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  1. Missed out on the Grid of Points “Special Edition.” I wanted to wait to listen to this first....but I also didn’t want to miss this one. Ordered!
  2. Went ahead and double dipped, as I REALLY want this LP. Thanks so much, and I have an e-mail coming to you this weekend!
  3. I am quite happy with my original US black. However, if Matt is going to do an “audiophile” repress like the DIH re-issue, I will try to pre-order a “spare.” Love this album!
  4. I pre-ordered at Ed’s. I hope it comes through.
  5. Get it for $6.75 less, here in the States: THE SMASHING PUMPKINS - Shiny And Oh So Bright Vol. 1: RED/BLACK Marbled LP No valentines though...
  6. No, my vinyl purchasing “problem” has not extended quite THAT far....yet! P.S. Out of stock now. Glad I kept trying!
  7. Online ordering stopped at Bull Moose for the time being. But, they seem to have plenty of copies. Still available online at Be Independent
  8. Well, this isn’t the clear one, but I thought this was really cool. Insta-ordered! I had a LOT of problems checking out with two different credit cards. Kept saying there was an address “mis-match,” but there was not. I think the Paypal option worked using yet another card. Fingers crossed... Thanks for posting.
  9. Care to share a link, just in case my pre-order falls through?
  10. I really hope Ed’s Awesome Sounds comes through. I have wanted this album on vinyl for a long time.
  11. I wonder if I will ever see my Caspian “Four Trees” Tri- Color....
  12. Missed the Bull Moose pre-order. Went with Zia records. While looking for a second record to buy so I could get free shipping, I noticed they had a great price for the final Cranberries album: Cranberries - In The End $18.99
  13. About FUCKING time! Also up at Bull Moose!
  14. Plarocks

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    I KNOW! What ever happened to records that cost £10?