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  1. there was a post WAY the fuck back about it being a possibility: did that ever get closer to happening @mindovermatter?
  2. Sadly not really feeling this one after a few listens, at least initial impressions. When my copy arrives I might be in a different mood.
  3. Was wondering when VC would try moving to my native platform lol
  4. I've got the previous press of Hell Songs, can anyone who bought the new one let me know if it also cuts off the first like, half second of Daughters Spelled Wrong
  5. I used DF but I've always preferred Discogs, supposed I'll keep both around now tho
  6. My store got 30 copies of the clipping so I just picked up a few for my friends & the boards. If anyone missed out and wants one it's yours at cost just message me.
  7. I listened and I think it's great but I'm also into weirdo musique concrete stuff usually so if that isn't your bag then YMMV
  8. Mansun LP is UK exclusive and I only just now found out it existed so if anyone snags me one or sees a store that has it online and tips me off I’ll love you forever
  9. Got in line at 5, there are maybe 8 people ahead of me. I’ll be grabbing JO44, Tyler, and Charli.