about this a few years ago about this, and they gave me this line like they don’t “do this.“ I want to stock up on some 4mil 12 3/4 wides before they are gone.
  7. There is a copy on Discogs for $55: The George Lewis Authentic New Orleans Ragtime Band* ‎– Jass At The Ohio Union Looks like a very cool private pressing record! Get a VPI or similar vacuum powered record cleaning machine.
  8. Buy a brand new ORIGINAL pressing for $28.99. It’s cooler too! Alicia Keys ‎– The Diary Of Alicia Keys
  9. Well, they might sound a bit weird if she tries to “imitate” her teenage self. But, also could be cool if she tries to reimagine the old material. My opinion of re-recordings stands. BUT, I did buy a couple of the re-recorded albums that Carbon Leaf did, because I wanted them on vinyl. So if you are a fan, I get it.
  10. BTW, The purple Ten is $15.99 in store, AND buy two get one free this week... IF you can find them. I ended up finding mine in that cardboard display near the kids clothes that was mentioned earlier. Jimi’s Winterland is also $15.99, and a part of that buy two deal. 👍🏻
  11. I did not look at it, as I am happy with my clear copy, and was spending too much that day on records I didn’t already have. 😜 But if you stop by, it is in one of the top “used” racks. It is the clear with green splatter pressing.
  12. I went to Target, today to look for Pearl Jam. Website said they had several in stock, but no one working there could find them. 😄 Had like 10 red copies of Folklore in the bin!

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