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  1. If they made real jackets for this, then everyone with a box set would complain about them not having done so in the first place. I think it's a toss-up, but leaning towards "wow, they're actually shipping these in printed inners".
  2. No, I’ve got the box set, it’s a printed inner. Not even a cardboard inner either, one of the thin, magazine-gloss paper types.
  3. Funniest thing about the prices to me is that Landscape Tantrums doesn't even have a jacket--that's a printed innersleeve and a disc for like $45 or whatever they're asking
  4. That just sounds like a hassle, I stopped buying 99% of 7"s a while ago cuz I never feel like putting it on for two minutes and then standing back up when I could just listen to it digitally.
  5. No, you're right, but it's not like they can't change that lol
  6. Wish it was 13 instead of 7, don't really see the point of owning both
  7. the minecraft one, in fairness, was just the formal release of their fourchella minecraft set
  8. Torn on whether or not I really need it since I have an OG already
  9. Doesn’t matter where you stand politically, he’s a shit person because he has a history of sexually harassing/assaulting women at his shows nonconsensually
  10. Buncha Discord servers I'm in do this + several listening parties throughout the day that you can host or pop into anytime
  11. I tried to push them on a friend who called Low Teens "the most annoying thing [she's] ever heard"
  12. Unit 01 still looking sexiest to me, but I've got a certain attraction to the neon purple/green contrast.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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