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  1. The Greenberry Woods: ”Rapple Dapple” Seriously, why has it never been done? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. At this point, I will be happy to get the album at all.
  3. I have used them. Been happy with the results most of the time. The good news, they use excellent packaging. Some of the best I have ever seen! The bad news is they oversold that Beatles Christmas 7-inch box a couple years ago, and I ordered WAY early. But, they did let me know, and I got one of the last ones from my local shop. 👍🏻
  4. Went back to Deep Discount to grab a Nordic Folk/Rock record I was eyeing last night, but failed to add to the cart. Old coupon did not work, but 15BUDDY did. Had to pay like $2 for shipping, but for $10.50, this was better than paying $30 for the record later. Plus, the coupon took care of most of the shipping. Been happy with the deals on Deep Discount I have found. 👍🏻
  5. Thank you for posting this. After scrolling through the MOV titles, apparently they have repressed Shelagh McDonald “Album.” 😃 Essential stuff for Fairport/Britsh Folk Rock fans. Given I was putting in $60+ bids on E-bay, and losing every time, even on second pressings, $28 was a deal for me! They also had the new Coldplay album for $10! https://www.deepdiscount.com/everyday-life/813547028167 Using promo code “MRREBATES15” resulted in 15% off of the cart with FREE shipping. Been waiting for a repress of Shelagh for YEARS. Bring on Stargazer NEXT! ✨
  6. Dinked Edition is up at Drift. Just make sure to scroll down and pick the £24.99 version. Really wanted this, and I am glad I could catch a leftover...(hopefully) Gone...
  7. Does someone know where to get the “UK Dinked edition” with the lyric book that comes out this week?
  8. I would not mind finding a nice “FM sourced” live concert of Manson around 97-99 on vinyl, if such a thing exists.
  9. DAMN...😧 I had no idea. I really have had very good results from them, but you might buy more records than me. The places that package like a tank are Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, and Elusive Disc. They usually are not as cheap as say Amazon or Bull Moose. However, I have always been happy with their shipments when I can afford it, or they have a sale.
  10. Pay extra and use Bull Moose. I will admit, when the postman ABUSES one of their record boxes, I might get a smashed corner, but that is the exception, not the norm. Amazon is just too much of a behemoth to give any real care to their packaging for collectables. I went three rounds with them back in the aughts, when Lisa Gerrard “The Mirror Pool” was finally pressed. Amazon was BENDING the record to make it fit in a smaller box!!!! 😱 I cut my losses, and paid like $12 more to get it from Acoustic Sounds? or something. I now avoid the ‘Zon, unless the album is $5 or I can’t find it anywhere else.
  11. Me too. Might be my last one unless they are releasing a “fan club only” Vinyl LP or something.
  12. Japanese blue variant up at the Secretly Store. This is the one I wanted. I am glad I waited. 😊
  13. I have a Japanese pressing of it that sounds phenomenal. CC is one of the best produced albums ever made, and really shines on a high end system. 👍🏻 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AWp48WzlkMo
  14. If you are a current Ten Club member, they sent a special Ticketmaster link where you could pick out the shows you want to attend: https://pearljam.com/news/ten-club-ticket-presale-info