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  1. Yes, Different Kitchen Records will get copies once it's available.
  2. No, it's been sold for about a year. The bands will get copies when I do. Also, for the so cal summer vacation fans, they are playing my going away show (moving to Texas) next Friday at vlhs in Pomona. Come hang out.
  3. 350 copies on black 150 copies on pink motherfuckin' GOLD center labels, to differentiate from the previous pressings on black vinyl. No more after this. We did one step plating so that shit is done, yo. This is a pre-order, records will be available in a week or two. http://muyautentico.storenvy.com/products/284568-joyce-manor-summer-vacation-7
  4. ***SOLD*** is a Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation test press of their split 7". This was the first release for both of these incredible bands. 40 copies of the test were made and only 30 were available for sale during Joyce Manor's 1 week west coast tour in August 2010. These are in a blank pocket sleeve and are labeled using an old school hand punch labelmaker and hand numbered. This specific copy is from my personal collection, I kept two before giving copies to both bands. I'll get pictures tonight.
  5. FYI- all but maybe 5 copies sold at their record release show in Pomona, Ca. I got a copy, won't be selling it, sorry. These dudes are the most exciting band in California right now.
  6. I have to go double check, but I remember there were some photos and stuff, but nothing super cool. I only opened it to check the number and to see if I got anything rad. I was stoked on the low number, but was underwhelmed by the extras. It's still an awesome collectible for any MCD fan and I'm only asking enough to cover what I paid and PayPal and shipping fees. I think a couple sold last year for over $200, so I know this is a very fair price.
  7. Bump cuz someone asked... this is numbered 7 of 275.
  8. ****SOLD**** Up for sale is a copy of the Murder City Devils- Feather Bed Whiskey Blanket boxset. The box was opened but all the LPs are still sealed. Looking for $175 including shipping and paypal within the US. Will probably go on ebay Sunday if it doesn't sell. Oh yeah, I can get pictures upon request.
  9. This record is incredible. I've been listening to it non-stop for about 2 weeks now. If you guys missed it, we released a split 7" with Joyce Manor and Summer Vacation. I'm all sold out, so don't try to order it from me. However, a few distros still have it or you can get it straight from the band here. http://joycemanor.bigcartel.com/ (Sorry for the shameless plug, but seeing as how I have no copies to sell and I linked directly to the band's store I'm hoping 6131 doesn't mind)
  10. Joyce Manor are the best. That LP is gonna rule.
  11. The Turkish Techno 2x7" test presses sold out yesterday. Also really stoked on the amount of orders I've received for the Summer Vacation/Joyce Manor split! Thanks everyone!

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