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  1. I was just taking it as the general VC “hey this is available now” post, to which people usually respond “got one”—didn’t intend to flex. Yeah it’s limited to one per or I would’ve helped em out. Also, I use female pronouns now, not that you would’ve known that, so I’m not trying to be a dick by correcting or anything, just making it known.
  2. I won with one of my scratch cards but the website listed on it isn't loading for me. Anyone able to get it to work? I wanna be clear on what to do before I mail it out n' such.
  3. Got mine the other day in tip-top shape. No noticeable damage aside from a tiny bit of ringwear on the side with the opening from shrink wrap strain.
  4. Has anyone determined if the bandcamp is actually lossless-sourced or if they just uploaded the mp3s converted to a lossless format?
  5. I downloaded this but I'm gonna put off listening to it for a while. Someone will losslessly split the mp3s (I've got a program that does it, so some Radiohead nerd is bound to have the same idea) and post that at some point, I'm sure.
  6. Since we're derailing, The first episode of season 1 is my favorite one, it hooked me in immediately. I wish some of the Netflix-era episodes weren't so painfully cringy, but I guess ultimately if you want more consistency, just watch The Twilight Zone instead.
  7. Did they fix it or something? I've never owned one, but my reasoning for not getting it is because I've heard it sounds miserable / poor quality control.
  8. Yep that's the Really Records tag on PayPal...makes me laugh every time!
  9. I blind bought when it first went up cuz Flood Network is great, gonna listen to it tomorrow probably
  10. I was waiting for it to get cheaper because I think Loveless is decent but it's far from something I'd pay what they wanted for it. I'm a little upset I missed it, I suppose, but I wouldn't have paid that price for it so....ehh?