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  1. Anyone know if the black version is gatefold Stoughton also?
  2. Haha, wow. Ok, I'm fine with not getting the alt cover variant now. The gatefold looks great.
  3. Great, now Independent Records in Colorado just informed me they aren't fulfilling my order that I placed with them online yesterday. They said "they didn't get any". I purposely held off on trying to buy from Third Man because I had already placed an order with them.
  4. I share your sentiments man. I'm seeing the regular green ones going for 60 or 70 now.
  5. So you're the d4rnoc from Hollywood Florida selling a copy on the bay for 189???? Sweet.
  6. A few have sold on the bay for 150-160. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooop
  7. Ya, I guess I was way off on how many stores got. I was just going by the few pics I saw online on the stores instagram. I really don't care about the color of the record but I want a copy with that cover.
  8. So that's 41 stores with roughly 6 copies each of the split. Where's the other 700 copies... Perhaps a deluxe package at Third Man? Let's hope so.
  9. The variant is already going for 200 on the bay. I'm wondering if Third Man will have a deluxe package later???
  10. Ok, 10k is much better than I was expecting. I'm sure there will be some super deluxe packages from Third Man to follow.
  11. Damn, that is probably right. I hope it's not super limited or I'll be paying through the nose for it.

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