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  1. Pissed that I woke up too late to get the /100 the other day when the link was going around, but I grabbed the /300 nonetheless.
  2. Part of it is that their first record was mega-hyped up and I thought it was incredibly forgettable, and that's fine, but they're so popular that they're one of the frontrunners of what the sound that the current scope of emo & DIY are chasing, so as a result, we end up with a lot of really disingenuous fluff like them starting to be more popular than the bands I tend to care more about in the emo scene. Another part of it is that the worst show I've ever been to (Sorority Noise headlining) was as bad as it was mostly because of them. Some of the other details aren't as relevant, but as for the ones that relate directly to Remo Drive: - Their set was lame. They played really boring and didn't have any energy or presence. - The songs they were playing didn't do anything for me to begin with. - The crowd they attracted was just the absolute worst kind of person. Probably their first show for a lot of them. The kinds of people who have no idea how to stage-dive but try to anyway and end up air-kicking someone in the head (this happened to me during the RD set), and the kinds of people who don't know how or when to mosh so they just pack together like sardines and rock the entire room back and forth. These things combined put them at the top of my list of "bands I hate more than anything", a title they claimed over The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball. ALL THAT BEING SAID-- I like both of the new songs. Two Bux has been stuck in my head all day. So even with a grudge, I have an open mind.
  3. I have a grudge against this band but I'll check out the singles cuz I've liked one or two of their songs in the past
  4. In for this (and pls repress the other ones cuz I was broke when they came around )
  5. Two of my friends each got theirs, and I presumably got mine too, but it'll be sitting in PA waiting for me until the semester ends.
  6. Is it? I saw at least 30 copies at the first store I hit yesterday and nobody seemed to be interested. If I'd have known people gave a fuck about what Thrice are doing nowadays I'd have grabbed one for the boards.
  7. Couple copies of Depreciation Guild up on Discogs at cost, think fast (I know I saw @copelandkid wanting one too)
  8. Same. D-guild had one copy left and I missed it because the website was being shitty. Managed to secure one off Discogs though, only paid $35 shipped so I'll call it a win and go back to sleep.
  9. I had like five different connections looking for this and all of them struck out, it’s insane
  10. A friend of mine got one, and another tried to grab one for me but the store only got one.