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  1. I have a green duck and cover. Feel free to shoot me an offer.
  2. What's everyone's thoughts on This is Kayfabe?
  3. A vaccine has already been put in a human. They skipped all animal trials and went straight to a human volunteer, but they have to be monitored for ~14 months to confirm that it works and that it's safe. I don't think Trump has much say as far as drug testing goes.
  4. Can anyone near a Zia Records help me out with a Bad Religion exclusive? Looks like they've sold all theyre going to online and the rest are in store only. Thanks to @Monastic_mike for the help and @kjkenney for the offer!
  5. Was coming to post this. Not looking good for this year though...
  6. Oddly enough, I have the opposite feeling. The lineup is rad, but I have no interest in going to Birmingham
  7. Somehow I keep forgetting that there is now a Brooklyn Record Exchange which is solid. Not far from Human Head.
  8. And my comment was a strong disagree on Rough Trade. I don't see anything "cool as hell" about it. Everything is overpriced. 99% of the records there can be found in someone's local store and cheaper - maybe even cheaper online even with shipping - and there are much better places to grab a coffee. It's a solid venue. It's a shitty record store. Princeton is like an hour and a half away by car. Can't say its not a cool area, but I don't think anyone taking a short trip to NYC wants to spend their time traveling 3 hours to go to a record store in NJ or they'd probably have called the thread "Greater NYC Record Stores". Any cool ones in Connecticut?
  9. I did. You basically recommended a music venue and a store in NJ.
  10. Not a requirement, just an option. Could be packed back in the same box with the same materials the new one is sent in and I was thinking sent back to the label though it'd be more efficient to ship direct.
  11. I think it would be fair if they offer the yellow to those who ordered /100 and got /300 to return their /300 for them to resell. Obviously if this is their mistake they should pay the return shipping, but they didn't say if it was a pressing plant issue or their mistake. That said, if I were to be offered the /100 yellow I'd sell my /300 split at cost if someone here wanted it.
  12. Only 100 people ordered the split... Maybe I should have worded that better. The 100 people who ordered the split should get first dibs at the other /100 version
  13. Yeah, that's a huge bummer that the split ended up being the more common version. Splatter would've been preferred, but went with the more rare variant. Ordered in a hurry to get it too. Maybe offer the /100 that hasn't gone for sale yet to some of the split version people.