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  1. All fair points and, even though we take some "swipes" at low down storage, it certainly isn't meant to suggest that one cannot take proper care of their collection if stored that way. Again, it is more about the preference of how to browse and display a collection than anything else. But again, that's obviously not true for everyone. And I do believe IKEA has its place. I definitely have not bought my last IKEA piece (we have a fantastic shoe storage unit from there for example), but I put so much time and effort into everything else around my stereo and collection, that I wanted something th
  2. Yea, there could be some truth to that, especially those with large collections. Just mentioned in another reply, but we're working on getting our costs / price down. We've made some decisions that certainly don't make it the easiest cheapest version of a box, but then again, we can't really compete with the IKEAs of the world anyway, so we'll have to win for those who have a different set of values. I hear ya though. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  3. All very fair. We're working on the price for sure. Right now, to make them with the nice style touches that are important to us and with an admittedly inefficient manufacturing process combined with the nicer materials, we've got some work to do on that front. With some of the tools we plan to invest in though, we're hoping to be able to bring that down. But again, good to know and valuable to understand. Appreciate the feedback and candor. Thanks
  4. But wouldn't they get garbage juice on them? But alright, if you think it is worth a shot...
  5. Yea of course, no worries at all. And the 500+ collection people, unless they want to divide it up somehow, you're right that we're really not going to be their answer. And that's a fair opinion and we may find it to be correct. The number of collectors out there (particularly new collectors) is on the rise at least, but we may still be too niche (at least with this first offering) to ever sell a huge amount of units. Time will tell. Truly though, thanks for weighing in. All the feedback helps.
  6. Yes, I didn't mean to suggest it was as simple as that. The point was more that we've done our due diligence in terms of mounting these on various wall types in various scenarios with the full weight of a fully loaded cube (and then some) factored into the equation. Drywall studs are the ideal, but we have high-grade drywall anchors that works as well. I have one of the long-term test cases mounted in my home with the anchors (5 cubes fully loaded with records and an addition 3 loaded with books) that we've done additional stress-testing to. My point is simply to say that yes, the weight and m
  7. Ha, well not quite. I said in one of the other responses, but he was a very young pup at the time (doesn't destroy stuff these days) and we were looking for a better way to store my records anyway at the time, that just made me move a little faster. I originally just set out to get what I was looking for made since I couldn't find it. The company thing happened when some other people wanted it also. But it was part of the journey...
  8. Appreciate the response. My cousin (doing the building) has been working with an architectural engineer on the mounting hardware and the loading to make sure that these are set to hold 2 - 3 times what should be the worst case scenario as long as long as the wall isn't in total shambles. Good to know that was one of your immediate concerns though. Yes, the Kallax shelving certainly does the job. Do you have your collection oriented so that it is up high or do you have one of the two cube tall scenarios with your player on top? Curious if people find the bending down part annoying or if it does
  9. Ha, okay well it seems that the dog part of the story is getting a lot of attention. To elaborate, he was a very young puppy at the time and he has given up his destructive ways. We were already looking for something that would get my collection higher off the ground (because of what I described in the second part of the post, not liking bending down/crouching on the ground all the time to get records), the "incident" just made me approach the situation with a little more urgency. Appreciate the note about not being interested in getting your collection on the wall like this. Like I said
  10. Hey everybody, I am brand new to this forum, so...thanks for...having me? I've got a couple missions here. One, I won't bore you with the super long version of the story, but I had my records stored lowdown and my dog got to them (after months of not noticing them, he all of a sudden decided to go for them). When I went looking for a good looking wall-mounted option, I couldn't really find much that wasn't IKEA or similar not great quality. First question: Of those out there with wall-mounted or high-up storage, what you do you all like? What are your favorite options? And why?

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