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  1. That's funny because the chorus of Dizzy was the only thing I could even remotely see being comparable. So yeah, I'll give you that much, ha.
  2. Major fan of both bands and I don't hear it at all. At best, maybe something along the lines of "if you like this band, you may also like..."
  3. It's a split https://fatwreck.com/blogs/news/tbr-human-robots-news-story Hello all! When Teenage Bottlerocket was at the Blasting Room working on “Stay Rad,” my son Milo came to the studio and recorded two songs with his band Human Robots. It wasn’t hard getting his band together, because Milo plays all the instruments and sings on the two songs he wrote. I guess it’s a one-man band (yes, he has no friends). His songs turned out great, and we somehow convinced Fat Wreck Chords to release a split 7” featuring the TBR songs “Olivia Goes to Bolivia” and “Everything To Me,” as well as the Human Robots songs “Step On Em All” and “I Want to Hang Out With You.” Chris Shary did the artwork, and it all turned out great. This is the best split since Taco Bell teamed up with KFC! I love sharing this rock n roll life with my son, Milo. Look out world; Human Robots are stoked to shred and ready to party!
  4. I'd normally think was paranoia but it seems like this happens every damn time. And I checked the CD, it had media mail as an option the whole time. What a coincidence.
  5. Longest tenured? I have four whole days on you! But I subscribed anyway.
  6. One relatively cheap one here https://www.ebay.com/itm/123736977945
  7. They used to a loooooooong time ago. Whether it was an intentional practice or not, I don't know, but it used to happen. Well before the collecting resurgence.
  8. Received this Monday night as well. They provide a tracking number but it doesn't seem to work so I assume it's just being prepped.
  9. I think they just goofed and meant to say Record 1 and Record 2 or something to that effect. Pretty clear from the pic there is one song per side.
  10. I only see one song title on each of the two labels showing. What makes you think there are two tracks per side?
  11. They Same here, don't listen to most of their bands. Based on the list of 100 songs they posted on their 25th anniversary playlist, I think I'd only buy an At The Drive-In single. Looks like there's only one Sugarcult song on the list.