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  1. Great reply Satan! You just changed my life. 🤪 How dare me be so uninformed!
  2. Side A in the video has a lot more minor, yet noticeable pops and cracks than Side B which sits relatively flat. Is that a symptom of a warped record or would warping present as jumping / skipping when played? Thanks again for the info! Relatively new to collecting but really enjoying this newfound hobby.
  3. Thanks for the info everyone! Based on the video, do you think this record is ok to play semi-regularly if it tracks decently? It seems to play ok. A few clicks and pops but it's also acoustic, so just guitar and vocals. Not the loudest music in the world.
  4. Hi All. So I've been having some bad luck with my local record store. 75% of the new records I purchase from them have some form of warping. This one in particular I'd like to get some thoughts on. They already swapped it out once and checked this new one on their turntable before I re-purchased, however they only checked side B (in hindsight I should have asked them to flip it). Side A has some edge warping that I'm not sure would qualify as acceptable, as I don't want to risk wearing our my stylus. If this seems fine I'd prefer not to bother the store a second time. With that said, these recurring experiences are making me more likely to purchase online. So far none of the LPs I've purchased from Amazon have had warping and their return policy is way easier than going back to my local store. I always feel bad because I know stores have to eat the cost when an exchange is made. So to sum things up, would you keep or return this record? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  5. Hi there. Just recently started purchasing records for a new turntable I received. My main question is how much warp should be considered acceptable on new records? I recently purchase several new records from my local shop, and about half have a bit of edge warp as shown in the linked video of Tame Impala InnerSpeaker. I'v looked over a lot of posts online, but finding it hard to correlate what's minor vs. going to cause premature wear on my stylus. I've noticed that the only new records that had an issue were packed as double gatefolds, so if it's normal I don't want to bother the store for an exchange. Thanks in advance!!