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  1. Always knew smth was up with their discounts and constantly shifting pricing model, but really lost any remaining faith around this time last year. I got hired w/ some other folks to be a (remote) writer & interviewer for their zines, and then at the start of onboarding, communication fell entirely silent. A full month later, I finally heard back from the CEO, who told me the editor who hired me (and several other contributors-to-be) quit, was fired, or otherwise no longer worked for them. Said he'd be running editing and zine organization by himself until further notice, and to await further instructions for the first round of assignments. Eventually he did send out assignments from which we could choose, and after choosing one, I never heard back again. Gave up trying to contact them because the whole thing seemed really disorganized. Shame, because it would've paid pretty well.
  2. For the last two years, I've been working with Kulara: A late '90s/early 2000s Japanese experimental-prog-screamo-kitchen sink band; labelmates/contemporaries with Envy, but bred from a different strain.. Finally, I've got copies on-hand to announce this thing! They're one of the bands I had in mind when I started Energy Crow Records, and now it's available both digitally and on vinyl for the first time. You don't have to buy one, but it would mean a hell of a lot to me if you'd check it out! Get yours here: https://energycrow.com + Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Specs: - Gatefold 2xLP - LP1 Translucent White (Natural PVC) & LP2 Dark Red - Poly-lined inners - Japanese Lyric Spread w/ English Translation - 250 Copies
  3. I live the songwriting here but it’s will yip’d to death and ear fatigue stops me before I can get through the whole hour 😕
  4. What happened there? I didn't even realize they were an actual couple beyond business/musical endeavors.
  5. I've got no issue with re-recording albums live in studio to better represent the way they're played live. It's decidedly labeled a live album, so there's really nothing about it intended to "replace" the classic. w/r/t re-recorded albums better than the original: I disagree wholeheartedly with this take as a former obsessive diehard w/ the 2010-2014 Car Seat Headrest, but the predominant opinion about Twin Fantasy favors its 2018 version.
  6. Ironically, I think adding the slipcase gives the illusion that it’s less nice than it is; without the expectation that it should be a box instead, you’re left with 5 LPs that sound great for under $20 apiece—a total rarity these days, esp for a band of their caliber. I’m sure some nerd out there will DIY themselves new jackets and a proper box, but I’m more than happy paying under $100 for the entire discog in one go regardless.
  7. No added value, try to get a refund or exchange
  8. Distil is pretty instantaneous & works on pretty much any website (if you've got it set to checking every couple seconds or so), but it also is constantly opening and closing new tabs in the background which is maybe a little annoying
  9. I figured as much. Looks like it's actually based on someone else's video w/ a rip of the BF pressing. Presumably that guy's setup wasn't up to snuff.
  10. Random question for owners of the Black Friday version: someone commented on my rip of the reissue saying the BF version is slightly off-pitch/speed. Is there truth to that or is it just someone with a shitty turntable?
  11. I grabbed it right when it went up and checked out in abt 30 seconds with shop pay, successfully got order confirmation, then went back to the home page and it said it was sold out already. Fucking FAST one.

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