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  1. self-confidence is not caring what other people think of what you listen to; freeing yourself from insecurity is not taking the time to make fun of someone else for it
  2. Haven't seen anyone talk about it here, but this leaked last week and I've been enjoying it tremendously.
  3. Yea I got a $1200 table for like 50% off cuz they were discontinuing the model or something, plus a 2m bronze that was discounted like $150 because it didn't come in the box even tho it was unused. I'm usually too lazy to bother with vintage tables/carts as opposed to speakers and amps, but there's no way in hell I'm gonna pay even close to what new stuff is worth lol
  4. I feel like this is some Willy Wonka shit where if I say no Scott Heisel walks out from behind the curtain and gives me the 7"
  5. Yeah I mean it's been ripped & you can hear the songs, I'm just a nerd who's got every Jeff piece except that one 😛
  6. All of 'em except Taylor Swift have been ripped and uploaded now: https://mega.nz/folder/AQpnEK7D#yClLVJsyjNaoTOnsRCZPeA/folder/EZ4SkApS There's also a japanese bonus disc of covers and silly jams: https://mega.nz/folder/AQpnEK7D#yClLVJsyjNaoTOnsRCZPeA/folder/ME4CgAyI Kinda fucks with my head that these guys are like my age and they're this prolific & proficient. Christ, before their debut they were invited to play with Damo Suzuki at age like 19!
  7. DTGL has arrived, idk why I thought it would be a gatefold but in case anyone else had the same impression it is not lol
  8. If they made real jackets for this, then everyone with a box set would complain about them not having done so in the first place. I think it's a toss-up, but leaning towards "wow, they're actually shipping these in printed inners".
  9. No, I’ve got the box set, it’s a printed inner. Not even a cardboard inner either, one of the thin, magazine-gloss paper types.
  10. Funniest thing about the prices to me is that Landscape Tantrums doesn't even have a jacket--that's a printed innersleeve and a disc for like $45 or whatever they're asking
  11. That just sounds like a hassle, I stopped buying 99% of 7"s a while ago cuz I never feel like putting it on for two minutes and then standing back up when I could just listen to it digitally.

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