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  1. wow -- almost skipped right over this. what a cool opportunity for you! been patiently waiting for the repress, thank you ❤️
  2. Thanks, and heard! I know I'm in the minority re: keeping heavy albums. I'd say I'm actually actively listening to music for atleast 6-8 hours every day and quite a few of those hours are filled with heavy music. It's what I grew up on and I believe that I'll continue to appreciate and crave heavier and heavier sounds. Just don't really think those belong on my turntable (I'm sure my apartment neighbors appreciate this, as well.) I'd rather crank them in headphones. 100% -- actually thrilled you brought up Bohren (great esoteric music guy™ example) as their discography gathers dust on my shelves until those rainy, dark moments. But when those moments happen, I'm basically salivating at the chance to throw those records on the platter. This also kind of brings up the seasonality of music that I only scratched the surface of. I always, always recommend people start organizing their music into seasons -- this is the best pairing for vinyl imo. I promise I'm not so starkly neurotic, but it's surprising how much more enjoyable it makes music listening for me. In the summer, I'll throw on my OG pressing of Siamese Dream and it's like I'm hearing the record for the first time again -- waiting all year for that moment and experiencing it again gives me the chills. When I love a record or artist, I *really* love the record or artist and tend to obsessively listen until burnt out (or the seasons change lol). So much so that I often step back after some time and feel like I've listened to everything ever released ever. Or, ironically, painted myself into a corner by assigning albums strictly to certain moments/seasons. This is all entirely false but forces me to listen to online radio to discover new artists and albums, which generally is a really great thing. I'm usually pretty good at staying up to date on spotify releases but then I remember that those don't even come close to releases that only go through Bandcamp or Soundcloud or Youtube. It's overwhelming! It is also a wonderful reminder that there are hundreds of thousands of records that you haven't heard or you will never listen to unless you seek them out -- best part of being passionate about consuming music. All dorks! Anyway: I lurk multiple times here every day and mostly just find disappointment seeing threads about old Yellowcard releases. Seeing stuff like this is always heartwarming and a good reminder of how nuanced and enjoyable this hobby can be! Thanks for asking these questions, it's been a fun read. PS: Here's kind of a fun example for me: I have a first pressing of As Cities Burn "Come Now Sleep" staring at me on the shelf right now. I bought it when it was finally pressed (maybe five+ years ago?) and I was waiting quite a long time to have it in my hands! I think it's a great album, the guitar work is absolutely gorgeous, and the packaging/variant is awesome -- really resonated with me as a young adult. But now? Not so much at all. I can still recognize that it's a great album and I enjoy knowing that I own it. But as I type this, I'd rather just sell it and use the money to buy a jazz record I can throw on each morning¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Hello, long-time lurker here. I joined the boards in 2008 -- navigating the Virgil craft beer/VC label days as a clueless 14 year old -- and I somehow continue to follow everything here into my late twenties, for better or worse. Derek asks an excellent question that addresses some things I've recently been wondering, as well. Happy to contribute to the discussion on this one. Over the years my collection has probably fluctuated between 250-350 records. I wouldn't consider myself a casual collector but more of a conscious collector (barf). I purchase and sell and exchange very often. After collecting for such a long time, I'm surprised that my collection hasn't reached the four-digit mark (someday I hope that it does!) However, for some reason, I've always been wary about purchasing records I wouldn't listen to and getting rid of records I don't listen to. Even as a kid, and seeing my regular shelves (I had no clue about IKEA) fill up with three or four of the same record in different colors, I thought about how silly it was to collect in such a way -- especially when I found out adults that were much older would buy a Blink 182 variant for silly, silly prices. As I get older, I am absolutely becoming more of an "occasion-based" listener. Collecting and listening to records requires so much presence -- I play the records that I think best accompany the moment or the season or whatever. I don't have any kids and I work from home so I have all the time in the world to listen to records. I actually make it a priority every day to wake up early before my girlfriend and put on a record or two while making coffee. It's definitely very ritualistic for me. With that idea in mind -- I've done my best to clear up any records that I don't really see myself (or ever found myself) listening to within that "ritual". Anything I take the time to listen to and enjoy on my record player is usually calming or relaxing. Jazz, ambient, older country/folk, downtempo, deconstructed club, slowcore, etc. My turntable gets the most love in the morning or later at night -- and both of those times usually call for relaxing music. The most notable thing I've done to my collection is get rid of my heavy records. This makes me sound old and lame but whatever. I'm sure that sometimes these records sound much better on vinyl, but I usually listen to heavy music in transit or at the gym or through headphones. I've seen some really valuable records come and go from my shelf, and sometimes I kick myself for letting them go, but they almost always fund other purchases and can mostly be replaced with more common pressings if I were to seek them out down the road. Another thing that holds me back and helps weed out the unnecessary records is the quality of music. This sounds incredibly dumb to ask but I question if I actually enjoy the entire record before purchasing. Does it just have one or two good songs or can you throw the whole thing on and fall in love with it? Can you get lost in the entire album or do you take it off the platter after Side A? Within reason, I pride myself on being able to take out any of the records on my shelf, actually knowing and enjoying the entire record, and recognizing a good time to listen to it. My best friend just got a new job at a record store and comes home every day with a handful of new records. He has a brilliant taste in music and an immaculate collection, but I often question if he really enjoys the whole record or just enjoys the idea that he can add another record to his collection. Is it special to him or just another number? Anyway. I assure you my collection isn't 100% up to this criteria -- and typing all of this up made me sound like a huge dork-- but I would say I actually listen to 70-80% of my collection throughout the year. And as I continue to add to it, I'm excited to hopefully feel the same amount of pride in it as a much older adult. At the end of the day, this is a deeply flawed, very wasteful, very incredibly frustrating, expensive hobby -- some mindfulness probably goes a long way.
  4. Hellloooooo... Looking to buy a copy of M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming on pink and blue vinyl. Doesn't matter if it's the original UO pressing or the newest, just want the colors! Let me know if you're looking to get rid of it. Cheers
  5. Anybody have a copy of Tropic of Cancer -- Stop Suffering they would be willing to part with?? Cheers
  6. Hey guys, Anybody looking to get rid of some Andy Stott vinyl at a reasonable price? Mostly looking for Luxury Problems/earlier stuff. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Looking for some specific items -- Whirr -- Sway (Brown/Bone/Yellowish or Grayish) Pure X -- Pleasure (Clear with Red Splatter) My Bloody Valentine -- Loveless (Preferably the newest pressing but I'll check out other offers) **and also just a strange white whale** Deftones -- Saturday Night Wrist (Test Press -- I figure someone has this somewhere) Thanks!
  8. Looking for an oxblood or trans beer pressing. Let me know! Can also do trades if anything I'm selling looks good -- https://www.discogs.com/seller/aschulke/profile
  9. Also open to trades, as well! Looking for: Townes Van Zandt Asobi Seksu -- Citrus Whirr -- Sway The Verve -- A Storm in Heaven Smashing Pumpkins -- Siamese Dream Steve Kuhn My Bloody Valentine -- Loveless Against All Logic Pure X Grouper -- Dragging a Dead Deer (first press) Mazzy Star -- So Tonight You'll Never Get to Heaven Andy Stott

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