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  1. Thanks for this. Just bought the new seas (hippy from moneen) and the self-titled pentimento for emberassingly cheap! There a lot of gems again in that section, like half hearted hero, typesetter, battery, sinking ships. Also thanks @jackshidt for the additional 10 %.
  2. This seems the retail variant. Also it already states 11/15 for release date. https://www.ccmusic.com/all-hail/810488024661 Also the record rips
  3. Does anyone in the US wanna make my friend's daughter happy? She saw my collection and wanted to start collecting this would be her first record. Please pm if you'd order it and ship it to me in exchange of something Eu exclusive or just good old cash
  4. When you lost the ability to write good songs with your main band, so you bring back the always mediocore side-project to bash your legacy even further. Well played Aaron.
  5. Their fill-in guitarist was a creep. And that's about it.
  6. This song sounded soo much better live yesterday!! Also heads up for euro people there was a delay with the vinyl, so they won't have it till Vienna.
  7. this record is huge! Are they bringing the beer or the retail variant for the tiny moving parts tour in Europe?
  8. This is sold out. Im hitting the first date of the Eu tour on monday , so I'll try to grab one or two for the boards.
  9. I would like to see the scrapped artwork/title ideas. Also is tihs an american idiot b-side comp?
  10. it might be selfish, but I hope this won't end the band....