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  1. bouncing souls- ten stories high www.dropcards.com/vinyl code: M7DCDD3T3HF5 senses fail- hell is in your head www.dropcards.com/vinyl code: CQX6RF947C
  2. nathan gray- rebel songs www.dropcards.com/vinyl code: QP4GQ7PVRX
  3. Hawthorne heights the rain just follows me www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code CD7HN5D3XN
  4. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - While We're At It www.atomedia.com/soundcard code: 78S85VTUQ2M5V
  5. Th ataris failure forward Www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code: 4J67T67V97 No use for a name rarities vol 2 Www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code: QTR997DG99 None more black loud about loathing Www.downloadmyvinyl.com Code: mr4fhjk0pn Fake problems how far our bodies go Www.downloadmyvinyl.com Code: 8ihoeiwkp8
  6. Less than jake silver linings Www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code- yygght3hty
  7. The bouncing souls- volume 2 Www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code: tf6qv6dt9t
  8. Dashboard confessional- Swiss army romance Www.atozmedia.com/soundcard Code: BFCXD7F85WEMS
  9. Strike Anywhere - Nightmares Of The West www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code- YR6Q4V3Y4C BE WELL- THE WEIGHT AND THE COST www.dropcards.com/vinyl CODE- XMYDQ6336T LIT- A PLACE IN THE SUN WEAREVINYL.COM CODE- AQDE4N2F3
  10. The explosion- bury me standing Www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code: H5NZH9FRG4 Dashboard confessional- the places you have come to fear the most Www.atozmedia.com/soundcard Code: AJ6MJ8AFC7FAIU
  11. Spanish love songs- brave faces everyone Code: xj69dj3yf3 https://dropcards.com/vinyl/
  12. New found glory- forever + ever × infinity Www.atozmedia.com/soundcard Code: REFATQQRAIQ3
  13. Brian Fallon Local honey Localhoney.downloadthisrecord.com Code: QD7BGHS
  14. Suicide machines Revolution spring Dropcards.com/vinyl Code: R7NRRCY36R
  15. Great collapse neither washington nor Moscow Digitaldownloads.cargo-records.de Code- 19cc3717d638

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