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  1. I've pre-order the album, got it, spin it one time and.......
  2. MOV just announced a repress for september : https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Coral-Fang-Limited-Edition-Coloured-Vinyl/67SQ0000000?utm_campaign=TheSoundofVinylSOVWeekly0108010819&utm_content=UMGUK13843-652424&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email
  3. Happy to had able to pick the splatter and took the Clear Yellowness with Cover 2
  4. The POs are up on Metalblade with the Clear/greay (1000 ex) and the Blue Marbled (300 ex) https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/pre-orders
  5. Same here ! Just wait if there is an US exclusive version
  6. PO is up on KRM : https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/metal-blade/artist/?id=960 US PO will be up lately https://www.metalblade.com/cultofluna/ Cult of Luna "The Silent Man" (A Dawn to Fear pt. 1) On September 20th, Cult Of Luna will release their new album, A Dawn to Fear - the band's first material under their sole name since 2013's Vertikal 1&2. Building on twenty years of creating some of the most epic, emotive and inventive heavy music unleashed on the world, there is no denying that Cult Of Luna's A Dawn To Fear is a monster of a record. An album comprised of eight tracks running seventy-nine minutes, it embodies everything the band's faithful have come to expect from them while covering new ground. "Going into the process, we knew the album we wanted to make, an antithesis of what we've done before," says vocalist/guitarist and lead songwriter Johannes Persson. "For pretty much every album there's been a very concrete theme. We've known from the start the kind of story we wanted to tell, and I didn't want that to be the case. I've seen a lot of subtle changes and patterns in my own behavior and my own thinking the last couple of years, and I wanted this to be a completely spontaneous process. I just wanted to see what came out of me, and 'A Dawn To Fear' is the result of that."
  7. First single drop 08/02 . The PO's will certainly follow. https://www.officialrefused.com/
  8. Dunk variant wil be on milky clear with multicolor splatter
  9. The PO are up on Nuclear Blast Germany but like each time. The best variant are only for the US store