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  1. Is there a place on this forum to post items for sale? I have a Pearl Jam poster to sell. Fenway 2016.
  2. Yeah it’s a bit of a bummer for me that one of the shows I attended has such a sought-after poster. The value is getting out of hand and somewhat unreasonable, but people have been willing to pay for it, driving it up.
  3. I have. I just recently got into the poster thing and I’m trying to collect the shows I went to. Sure regret not getting Pittsburgh! But yeah I actually got a mystery box for the first time, on the small chance that I would get Pittsburgh. Got a very cool poster from Werchter, Belgium instead. One guy did post that he got Pittsburgh in his mystery box. My heart sank a little when I saw that. I told him if he ever considers selling it to let me know, but he said he was very fortunate to receive it and would let me know if he ever decided to sell it. There are certainly a few options out there to buy them, but I don’t think they’re aligned with current market value.