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  1. Ordered this straight away, some great Dag Nasty/DC revolutions vibes imho.
  2. Slowdive, Bob Mould, New Order, The Cure, The Ex and possible that Cleveland comp.
  3. https://store.rhino.com/1970-the-complete-fun-house-sessions.html Rhino is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Stooges iconic 2nd album with the first LP edition of the 1999 7-CD Rhino Handmade boxed set, containing every take from the Fun House sessions, in order, exactly as The Stooges recorded them – all the music, mayhem, false starts, inside jokes, and equipment hum. Fans will hear a newly remastered 2-LP version of Fun House, cut at half speed (45 rpm) for the highest quality audio, plus complete sessions and live recordings of the band from 1970 (“Live at Ungano’s”) across 13 LPs. A 28-page booklet with rare photos and expected liner notes from Henry Rollins, Shirley Manson, Flea, Josh Homme, Tom Morello, Duff McKagan, Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Shepard Fairey, and many more is included along with two 7” replica singles, posters, prints, a slipmat and a 45 adapter in this exhaustive, definitive box. $399.98 Details 15 X 180-gram Black Vinyl LPs 45 RPM Version Of The Album On 2-LP With 4th Side Etching The Complete Fun House Sessions Have Some Fun: Live At Ungano's 2 Replica Black 7” Vinyl Singles “Down On The Street” (Mono Single Edit)/ “I Feel Alright” (Mono Single Edit) [French Picture Sleeve] “Down On The Street” (Single Mix)/ “I Feel Alright” (Single Mix) 28-Page Book With Rare Photos And An Extensive Essay By Henry Rollins Ephemera Including 2 24"x12" Posters, 2 12"x12" Prints, A Slipmat, And A 45-Adapter Gold-foil Stamped Numbering Strictly Limited, Numbered Edition Of 1970 No sure about the price tag tho.
  4. I am following a few accounts on Instagram where sellers from South East Asia sell cassettes tapes. However every single time, I contact them, the tape has mysteriously been sold or they can't ship it to Europe? I tried casually informing why the can't send them and I don't get an answer. Is there some kid of legislation in place why they can't ship goods?
  5. Yup, the mail arrives here in the early morning, but those odd times a truly rare record is listed the mail it is already gone. I have a desk job and I frequently check Discogs and then is when I pick up the most rare stuff.
  6. If you want a certain pressing or concerned about the grading, ask for pictures. A few sellers have no clue how to list and how to grade, but most are doing just fine. Some sellers even look up the rarest and most expensive variant (test press, limited color) and try to sell a regular copy via that listing for a premium price. However I do have a lot of good experience with Discogs, probably buy more there than everywhere else.
  7. Brian is working on it, should be up again soonish.
  8. Bought a repress of the Decline on black back in 2014.