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  1. It’s weird because the blue one is still available for me
  2. New Imperial Triumphant ! https://linktr.ee/imperialtriumphantTOUR?fbclid=IwAR0NXDW_pS6SH-9ZtZdIB-e6MtY-Z6hYrxcuaphA67xyLPeDMnILnPT59QU
  3. Preorder is up in Hello Merch and Evil Greed : https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/emma-ruth-rundle https://evilgreed.net/collections/emma-ruth-rundle/products/emma-ruth-rundle-eg2-dowsing-voice-lp
  4. New Angel Olsen LP https://angelolsen.com
  5. Not sure that's a mistake.... Cave In - Heavy Pendulum - Vinyl LPx2 – Rough Trade Cave In Merch : album, shirt et plus | Season of Mist (season-of-mist.com) Maybe a official announcement today...
  6. EMP White version (500 ex) https://www.emp.de/p/unlimited-love/527460.html
  7. Consouling exclusive: https://store.consouling.be/products/album-plague-god-blood-red-cloudy-pre-order?_pos=8&_sid=116802700&_ss=r Evil Greed exclusive: https://evilgreed.net/collections/featured-music/products/absent-in-body-plague-god-lp
  8. Finally ordered The Evil Greed version and a Consouling version.
  9. Exclusive white vinyl version on a French website: https://www.fnac.com/a16512754/Ghost-Impera-Exclusivite-Fnac-Vinyle-Blanc-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=1
  10. The new mix is already available on Apple Music.

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