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  1. Thanks for not being condescending, although I do kinda realise why everyone else was.
  2. ATLP120 Turntable, Zensor 3 Dali Speakers, Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 Stereo receiver/amp and about 90% of my records wouldn't exist were it not for punk happening in the 70s... Whether it be straight up punk bands like Conflict or distant cousins of punk like Napalm Death. Then I've also got some Cat Stevens because I'm a god damn wild card.
  3. I didn't realise that this was the "new thought" forum. I was just venting and thought this would be a place where I'd find some agreement. Maybe I made people cringe but nowhere does it say that this forum is for seasoned analogue kids who only listen to opinions if they're the "first pressing".
  4. As someone with IBS I can attest that this shit's important.
  5. Streaming music and listening to digital downloads is starting to become depressing for me. Not only are all the levels in the mixes too compressed, thus sucking out a lot of the emotion... But I also just don't feel comfortable with the throwaway nature of it all. What good is a piece of art that you can listen to whilst going for a run or whilst moving from room to room? Nobody wants to just experience paintings through their computer screen, but we do the equivalent with our music. This epiphany should have clicked with me much sooner than it has. I'm listening to Krimewatch's 2016 EP but I can't manage to attach an image of it. It looks cool.
  6. Thank you for all of your responses. Haven't had much luck finding info on pressings through Discogs. Have had some luck with that on Amazon though. I managed to contact the band Feeder about their LP "Generation Freakshow" and was told that the vinyl version was mastered at a lower "level" than the CD. I infer from this that there may have been some reduction in the dynamic range of the digital version. For those who asked, my set-up is an ATLP120 turntable played into a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 Stereo Reciever and played out of Dali's Zensor 3 speakers.
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm sure many of you will have heard about how records sometimes being mastered from a compressed digital source rather than the original tapes... Put out onto the market as an afterthought. How can I avoid buying records that have been produced in this way? Are there certain record labels that I can trust more than others? Perhaps I should contact the record label in order to find out this information? Could anyone tell me if this form of mastering malpractice is even that common? That's all of my questions asked haha. Thanks for reading this. -Dan