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  1. Okay, i am having a problem. I have both the flesh tone pressing from Last Gang Records (Canada) and the, or what I thought was, the teal pressing from 4AD (US). When i first pulled it out of the jacket i noticed it was a baby blue, not exactly teal. But i didn't think anything of it. Keep in mind, I also bought this from a local record store where the owner only buys from US distributors. Anyways, come to find out, there are almost two variations of the teal color. From discogs, it mentions both the US pressing and the UK&EU pressing with the CD as teal and in the pictures they look baby blue, but when i search Purity Ring Shrines colored vinyl on google, it shows both baby blue and a dark teal/blue-green. This is really confusing me. Please help me! i'm trying to get each variation of color of this record as it is my favorite album. Thanks!