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  1. Glitter and vinyl do NOT mix. It always adds extra surface noise. Go with the splatter.
  2. I saw the second pressing of Fantastic Planet at Plan 9 Records in Richmond for $80, on Black Friday.
  3. Well, it was on the SMLXL vinyl site for years, but I waited too long. Anyone know where to find this, or has an extra for sale?
  4. Thanks for the info! I do like Coldplay, and even bought the Holland “Greatest Xmas Songs” comp to get “Christmas Lights” on vinyl... (Come on. There REALLY should be a 7-inch of this by now. Work on that RSD people!) However, this new single...nope, not feeling it. 😄
  5. Sound Garden in Baltimore got ONE COPY! 😒
  6. Celebrated Summer records in Baltimore had a couple this morning, but no Squirrel Nut Zippers, what I was looking for. Call em!
  7. Got my shipping notice for Margarine Eclipse from Duophonic. Says it should be here on the 5th.
  8. My Bull Moose order was cancelled yesterday. 😕 Anyone else in the US get their re-issue of Hats?
  9. For your MINI Crosley. Buy TWO!!! Uneventful Days 3" Single
  10. Sounds like your anti-skate is off. Also, if your needle is a diamond, it should be fine. You might want to clean it first with a stylus brush/fluid, before you spin your next disc.
  11. I am curious to know what happened, as we are not the only ones. All would be well, if they would just send our orders!
  12. Will be hitting Bull Moose up for the clear. Thank you! 😃