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  1. DecayToDeath

    PO Now: Denzel Curry - TA13OO

    The cover fucking rules. Also, late happy birthday to the man himself (it’s still the 16th here for another hour!).
  2. DecayToDeath

    PO Now: Every Time I Die- Low Teens [9/23/16]

    I saw these for Dillinger Escape Plan too, wonder what's up with that.
  3. Bumping a TEN-YEAR-OLD THREAD to say "happy 10 years to one of my favorite albums", and to share this tweet: Nine of these demos were already "out there", but the remaining four songs are included among them + those 9 sound better than the versions that have been passed around over the last decade.
  4. Oh, and the little dance he does during the instrumental intro of the one for My Girls had me dying. Highly recommend that too.
  5. The Holland 1945 one changed me as a person
  6. DecayToDeath

    PO: Just Friends - Nothing but Love

    I don't usually go into threads just to shit on the album but I actually hate this band so much that I felt the need to express it. This was by far the worst album I listened to last year, and while I understand everyone's tastes are different and some people are bound to attach themselves to a niche, the fact that they've gathered such a following baffles me.
  7. Got mine today. Can't report on sound quality because i'm sans turntable until the end of the semester, but I'd like to hear others' reviews of it.
  8. This is exactly why I could never hang around too long on VMP. The general attitude is really weird to me. People who seemingly had limitless disposable income would blind buy several records a day just because the variant was cool, and half of those people wouldn't even listen to the albums. During the whole Gatefoldgate thing I remember telling someone something to the effect of "the point of vinyl isn't the A E S T H E T I C" and people started getting on my case about it cuz they liked to frame their vynilses.
  9. If you ever get really bored and wanna read up on some stuff you missed, Gatefoldgate was funny (from the VMP thread)
  10. I've heard good things about this record and plan on listening to it tonight, sucks that it's already (maybe?) gone.
  11. It upsets me how much more active VMP is compared to VC nowadays. I've tried to get active in their community a few times but never found myself hanging around.
  12. VMP mockup looked too good to pass up. I liked Guppy so I hope this one matches or exceeds it and justifies my preemptive purchase.
  13. They just tweeted that they’re gonna try to get some back from the bots
  14. They added an extra date for LA and it STILL sold out immediately. Pretty pissed off cuz I haven’t seen either artist live before and thought the opportunity was perfect.