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  1. I just received my yellow copy from CCmusic, although it was shipped in March and just got here due to Covid. Triple crown usually don't do retail black presses, they just give them the less limited one. So it could be either the yellow or the clear with black splatter one.
  2. I have an original TOCS press, which I still think their best record, wanted to buy Define, but this whole pay for a live stream concept is putting me off. I mean yeah they can't tour, don't have an income, but in these times at least donate some % of it... they are gonna make a fortune out of this whole observatory thing.
  3. https://www.banquetrecords.com/tubelord/our-first-american-friends-tezcatlipoca-(hassle-15th-anniversary-edition)/HASSLE15-TUBELORD not stateside, but way more reasonable shipping with an even lower price from a cool record store.
  4. HHV have photos of the colored indies version, seems orange in white https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/dashboard-confessional-the-places-you-have-come-to-fear-the-most-colored-vinyl-edition-742614?p=emfYSE
  5. And the whole thing is streaming https://humband.bandcamp.com/album/inlet
  6. lol I thought all 4 songs are new. I lived under a rock. sorry for that...
  7. maybe it's already talked about but spotify have 4 new songs. https://open.spotify.com/album/373NJxnX4FZ6eMC3ETZMVN
  8. why is this a big thing really? I mean the game is huge of course, but nothing like these tracks are b-sides or anything
  9. it's also up on Deep discount/CCmusic $26.88 (With code NURSESHARK you get 10% off till Noon CT time today, not worth it if you buy this alone as over $25 you get free shipping anyway.) https://www.deepdiscount.com/anywhere-but-here-red-vinyl/889466165818 $22.29 (with code MUSIC3 and 3 items you get FREE shipping) https://www.ccmusic.com/anywhere-but-here-red-vinyl/889466165818
  10. Thanks for this! I was thinking the same, also heard 8-12 weeks in delay, so im totally fine with this as long as these will arrive. So I wasn't mad or anything, just stated the facts. Sorry for my tone in the original comment!
  11. Eu site, know nothing about this vendor though. https://www.cede.com/en/music/?view=detail&aid=17082811
  12. Im waiting on 4 packages from the US since march 18th... . Everything else came in normal even ebay shit from China.