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  1. new song over bandcamp https://portrayalofguilt.com/ the records also available there, if you want it directly from them.
  2. Wish circa would release good music like they release new variants of their old good music.
  3. Dang I messed up the link. Sorry and thx. Edited og post.
  4. https://staysickrecordings.com/ Bundle exclusive color/150 other /350 (10-dollar 7 inch and 30-dollar t-shirt bundle won't sell this band too many records...) New song:
  5. my 5-item order went through in less than 24 hours. Awesome deal to have these records around 10 dollars shipped to Europe.
  6. it would be soo great if big retailers would do this more often with their dead stock.
  7. Ontopic: the record is good but I don't know how they considered "burn all your rock records" as a song worth putting on this. It's pure garbage.
  8. This is available on importcds/deepdiscount/ccmusic/wowhd branch
  9. If you are the fence the Italian label has 25% off with code DISCOESTATE2019 until the 22th.
  10. They are pretty good at preorders. They Usually ship out on or before release day if there is no delay. Also flawless packaging.
  11. Wowhd (the site is part of the ccmusic, importcds, deepdiacount family) has it for 26 and change plus free shipping https://www.wowhd.co.uk/white-bat/602567948452
  12. Imagine people outside of the us do this on every record!
  13. yay, my CCmusic order of Red Sky just got a shipping notification!
  14. PO is up: https://anxiousandangry.com/collections/off-with-their-heads Limited to 500 of each.