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  1. DecayToDeath

    PO Soon: Daughters

    Just got a ticket for LA let’s goooooooooo
  2. Went to my local shop today and someone must’ve dumped their old copy, there was an earlier press in the new arrivals bin NM/NM for $25 and I grabbed it
  3. Jeff said 1200 on social media https://instagram.com/p/BlJSl7shRgw/
  4. DecayToDeath

    PO Soon: Daughters

    Seconding this. I like Canada & Hell Songs, but s/t is one of my all-time favorite records. I’m afraid to ask how much
  5. Got White2 today. Both discs are dish-warped and I’m wondering if that’s because the incredibly thick poster was crammed into the sleeve (the shrink wrapped package looked like it was bulging). So far it isn’t affecting play though, so I’m not complainin’.
  6. DecayToDeath

    PO Soon: Daughters

    Incredibly excited for this but also still patiently tapping my foot for represses of Canada songs & s/t
  7. I'm afraid some of the 320s on soulseek are upwards transcodes of the low-grade leak from last week and I don't want to have to question sourcing, so can someone hook me up with their DL code?
  8. Bought without even thinking about it
  9. He had tracks on the tribute comp and I think he’s a member of the FB group. His Bonus Oceans cover is actually on the album.
  10. DecayToDeath

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I bought Derek’s PO for Pig Destroyer off of him and relapse was able to change the address from his to mine without issue
  11. Also, he just released a video for corduroy to coincide with the vinyl announcement:
  12. https://barelymarch.bandcamp.com/album/marely-barch-2 This is one of my favorite albums this year, y'all should give it a shot. Pressing is beige /250.
  13. DecayToDeath

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Did anyone buy the Neu! exclusive? I got a good deal on a copy on a discogs but the guy says he got it as store stock and can’t confirm color since it’s sealed. Did it have a Newbury hype sticker like most of these do?