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  1. Always seems like one or the other. I didn't enjoy any of their hardcore releases and apparently the band doesn't enjoy them too much either. I definitely became a big fan with Rare and everything after but I can understand why old fans wouldn't be into the change.
  2. Mean Jeans "Blasted" out February 9, 2024. https://fatwreck.com/collections/new-releases/products/blasted
  3. Definitely a preorder but I'm not sure when. BV says December 8th but they're the last people I'd trust. Dreamwell is so good! I still need to get their split with My Fictions.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CzMXnvWOBfO/ Just came here to share that Sliver is in a V8 ad lol. I'm happy for them. Hopefully we're still getting another album. Chadwick has been really quiet on his personal account as of lately.
  5. https://elephant-gym.bandcamp.com/album/world https://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/749876-elephant-gym-world Digital out December 14, 2023. Vinyl ships February 1, 2024. Variants (so far): 180g Black /100 Cream? It's pictured in the instagram post but I can't find it anywhere yet. Feathered Pink /600 Also available on CD & cassette.
  6. @danmpie7 Would you be willing to rename the thread to "All Things The Callous Daoboys" or something similar?
  7. https://www.acrobatunstable.com/products/the-callous-daoboys-die-on-mars Up early Third Press: Mars Variant (Band exclusive) /157 Sunspot Variant (Band exclusive) /160 Phobos Variant (Acrobat Unstable exclusive) /215 Wormhole Variant (Acrobat Unstable exclusive) /206 Deimos Variant (Revolver/BrooklynVegan/Metal Edge exclusive) / 153
  8. 5 discs and a box for $93? So we are getting railroaded on pricing from many other merchants?
  9. https://qveenherby.com/collections/store The Muse/Housewife on a purple 12" for $30. Ships late spring 2024.
  10. https://shop.revolvermag.com/collections/dethklok 1, 2 and 3 on what I assume are new pressings. Good luck with Project M shipping them in a timely manner.
  11. Definitely a weird choice to press. I had never heard of this band and couldn't find any friends that knew them either. Farewell doesn't seem to be selling well and I can't see this selling well either. It's cool PGR is pressing stuff for the first time but I question why on this one.
  12. I had success at Kaiju in Salisbury, MD. Kinda sad only 6 people were there for opening but I've heard from more than 1 store they only ordered what was requested and generally didn't order much this time. I got Kim Petras and Turnstile. Turnstile was $17 which was cool for a 12" I expected to be at least $25 or more. Kim was $38 for a 1xLP and her signing to a major label continues to be the best and worst decision she's ever made for several reasons including and excluding vinyl. However I wasn't surprised.
  13. https://riserecords.com/pages/shop-all Rise is having a pretty great sale. Many new 2023 pressings for $15. $4 cassettes. $3-6 CDs. Apparel is 25% off. I finally got Spiritbox records, Wolf & Bear, Secret Band, Palisades and Body Thief.
  14. As far as I can tell EVR owns the copyright but I'm not sure if they'll have any on their store. Maybe later today.

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