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  1. seriously wtf?? a band like caspian shouldn't even consider Yip as a road not producing their record....
  2. A new song is up on spotify for us who are already having a beautiful thursday.
  3. Have you guys hear the previous record? There are some bands aiming for bad sound on purpose for some reason like thursday post war all the time... So i think this was well discussed and liked.
  4. Revhq got limited stock of this. Go.
  5. So the ccmusic coupon code era is done? Would be sad
  6. What a missed opportunity to not press this on green and gray vinyl.
  7. Record is pretty good, might order the purple later on.
  8. kinda offtopic but Dodax has "few" for 12,50 Euros and FREE worldwide shipping right now, if anyone is still missing it from the collection like me. https://www.dodax.de/de-de/musik-cds-dvds-vinyl/classic-rock/he-is-legend-few-dp9QMUSDRVPNE/ (can't wait to buy White Bat for a something similar price in 2021)