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  1. Still selling most of these. Hit me up for Christmas deals! Bump!
  2. I have a copy I’d sell. It’s an in official blue/white vinyl copy. Sounds real good. In NM condition.
  3. List updated! Sleep is off limits sorry.
  4. Sold some more. Updated list.
  5. Sold some more. List updated!
  6. I sold the test presses already.
  7. I’m selling my collection, message me with offers. Whatever doesn’t sell on here will end up getting traded in at my local record store in a couple weeks. https://www.discogs.com/user/ColoredWax/collection?header=1&sort_by=artists_sort
  8. Not sure if you saw this thread. There is one here.
  9. I have an extra copy of Daughters Hell Songs Repress on clear Vinyl. 2017 Edition.