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  1. Their fill-in guitarist was a creep. And that's about it.
  2. This song sounded soo much better live yesterday!! Also heads up for euro people there was a delay with the vinyl, so they won't have it till Vienna.
  3. this record is huge! Are they bringing the beer or the retail variant for the tiny moving parts tour in Europe?
  4. This is sold out. Im hitting the first date of the Eu tour on monday , so I'll try to grab one or two for the boards.
  5. I would like to see the scrapped artwork/title ideas. Also is tihs an american idiot b-side comp?
  6. it might be selfish, but I hope this won't end the band....
  7. Hey man, I just bought this (You won't be a billionaire, but still) not only because I love STD and Stay What You Are, but because as soon as I read your commemntary and See You came on I just totally lost it at my office table. I'm having the worst year of my life, going through a divorce (we were not married by law, but still I consider it that way), So before I go into too personal, THANK YOU for this for warming my heart.
  8. So sadly their guitarist passed away... Here is the album early for a week to donate to the Family before the initial release in october. http://somos.bandcamp.com/album/prison-on-a-hill Edit, thanks @curator PO is up now https://www.tinyengines.net/products/650216-somos-prison-on-a-hill 400 Translucent Yellow 400 Translucent Red 700 Black
  9. saw them for like 10 mins at slam dunk and they were awesome live. Can't wait for the tiny moving parts tour.