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  1. rynobot3000

    Stadium Arcadium deluxe edition.

    Yeah! Between this and the latest re-pressing of the soundtrack for Tron Legacy, it was nice to cross off a few that I was about ready to spend some serious cash on!
  2. rynobot3000

    Stadium Arcadium deluxe edition.

    Was following this thread and held off on purchasing an Ebay or Discogs copy.....you guys rock, thanks. You can now pre-order on Music Direct or Acoustic Sounds for a release on 10/23/2015 http://store.acousticsounds.com/d/36307/The_Red_Hot_Chili_Peppers-Stadium_Arcadium-Vinyl_Box_Sets http://www.musicdirect.com/p-346658-red-hot-chili-peppers-stadium-arcadium-vinyl-4lp-box-set.aspx