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  1. I probably will pick this up for $10, next year on Insound. 👍🏻
  2. I am going to wait for the picture disc vinyl, with the working HD screen in the middle. Will sound like garbage, but will look SO COOL spinning on my table! 😃
  3. Get them on Discogs for $1 each next year. 😄
  4. Eh, I remember the Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera albums selling out in pre-order, and then trading for 3 times as much in the aftermarket. I did not care for those albums, but wanted this Clarkson album for over a decade. Also a tip, buy $50 worth of records and get free shipping. I will be curious to see where the price of these will go, or whether UO will keep repressing the album and keep it in print.
  5. Records don’t need to be “polished,” just cleaned. VPI and Hannl have that market cornered. However, there is this CD polishing machine that is built inside of old PC cabinets, that does wonders with scratched up CDs. Sound Garden has one. 😃
  6. I have wanted Breakaway on vinyl for years. I ordered TWO! 😍
  7. It is sitting at my post office box. Thanks for the reminder! 😄
  8. I bought my copy of Honeymoon for $15 in the clearance bin at B&K music. I refuse to pay $40 for Lust For Life. New records should NOT be $40. 🤑
  9. I just ordered it from Amazon UK. After they took the VAT off, and then added £3 for shipping, it was like shipping from the UK was $3. Here’s hoping it does not arrive trashed. 😄
  10. For $500, that better come with a Wilco “golden ticket” that gives you free admission to forthcoming shows. In for the Bull Moose pink!
  11. Catalog number “matches” the UK Tye Dye listing, but US still calling the red/pink “splatter wax” their exclusive, and cheaper too.
  12. I want one of those, or a Furutech Air Tight disc flattener. Preferably one of the later models that will fix later LP pressings with no groove guard. VERY high priced, but I have a LOT of records, a LOT of them are sealed. And, I have a handful of very rare ones that are warped. I will just listen to my other records until I have the cash. 🤑
  13. Be careful using the pouch. There is a guy on You Tube that ruined his red Blade Runner soundtrack by leaving it in the pouch too long. 😱 Might be better off just leaving the record in the Vinyl Flat for around 6 months at room temperature, and then just take a look at it.