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  1. Oddly enough, I have the opposite feeling. The lineup is rad, but I have no interest in going to Birmingham
  2. Somehow I keep forgetting that there is now a Brooklyn Record Exchange which is solid. Not far from Human Head.
  3. And my comment was a strong disagree on Rough Trade. I don't see anything "cool as hell" about it. Everything is overpriced. 99% of the records there can be found in someone's local store and cheaper - maybe even cheaper online even with shipping - and there are much better places to grab a coffee. It's a solid venue. It's a shitty record store. Princeton is like an hour and a half away by car. Can't say its not a cool area, but I don't think anyone taking a short trip to NYC wants to spend their time traveling 3 hours to go to a record store in NJ or they'd probably have called the thread "Greater NYC Record Stores". Any cool ones in Connecticut?
  4. I did. You basically recommended a music venue and a store in NJ.
  5. Not a requirement, just an option. Could be packed back in the same box with the same materials the new one is sent in and I was thinking sent back to the label though it'd be more efficient to ship direct.
  6. I think it would be fair if they offer the yellow to those who ordered /100 and got /300 to return their /300 for them to resell. Obviously if this is their mistake they should pay the return shipping, but they didn't say if it was a pressing plant issue or their mistake. That said, if I were to be offered the /100 yellow I'd sell my /300 split at cost if someone here wanted it.
  7. Only 100 people ordered the split... Maybe I should have worded that better. The 100 people who ordered the split should get first dibs at the other /100 version
  8. Yeah, that's a huge bummer that the split ended up being the more common version. Splatter would've been preferred, but went with the more rare variant. Ordered in a hurry to get it too. Maybe offer the /100 that hasn't gone for sale yet to some of the split version people.
  9. Edit: I just realized you bumped a goddamn 6 year old thread. Listen to @GradedOnACurve. Don't listen to BossDJ. Go to Limited to One for the best selection of stuff you're going to be into, but be ready to pay for it and then walk to Generation. Then go to Brooklyn and go to Human Head and Academy Annex and find all the deals. Don't waste your time with Rough Trade unless you want to buy overpriced new records that you can get wherever you're from. Turntable Lab and Academy Manhattan are worth a stop in since they're so close to the other Manhattan Stores. Make sure you ask for the happy ending at TTL
  10. Did anyone in the group say anything about the new video "live from brooklyn" not actually being from Saint Vitus?
  11. Add $4 shipping in the US MXPX - MXPX - teal vinyl $70 Gaslight Anthem - '59 Sound Sessions w/ photobook - pink vinyl $60 Face to Face - The Other Half - red vinyl $35 Teenage Bottlerocket vs Human Robots - Fat Store edition - $46 Joey Cape - Let Me Know When You Give Up - Fat store edition - $56 Agnostic Front - I Remember - black w/ red splatter $46 Lagwagon - Railer - fat store edition - make an offer Cocksparrer - Running Riot in '84 - test press - $65 The Bombpops/Get Dead - blue vinyl $23 Hot Water Music - Exister - blue vinyl $13 Modern Life Is War - Tribulation Songs vol 2 - white - $25 The Old Firm Casuals - Holger Danske - white striped w/ screenprint - $75 Will add more to this later