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  1. No, actually both. In this day an age greatest hits albums are stupid, and making a cash grab out of it is just disgusting. Spotify can make you playlists you know... Just release the 2 songs on a 7".
  2. Amazon or any other retailers never verify color 99% of the time. And yes 180g black is the retail color. On the other hand it seems out of stock everywhere, and Im probably scrwed with my ccmusic order as its not even listed on the site anymore.
  3. xfactor675

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    I ordered from a retailer so expected the green (also wanted it for the color aspect though) and got the black.
  4. xfactor675

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    I got this from CCmusic today and interestingly it's the black one.
  5. xfactor675

    He Is Legend - Few (4/28/17)

    I saw them playing to 30 people on a saturday night in Munich a few years ago... I missed out on It hates you and I guess it won't be repressed... also guessing that the t&n era will never be pressed. Anyone with some insights?
  6. I tried for Hungary, and there are the Hungarian states, so it would let me through. (And for Belgium there are no state option for me). Also, big up for them and not trying to ruin their legacy by releasing a full album. cough Refused/ATDI etc. cough
  7. After a few listens I have to admit that I LOVE the record. They probably released the 3 worst songs as singles and I still like them. Saves the Day/Suzuki/It's such a Beautiful World/Rosé/1997/29 are all top tier STD songs. Also, screw Equal Vison on how they are handling retail copies... I pre-ordered this via CCmusic in September, it's instantly went on out of stock/backordered status on the release date. Same happened with the new hopesfall album and after 3 months of waiting it got cancelled. Every other labels can handle distribution.
  8. xfactor675

    PO: 'A' Hi-Fi Serious LP

    I remember seeing the video on Mtv back in the day, then tried to download something via kazaa searching only with the band name, had no luck on that day...
  9. the record is actually good.
  10. I wasn't raging at all my friend, you were the one talking shit. Your last line is a pure classic though. Did you come up with it alone?
  11. lol you need to calm down. It was handled uprofessionally that's all I was trying to say. If you don't see that, good for you.
  12. The tour laminate includes the cancelled european dates? Not only I missed fortress and redeemer in full, but announcing another tour in Canada while Rody needed a restwithin two weeks of the cancelation was a bit disgusting...
  13. xfactor675

    MEGA msale at ccmusic.com

    TONY20 gives you 20% off on orders $50+. No idea about expiry.
  14. xfactor675

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    I'm still being amazed that a small record shop exclusively handling the pressing of 2000 copies of this album.