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  1. That repress looks sweet, also I found out Slow Crush is making it to my hometown. I missed two opportunities to catch them due to impossible set times at two different festivals.
  2. Tone down on the Photoshop filters is what this album should be called.
  3. I doubt when the UK leaves the EU, they will have time to change all laws on time, chances are pretty big most laws will be kept in place to make the transition easier.
  4. Already gone, sold it face value to a friend.
  5. Found two copies of the Crow OST in the RSD bin at a local record store here. My biggest non-buy regret of last RSD taken care of.
  6. I had an argument with a customer, who wanted return a grey colored LP, since it had a black streak.
  7. I was suprised seeing the ton of test presses they brought a long and all those festival exclusives. It was crazy if you are Fat Wreck collector.
  8. Moon is such a good record, can't wait for something new!
  9. a full month after his death. Also his signature looks more like his pre-epileptic seizures signature than his post-epileptic seizures signature.
  10. I love the new record, but I am not planning to pay roughly 10 or 15 euro more for a coloured copy. This really is some lame ass major label bullshit.
  11. Tell me more. I never seen a bootleg for this. There are a bunch of similar looking pressings out there, but they all have a different title.
  12. I didn't like the drumming Brooks did, good drummer, but definitely not the right drummer for BR imho. Way to metal in his style of drumming. Based on his live performance, I feel Jamie fits a lot better.