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  1. While I am usually a sucker for milky clear vinyl (the indie exclusive,) I thought this mock up looked fantastic. The pre-order is less than $30 shipped. Looking forward to this version.
  2. New violet variant of Imagined up in the US shop, if anyone is still interested. I personally wanted a solid color with the store exclusive cover, and I missed the pink.
  3. Even it was 20000, I still would have bought one. I just prefer clear vinyl, and I wish I knew about it in time. Yeah, I get it. Cash makes the world go around. 🤑 Still, they should spend their time and energy on making records their fans really want, and less on “Funko Pops” 😄 I like how they do the Vault releases though. 👍🏻
  4. It was Be Independent. Not bitter or anything as they let me know in time to find them elsewhere. They have also helped me find other things without scalping me, so still a lot of love for Shawn and the gang. 👍🏻 Done pretty well with Bull Moose, as I only missed out on a couple recently.
  5. Well, they made like 10,000 copies of Unplugged and this forthcoming “Alive” 12-inch... It seems that a 3000 colored copy run of one of their major albums is just a manufactured rarity. They should make enough to last at least an hour after PJ sends the e-mail out, but whatever. This is one of the OGs I missed. I may wait to find one at the right price, or just find a black re-issue on sale. Really a shame as if they did a larger run of the clear, it would have been like printing money. 🤑
  6. Deep Discount just added a few good titles to their Blowout Bin. Ice-T, Peter Tosh, Paul Simon, several of the Slowdive MOV EPs, Frank Black “Christmass,” and more. Not like the deluge before, but I got like 12 of the 15 I ordered this time. DEEP10 gets you 10% off with a new e-mail.
  7. I am not finding the Flood colored wax for pre-order anywhere, except the one store that did not fulfill my last couple colored wax pre-orders. 😜 Any leads out there?
  8. Saves me money then... EZ PASS. Make enough copies for your fan club members. Geez. 🙄
  9. I wish I was able to pre-order one of these deluxe copies from her website. Those personalized notes are the next level. 😯 Got my clear copy on the way from Bull Moose, at least.
  10. Dammit. They cancelled my Mad Men Christmas LP. 😠
  11. I think I like that BETTER than the RSD version. 😄
  12. The Cheetah Girls (Various Artists) Yellow Vinyl!

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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