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  1. Yeah, but it's not like Shook Ones is touring and needs to sell merch. Anyone who wants these records can easily buy them for $15.
  2. For the 1st time in the Northern Hemisphere this classic 1995 record is getting the full SBÄM treatment. With multiple variants spread around (in clusters) we recommend washing your hands, masking up and heading to SBÄM (Europe), Smartpunk (USA) and People Of Punk Rock (Canada) to get your filthy diseased mitts on these LIMITED COLORS (/250). As always you can Pre-Order the SBÄM Variant from our mates at Kings Road Merch Europe, Lockjaw Records, Merch Arsenal Europe, and Bearded Punk Records. Too lazy to post all the links sorry.
  3. Just like paypal, they don't. Want scam someone on paypal? Delay your preorder out of the 180 day window and paypal will tell people they're shit out of luck if something goes wrong and they haven't opened a case inside the window.
  4. They literally started shipping like 4 days ago. There are 800 of them and 1 person packing orders. Down boy.
  5. Edit: Trying to be nicer. You know that PO stands for pre-order? You put PO in the title when there's a preorder.
  6. If you're going the route of the '68 online store they're also pressing Love Is Ain't Dead on 10" https://68.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=71509&cur=USD
  7. So I've been using Pirate Ship for international shipping for the last year or so. It's great and signifantly cheaper for 1st class international but it looks like its only for shipping from the US. Does anyone have any tips for cheaper international shipping to the US?
  8. This person also buys $32 worth of merch at the show with crumpled up $1s
  9. Only $20 without the print https://velvetpress.com/product/20614
  10. No. I just think Trever Keith has no customer oriented business sense and shouldn't be pressing records.

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