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  1. Every time they hit my local shops they’re stickers at that much, I’ve never cared enough for boots/counterfeits to seek them out online.
  2. One of the vocalists of Floral Tat is one of my best friends, so I’m gonna support this rec x10
  3. I can't tell if the demo is supposed to be that high pitched or if it's just a classic case of LP60s spinning at the wrong speed
  4. they should've moved it to june 44th to celebrate the jo44 reissues.........
  5. In the time since they mentioned a Brother Sister tour, Foxes grew to overtake it as my favorite. Now I want a Foxes tour!
  6. I got the last OG that the label had left a while back so I’m good for once but still curious if this will end up being the better cut or not
  7. They are all different that is correct. The differences aren’t THAT drastic—like all the songs are the same, but some of them will be out of order and some of them will be different mixes or recordings entirely. The digital version will be considered ‘canon’ and is the one getting sent to critics etc, but it’s my understanding that the digital one isn’t done yet while the other two are (they watched bernie grundman work his magic in person last month for the vinyl version).
  8. This album is really weird and disjointed, to the degree that every format has a different tracklist, mixes, and recordings of some of the songs
  9. Caught em with Glass Beach a week or so ago, gonna have to check out this LP.
  10. Damn the LA tickets were only $40 / $50-something after fees, what's up with New York