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  1. Hello, I was implying that this poster is one of a kind, as in there is nothing else like it that fans would see. The description also mentions it's 14x18. Sorry for any confusion but thanks for asking!
  2. I drew this and made some nice prints of it: http://jaredgaines.bigcartel.com/product/rancid-out-come-the-wolves-print
  3. Thank you! Just want fans to see them at least.
  4. I don't mean to break any rules here, but I drew some Bad Religion tattoo flash that I wanted to share since it's an unusual item: http://imgur.com/a/DpEFa http://jaredgaines.bigcartel.com/product/bad-religion-stranger-than-fiction-print AVAIL: http://jaredgaines.bigcartel.com/product/avail-over-the-james-print Thank you for looking!