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  1. If I'm correct, the orange version was only released in Europe.
  2. Love this track ! The PO will certainly be up during may .
  3. Wohooo 🥳 just got my shipping notification for We Lost The Sea ans Gifts From Enola !!!
  4. Thanks for the links ! Was able to grab a yellow one from KRM !
  5. Just post it in the extreme metal thread 😉 By the way, though choice between variants !
  6. PO are up for the new Spirit Adrift's LP : https://www.20buckspin.com/collections/new-items-1/products/spirit-adrift-divided-by-darkness-lp
  7. Don’t received e-mail from Dunk! but their website says estimated shipping is scheduled for April.
  8. Mine is waiting at home ! Can’t wait to spin it (and nice IG account 😉)
  9. Anyone get a shipping notification frome Dunk!records ? I still wait We Lost The Sea and Gifts from Enola
  10. Got the download too but I prefer to wait to spin the vinyl. I was totally in love with their first Lps a few years ago and I have big hope for the new one !