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  1. I'm a fan. I really wanna buy the record, but I'm broke at the moment =/
  2. As far as dream pop goes, I've really been diggin the new camera shy song. Really cant wait for the LP to drop! Also, burglary years is pretty good. I think it's members of love child... Not sure though.
  3. Oh okay thanks! I couldn't find the edit button at first... I haven't used a forum in a long time, so I'm kinda new to this. Didn't mean to post excessive topics, my bad!
  4. To sell records, lol. I couldn't find my other post to bump it. the first one I made I didn't have a list of everything I had. I couldn't find the one I made before... So I just made a new one.
  5. Okay, so I’m trying to clear out my inventory so I can restock my store with some cool releases. All of these records are listed on my discogs, but some of them I’m willing to take offers on within reason. I’m also willing to take offers for orders with multiple records, but I prefer if you message or comment me rather than making the offer on discogs. **** Shipping for 7” records is 3.50; Shipping on 12” records is 4.50; Combined shipping ranges from .50 to a dollar per extra record you add. **** 7” records Adventures, Pity Sex - Adventures / Pity Sex Orange w/White A-Side/B-Side $6 Ancient Heads - It Can't Rain Forever Red $8 Ancient Heads - It Can't Rain Forever White $6 Boyfriends - Self titled ep $4 Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Joie De Vivre - Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Joie De Vivre (7") black vinyl $6 Enabler - War Begins With You (7", RP, Purple) $6 Fucking Invincible - Very Negative Transparent red (first press)$10 Heroin - s/t ep $4 Hoax - s/t ep $8 Iron Chic - Spooky Action black vinyl $4 Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance IV Green/purple w/ splatter $6 Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance IV Orange w/ black splatter $6 Self Defense Family, Touché Amoré - Self Love (7", EP, grey) $6 Self Defense Family, Touché Amoré - Self Love (7", EP, Transparent orange) $6 12” records Adventures - Supersonic Home (LP, Yellow, red, blue starburst) $15 Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (LP, Album, Transparent Gold) $13 Best Coast - The Only Place $8 Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go (12", Album, White/Black mix) $15 Blacklisted - When People Grow, People Go (12", Album, White) $15 Break Away - Face Aggression (12", Album, Orange) $15 Break Away - Face Aggression (12", Album, White) $15 Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return To Dust (LP, Album, Orange first pressing) $18 Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind (2x12", Album, RP, Pink) $21 Converge - Unloved And Weeded Out (LP, Comp, RE, RM, Green) $10 Cursed - Two (LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Silver/black mix) $15 Cursed - Two (LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Silver)$15 Deer Leap And World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The - Are Here To Help You (LP, Ltd, Opaque dark red, first pressing) $26 Donovan Wolfington - Stop Breathing (LP, Ltd, Clear blue) $8 Harms Way - Rust (LP, ginger ale) $15 Graf Orlock - Destination Time Today (LP, Album, blu) $5 Miles Away - Tide (LP bone black vinyl) $15 Nothing - Guilty Of Everything (LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Pin) $30 Pity Sex - Dark World (12", EP, RP, Red starburst) $13 Reservoir - I Heard You As I Walked Away (LP, Ltd)$8 The weeks - The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And Want To Die (12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Scr) $16 Whirr, Nothing - Split (12", S/Sided, EP, Baby blue + DVD-V) $15
  6. I really wanna get rid of my inventory. Check out my other listings! If something seems pricey, do NOT hesitate to make an offer. ***Shipping for 7" records is 3 dollars, and 4.50 for 12 inch records. For every other record you add it will range from about .50 to a dollar. That is cheaper than most labels!! A lot of labels are charging 5-6 dollars gor shipping + a dollar per extra record... So keep that in mind. Once again EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE*** I had to close down my storenvy, so some items have a small mark up because of monthly discogs fees. if you have an offer, please message me and tell me which records you're looking at. I'm more open to offers off of discogs. I'm really trying to get money together so I can re stock my store with some cool stuff (records, sleeves, other vinyl things etc etc), so every dollar counts. **** http://www.discogs.com/seller/ryan.mazzei/profile *****