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  1. TGUK is my life. I have huge problems right now, and they name their new record Problems. Song is great too. Seeing them a day after the album release.
  2. god no, I should have known the second I heard that awful mix...
  3. these codes getting worse and worse lately
  4. It's a good cause, but I don't see how it stops flipping. Bill wouldn't buy/ listen to a record dedicated to Matt?
  5. CCmusic has it for $24.6 plus BOSS15 code gives you another 15% off (should be good to bundle up with other stuff) https://www.ccmusic.com/when-your-heart-stops-beating/754220308094 Or Deepdiscount for $25.15 with FREE US shipping over $25. https://www.deepdiscount.com/when-your-heart-stops-beating/754220308094
  6. This band went downhill so badly and so fast... it's sad. Can't believe anyone can handle James' personality. Probably noone.
  7. These are up at ccmusic/importcds/deepdiscount as well
  8. The ap.net/chorus.fm staff (well not everyone just Jason Tate and @drewberinger) are the worst. They think they know everything better than the users, their opinions are facts ( I got banned for different opinion), they are posting news like 1-2 weeks behind. Can't believe that the site is still thriving. Shame I used to love that site...
  9. sorry I had to stole this from the Internet, and yes Silhouttes is great.
  10. Never get, when people never get. He is overrated, he ruined bands' sound, It feels just stupid that bands think he is the number 1 producer to go to in the scene.
  11. Song is awful, but what can you expect from Yip and co.