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  1. Unit 01 still looking sexiest to me, but I've got a certain attraction to the neon purple/green contrast.
  2. Looking like I don’t have a store within 25 miles of me at my new apartment and the ones at the edge of that radius are getting very little stock so if anyone can manage an extra chariot and/or fountains of Wayne I’ll hit you back for it
  3. Could be a repress of the original press.....which doesn't sound excellent either, but eh
  4. So am I reading this right that they have two versions of Fly Me to the Moon but neither is the "regular" one from the main OST? Thank god....need that in my life
  5. If corgan wasn't bigoted/transphobic n' shit then I would definitely take issue with that, but fuck him lol
  6. Genuinely use discord as a host 99% of the time now
  7. Unrelated to the band but posting here cuz it's an active thread and I dunno where else to mention it: The site got an update and yet clicking thread stars still take you to just below your first unread post instead of just above it? Yeah, yeah, I know this is petty but I've gotta know why this happens. Also I like this album, revolver /100 should be coming in any day now.
  8. Wasn't big on Age Of but this is great, especially the back half.
  9. They've ended up not fulfilling some of my orders in the past with that.
  10. My living situation changed drastically without warning about two weeks ago so in my current arrangement I'm not close to any participating shops. Just lookin' for Koyaanisqatsi this time around if anyone sees it sittin' around or on someone's website.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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