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  1. what?? I guess I need another copy of Artist. I hope they tour this in Europe after they bailed on it with Vheissu and IOS. looks like a march 24th release, and a green indie exclusive or retail. Don't let the stock photo fool you, this should be it, as it's the same label as the record listed on spotify and is a pre-order. https://downinthevalley.com/UPC/843563158746
  2. czech distro has a clear purple (probably indie excl.) variant of american nervoso with a 03.24. rls date up for sale https://dayafter.cz/en/product/botch-american-nervoso-2023-reissue-clear-purple-vinyl-vinyl-lp
  3. well that break-up wouldn't last long, especially how many times they said it's for good
  4. new colors of pilot, opp., and this. with a febr 10th release date and already in hand in the uk distro (banquet) https://www.waxbodega.com/categories/hot-mulligan
  5. exactly, this is the reason I'm passing most of them I get it you don't have the high res artwork, but redoing something for me always will be a crime, no matter how awful the og artwork was, it's part of it, and I connect it to the music in my head.
  6. I wanted to buy some stuff on the last day, and they kindly took off the media mail option. nice touch.
  7. I like how they were aiming for the most disgusting artwork possible. Must have been tough race to come up with this horrible one. Big up to the artist 😂 I just hope it's just not Rich Balling and reading me like this again...
  8. there is a 25% off sale over at brooklynvegan on in stock items for 72hrs from since midnight, automatic while items being added to cart.
  9. popmarket has this 20+ bucks cheaper than the label plus free shipping https://www.popmarket.com/the-collected-works-of-neutral-milk-hotel/673855077611?az=2-29755
  10. Yeah I know but bv is overpricing too, but I guess 30-dollar single LPs were too much for even their standards
  11. Bv variants https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/collections/knapsack Nc variants https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/vendors?q=Knapsack Loving the fact that bv had no intention (it was tempting probably) to overprice an already overpriced record yet NC has no problems with it...
  12. 3000 copies each at 30-dollar single lp price tag? I might be totally wrong but the indie variants will be in the sale bins within a year.
  13. Lilliput records has it for ~33 bucks https://lilliputrecords.com/UPC/810098503099 Also ~35 shipped https://www.deepdiscount.com/3-feet-high-and-rising-magenta/810098503099

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