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  1. Hopefully y'all see this, sorry for the small mistake but I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless I live to serve, and also archive in high quality 45, if you can believe it!
  2. At the request of @iamjordanbanks, who loaned me his copy, I ripped & scanned the Nice And Blue (Pt. Two) 7". My YouTube channel has both the A- and B-sides, but I thought I'd directly link the more exciting of the two above: "In A Sweater Poorly Knit (Demo Version)" 24/96 download + hi-res scans + lineage/info: https://decaytodeath.neocities.org/rips/nice-and-blue-pt-two.html EDIT: I published this at nearly 4am and upon waking up in the morning I noticed the speed was ever-so-slightly off. Maybe the belt on my turntable needs to be replaced! Regardless, I've updated the files in the MEGA folder, changed the website to reflect the differences, and uploaded new videos to YouTube. The above is the new video, but if you downloaded the files prior to whatever time it says I edited this post, you should re-download (Gonna ping everyone who reacted to this post so you know, sorry-- @Mars, @daegor, @rcafilm, @zacooper, @IndigoHollow, @achillesstand7, @iamjordanbanks, @whoa, @ejc625, @throwgncpr)
  3. maaaaaaaaaaaaaad respectable collection, and tasteful interior design. if i ever own a house, i hope to have a room like this.
  4. Listen for yourself: https://decaytodeath.neocities.org/rips/translating-the-name.html
  5. Runouts confirm it--they've got sequential numbering in the stamps from 207797E1/A (Comfort A) through 207797E10/A (Planet D) just like the box set.
  6. Huh, got mine today and Magnified is a 2LP now. Never owned a previous pressing so I can’t compare, but I’m sure one of you will end up with both and comment on it.
  7. I've been collecting since January 2014 (when I was 14 years old; I am now 23). If you were to count every box set by the individual albums they contain, and include the stuff that isn't in the photo, I estimate I've got a few shy of 2k. Unwound are one of my favorite bands, admittedly I double-dipped on a couple of the more recent pressings too. As for the speakers, it's kind of a makeshift setup until I've got money set aside for new speakers (and/or better speaker stands than a couple of Uhaul boxes from when I moved into this place a few months back). They're triangulated to the center seat of my couch.
  8. I keep the records in another room, turntable and stereo out in the main living room area. I've got a couple boxes' worth that I didn't bother dragging into the photo, they'll go into another Kallax next time I'm at IKEA.
  9. Wish I'd seen this yesterday, they had a copy at my local when I went in for the sale
  10. I thought it was weird that I got that email weeks after they had sent mine already
  11. Utterly devastating….was really hoping she’d beat it. RIP to one of the greats.
  12. Oh, I thought that variant wasn't gonna be on shelves until sometime next year. If it's around now, then I'll have to grab one.
  13. If anyone's disappointed in theirs or grabbed an extra that they don't need, I did sell my earlier press cuz I was short on cash and haven't gotten around to buying a reissue yet. Hook a sister up!