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  1. Hey Ian, any chance you can make some noise for us west coasters about maybe getting POs put up at an hour or 2 later? 7:30 AM PST is tough. I feel for the europeans trying to get US releases.
  2. discogs.com I stopped looking after the GUTG 7" that you can get for $24 shipped.
  3. The Queers end most of their shows playing This Place Sucks. House of Blues in Chicago closed the curtains on them and they loved it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4dhFna5wo4
  4. Cut loose advertised the pink Morbid stuff as /200, but it was really /2000. I'd assume the purple is /2000 as well.
  5. Yes, my post was after Fearless listing was added, meanwhile now he has bullmoose's link but still hasn't removed the SRC one. Since "we all know" that we shouldn't support SRC, shouldn't "we all know" that the record will be available in other stores and that a little bit of patience gives you a better chance of actually receiving the record you pay for?
  6. No one's upset. I just think on a board about records we shouldn't promote predatory record stores. SRC's entire business model is putting things for sale before anyone else and then you may or may not actually receive the item from them. If SRC is getting it, plenty of other places will also. We should support the ones that don't rip people off.
  7. Delete that SRC link and put the band/fearless link at the top. Why promote a store that's just going to rip people off?
  8. Canadian customers and rest of world go to https://dustywax.com US customers go to: http://thousandislandsrecords.limitedrun.com euro customers go to: https://shop.sbam.rocks/ for exclusive euro variant and test presses Shipping around the End of November Together Again 150 Pink/Blue Merged with Green/Yellow Splatter 200 Clear cloud with Pink/Blue/Yellow Splatter 300 Marbled Pink Matters 150 Red/Yellow Merged with Turquoise/White splatter 200 Yellow Milky Marbled with Red/Turquoise/Black splatter 300 Turquoise
  9. New Zia exclusive repress /500 is up for PO on their website
  10. Yeah, I asked them if I could swap my white to orange and they said it was sold out, but it was still up on their site
  11. The 3 pack sold out super quick too and similarly there's only 700 of the white standalone. They sold like 4000 copies of their newest record and S/T is way better.
  12. Let us know when that screened cover goes for sale