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  1. Soooo i found this site that wants to help minimize the student loan debt in the US. Its called GradSavers . Check it out. Seems pretty legit. If anyone else heard about this let me know. For now i guess its invite-only so heres my referral if you want to sign up right away: http://gradsavers.com/sign-up/?referer=mhealy88 ... or else you get put on a waiting list.
  2. I have two thicker mailers that can fit about 5 lps in them if someone wants to make an offer on a few of these. All the things that are gone are: Only Boundaries - black, gold, test, silkscreen, rsd Separation - test, sunfire, green/purple haze, all tapes
  3. Anybody need any of these? Also not pictured is all three separation tapes, separation test, and only boundaries cd. Shoot me an offer. Ive got 2 lp mailers left and some 7 inch mailers.
  4. last time banquet records said they had an exclusive red copy of the acoustic 7" I jumped on it. they were misinformed and there was no such variant. do we know there is definitely a blue when it's not listed on no sleeps pressings?

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