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  1. don't care this time around thank fuck
  2. Holy shit this blew away my expectations, especially that closing track.....I regret waiting until it leaked to pre-order a copy, seeing as how the magenta is gone now; hopefully one turns up on Discogs.
  3. Love his country work but this is straight up bangers. Still need to watch the movie, but the album is strong enough that I can say I’m definitely torn between this and Girl Band for my favorite release this week.
  4. I'm tempted by the Calculating set, but really wish there was a second disc of material for Miss Machine.
  5. I know VMP is gonna make the QOTSA sound great (or at least as good as you can get with an album that loud), so my only wish is that it's got something other than the CD artwork, because man is that thing an eyesore.
  6. His past work never really wowed me, but this came as a GREAT surprise. Can't stop listening to it!
  7. Ouch on the Daughters price. Would like one but not for nearly that much.
  8. Got the VMP, could be an expensive month for me if the JPEGMAFIA and Soft Bulletin ROTM rumors are true.
  9. Bought the Danny brown exclusive cuz I hesitated on AE’s exclusive and regret it. Can someone link the source of speculation on Peggy being an exclusive or ROTM?