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  1. Well, supposedly there is “one.” Unless the pictures are fake! 😆
  2. The DRC actually looks more able to cut a lathe of decent quality. The 10 inch thing looks like “a toy.” 😄
  3. Bull Moose for me: Rated R Era Vulgaris Songs For the Deaf (Black Vinyl) Lullabies to Paralyze Pre-ordered the first two. May go back if I can’t get the VMP, or if the money gets better. Free shipping, and some attention to detail when shipping just win it for me!
  4. “Apparently, you put a needle in these pretty round things and then my music comes out....”
  5. Indeed. Merchbar took my money, then listed the 7-inch I pre-ordered at a higher price. Totally ignored my pre-order, then sold out of the Ghost 7-inch at the slightly higher price. My Rough Trade order went through, so I have one. 🤘🏻 These clowns at Merchbar need to send me my 7-inch, or give me my money back. 😠
  6. Some weirdness with Merchbar. Took the money out of my account, but never mailed me the 7-inch. Then they list THIS in stock: https://www.merchbar.com/hard-rock-metal/ghost/ghost-seven-inches-of-satanic-panic-limited-edition-7?ucc=US&ucl=US&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz8bsBRC6ARIsAEyNnvoNYo2L0xX-a-QXFawPc0hdSS7i4wlzWj-uMti01XxsyRH7A8jICsYaAmBREALw_wcB I e-mailed them about it, but then placed another order at Rough Trade because it was cheaper. Looks like The Devil has his tail on it!
  7. Eh, SRC did you a favor. I would wait until Matt does a proper vinyl remaster of it.
  8. Just grab a copy of No Parlez from the dollar bin, and either hang the pic sleeve on the wall or just chuck it!
  9. Kiss the Go-Goat up on Merchbar now. Was around $9 for a pre-order here in the US. Gave it a shot. I will check a couple locals this Friday as well.
  10. Hopefully they corrected the “skip,” that was erroneously pressed into the early copies of this album.
  11. THANK YOU for this. I wanted to pull the trigger for the original Young For Eternity 10-inch for years, but still think $100 is too much for one album. So glad I waited! 😃
  12. All arguing aside, “Thick as a Brick” is the best Tull album. However, side one is the jam. Throw that “double side two” copy out and buy a real one! 😎
  13. If anyone has the re-issued Girlysound cassettes, and wants to get rid of them, I am still looking....