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  1. Ahh. Thanks for clarifying. Red sold out! I’d act fast to grab the black if you are on the fence.
  2. Update* Both just got delivered today. Hope things continue to start turning around for USPS and everyone gets their packages.
  3. For anyone that had their record stuck in Jersey City, how long was it stuck “in transit” until it got to you? Mine is going on 9 days now but I’m in no rush. It is even Priority so I can’t imagine the wait on Media Mail. Had one stuck in Pittsburgh for a week and it’s finally in my state.
  4. This is awesome albeit the circumstances. Still holding out hope She Looks So Good In Red will be pressed to vinyl one day. Album still rips after 18 years.
  5. I wouldn’t sleep on this if you were holding out. Orange is no longer listed (saw sold out at one point) and I think only a few copies of blue remain.
  6. Awesome, thank you! Any recommendations on time to get there for line?
  7. Can anyone recommend what shop(s) to visit in Pittsburgh for RSD? Best time to get in line (looking to be one of the first 30 or so)? Normally, I’d be in Detroit but I have a family reunion this year. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! Only records I’m looking to get are the Alice Clark LP and the Pelican 7”. Anyone willing to help with those would be greatly appreciated if I can’t find them this year.
  8. They are sold out but should be getting more in a week per dude I talked to on phone. So if you can’t get directly from Matt, try here later.
  9. Well that went from happy, to disappoint, to being beyond ecstatic . Had both the 7” and WYAINE at 12 and went through checkout then both were sold out. Tried again and got WYAINE about 1 min later. Just kept trying for the 7” for about 5 minutes because I figured some people had them sitting in their carts or had too many and just got one! Back to bed!