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  1. Received my pre-order album 3 days early listening to the album now and i'm a big foo fan this is definitely a different type of album. Very very Beatlessssey also not sure what is up with the inscription on side D "bangingontheceiling.com"?? I know it's a lyric from The Sky is a Neighborhood but thought they would of put the cool new FF logo on it
  2. westjosh

    Thrice TBEITBN Slipmat

    Was for sale with the pre order and really want one
  3. Can send pictures on request - still sealed since purchase. 40$ Shipped
  4. Yep - they seemed more than happy to do it and shook my hand and introduced themselves to me. Maybe they were just in a really good mood. I told them that I drove up from Nashville for the show.
  5. Yeah was super bummed last night at the show - first they were sold out of the tour posters. I was told that they never had any for this tour which I don't think the guy knew what he was talking about. Maybe a local working the march table and then I had to preorder ANOTHER copy of the album to get the 7'. I asked if I could just buy it and that I already preordered the bundle through their website and they told me NO. Kind of silly if you ask me... but I did get to meet them before the show and got six albums signed.
  6. westjosh

    FS: Thrice "Alchemy Index"

    No harm no foul - intend on frequenting these parts from now on. Alchemy Index is something i've been looking for a while, big fan of Thrice
  7. westjosh

    FS: Thrice "Alchemy Index"

    Geeze.. Just looking for a copy of something so I thought i'd reach out to people that haven't posted that their item has sold. Thought this was some type of friendly community
  8. Alchemy Index still FS?
  9. westjosh

    FS: Thrice "Alchemy Index"

    Still for sale?