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  1. I love the new record, but I am not planning to pay roughly 10 or 15 euro more for a coloured copy. This really is some lame ass major label bullshit.
  2. Tell me more. I never seen a bootleg for this. There are a bunch of similar looking pressings out there, but they all have a different title.
  3. I didn't like the drumming Brooks did, good drummer, but definitely not the right drummer for BR imho. Way to metal in his style of drumming. Based on his live performance, I feel Jamie fits a lot better.
  4. 30 dollars shipping ugghh. Need to keep my boxset complete. I am not going wait and pray it will show up in the Europe webstore.
  5. Green Day - Woodstock 94 LP & Morrissey 10" are the only thing I would buy.
  6. If you don't want to put effort into it, sell them to a trust worthy local store. Else look them up individually on Discogs.com and try to sell them there.
  7. Good luck, I am located in the Netherlands, so getting MOV pressings here is easy and relatively cheap for obvious reasons. But I know the pain of overseas shipping (aka from USA to the Netherlands)
  8. Have both, honestly I couldn't find much difference between them.
  9. Got my copy of New Bury Comics and turns out the record plant was getting lazy I just have five spokes instead of six. https://www.instagram.com/nicorevealed/
  10. Anyone got experience with Newbury Comics shipping to Europe? Anyone got burned with import costs?
  11. I am located in the Netherlands. So Deathwish isn't an option either.
  12. I really want that record, but the shipping costs are so steep. Need to find a local distribution.