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  1. Does anyone have this Box set and is willing to part with it? I believe it is 4 LPs and 1 7" vinyl with the secret track? I am looking for a copy in any condition and will buy immediately if the price is right! I do have some things I could also trade, but not really in the same genre. I do have a lot of VGM vinyl but not sure exactly what you are looking for! Let me know!
  2. PM'ed - interested in a lot here if they are still available!
  3. Does anyone have any leads on where I can get my hands on The Satellite Years LP? I know its expensive but I love that band and that album is special to me and I would love to get a copy that is in good enough condition to still play it! I also would rather give the money straight to the band, someone associated with the band, or the record stores directly then to a person just for resale profit, but any leads would be greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone is selling A types / magnetic north I would be interested in doing the trio as well. Appreciate any and all help! I dont have much in the way to trade yet, but would definitely make something work if I could get it through a trade, just let me know!