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  1. It’s one of my all-time top 10’ers. Always thought of it like an emo-slowcore band whose vocalist died in an accident right before recording, and Ben Gibbard (who happened to be in the studio next door) generously offered to fill in.
  2. facts trans give up photo airplanes i don't listen to the rest enough to have a recent opinion so i threw give up in just for fun
  3. Excited for LP2 but I'll never forgive them for scrapping Kendall Jenner
  4. will be buying this but i do wish anybody cared as much as i do about we have the facts cuz then maybe that'd have gotten a cool reissue
  5. This album is actually fantastic, shocked to be saying that because I had pretty much given up on the band. Was about to say that too, glad someone else did
  6. I don't know what I expected from demos dated like a week before the actual recording, but I've gotta say these are too similar to the final products for me to justify buying it or listening much
  7. I'd take FTM but for the sake of consistency with my brand I would prefer MTF
  8. Thank you, haha! I've had a shitty redbubble version of it forever and after years of folks asking me where they could get one of their own I thought I'd do a version that wasn't shitty.
  9. I've been emailing with the winner to make sure they're okay with me publicly announcing their name/instagram @, but if you haven't been contacted it wasn't you.
  10. Leftovers went up this morning, bought one thinking I was having a weird dream and just now noticed it in my emails O_o

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