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  1. Firefly 2022 Sunday round up. Chai was the best. Their set got moved so they didn't overlap with Dua Lipa. If you have any chance to see them don't skip. T-Pain was second best. He's still got it. Cut to 40 minutes instead of 60 which sucks but what can you do. Dorian Electra was third best. I had a really fun time at their set and the bass was ridiculous. Flor was good. Oh He Dead was okay. Max played a ton of covers for the parts of his set I saw which was so lame. The Regrettes were great. Girl Talk was cool. The Kid Laroi needs to be banned from music. Completely insufferable. I was just tryna eat a burger. Charli XCX got cut to 40 minutes and only played 30. She lip synced a lot including ALL of 1999. Overall disappointing. Apparently a lot of artists had problems with in-ears this weekend. Half the artists I saw came out late as well. Gryffin was good. Dua Lipa was underwhelming. She was also lip syncing a lot and it didn't feel like much effort went into her set. I saw a few EDM artists who were fine since EDM isn't my thing including Canabliss and Heyz. They made us evacuate for 2 hours for literally nothing. There was lightning probably 10 miles away but clear skies at the venue the whole time. Maybe 30 drops of rain on the car while we waited. I remember when I saw Every Time I Die at So What in 2017 there was an insane storm visible in the distance but the festival didn't stop. I'm pretty sure I got a picture that I'll have to dig up. Food prices were exploitive, even for a festival. No re-entry was allowed for day passes which didn't help. It's definitely the festival's reason the food is so expensive because all transactions are paid to the festival and then the vendors receive a payout after that (reportedly Firefly took as much as 42%). However free water refill stations were easily accessible so I applaud them for that. https://www.delawareonline.com/story/entertainment/firefly/2022/09/24/firefly-music-festival-day-3-green-day/69515929007/ Sales must have been down from everything I heard from attendees and vendors. They doubled the price of parking too so I assume they were trying to cover costs everywhere.
  2. Hard Times dreamsicle/500 $27 https://shop.thehardtimes.net/collections/vinyl/products/the-get-up-kids-four-minute-mile-lp-limited-edition-only-500-made-dreamsicle-vinyl
  3. https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/730967-basement-colourmeinkindness-deluxe-anniversary-edition $40 from RFC 220 Black, Yellow & Red Tri-Color (RFC Exclusive) 200 Half Orange / Half Yellow (Zia Records Exclusive) https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13701335 300 Purple & Black Galaxy Swirl (BrooklynVegan Exclusive) https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/basement-colormeinkindness-deluxe-anniversary-2lp-limited-edition-only-300-made-purple-black-galaxy-swirl-vinyl 300 Olive Green (Banquet Exclusive) (I haven't found this one but they have the red version) 350 Orange and Red Marble Swirl (Newbury Comics Exclusive) https://www.newburycomics.com/products/basement-colourmeinkindness_exclusive_lp_color?variant=41878897950900 500 Yellow with Red Splatter 1000 Red
  4. It's a disgrace the first pressing is tied to NFT's and an unnecessary upcharge. If only consumers would band together and not buy this crap.
  5. Do not miss them! They're incredible live. I've seen them twice.
  6. https://www.mergerecords.com/product/out_in_the_storm_sff Umbrella
  7. https://deathwishinc.com/products/m-u-t-t-bad-to-the-bone Ex-Dead to Me/Culture Abuse https://bad2thebone.bandcamp.com/ Digital out October 14th
  8. Autumn Gold https://weezerwebstore.com/products/sznz-autumn-gold-vinyl Autumn Ruby https://weezerwebstore.com/products/sznz-autumn-ruby-vinyl Ships May 2023. I hate that they combined all 3 seasons into this one album on Spotify. Queued it up this morning only to realize it was 14 songs too many. Real stupid.
  9. Paved Paradise returns this October, paving our way through the East Coast and Midwest from Wednesday, October 12 - Sunday, October 23 with stops in Nashville, Atlanta, Asheville, Durham, Richmond, D.C, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Cincinnati. Stop by for a chance to shop through thousands of records, cassettes, limited edition releases, totes, shirts and other miscellaneous items for sale from Dead Oceans, Ghostly International, Jagjaguwar, Numero Group & Secretly Canadian and newly joined labels Colemine and Sacred Bones. Music streaming and download service Qobuz will be joining us again for the ride bringing along their Hi-Res listening station to check out all participating labels’ catalogs in Hi-Res. Paved Paradise October Tour 2022 Wednesday, October 12 - Nashville TN @ Bearded Iris Brewing - Sylvan Supply Friday, October 14- Atlanta, GA @ 529 EAV Saturday, October 15- Asheville, NC @ Archetype Brewing - West AVL Sunday, October 16- Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall- Rock n Shop Market Tuesday, October 18- Richmond, VA @ Cobra Cabana Wednesday, October 19- Washington, D.C. @ Songbyrd Friday, October 21- Pittsburgh, PA @ Allegheny City Brewing Saturday, October 22- Detroit, MI @ Third Man Records Sunday, October 23- Cincinnati, OH @ Rhinegeist Hope to see you along the way, but wherever you might be, you can follow our journey at @paved__paradise - Paved Paradise Crew
  10. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Shipping Q2 2023 3xLP: https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/world-of-warcraft-wrath/products/world-of-warcraft-wrath-3xlp-iam8bit-box-set World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 3xLP Deluxe Box Set iam8bit Exclusive Variant Limited Edition of 1500 3xLP on two toned Snow and Steel blue Vinyl Premium Box Set Featuring Music from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Includes Bonus Ice Blue 7” featuring additional exclusive Tracks Additional Exclusive Bonus Pack-ins: Helm of Domination themed 45 Adapter, King Sized Pin and High Quality Felt Slipmat Music Composed by Russell Brower, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Jason Hayes, and Neal Acree Album Design by Ryan Brinkerhoff 2xLP on Ice Crown Blue Vinyl: https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/world-of-warcraft-wrath/products/world-of-warcraft-wrath-2xlp
  11. This year's been more small local shows than anything so I won't bog you with bands you'll probably never hear of. In March I saw Choir Boy with Riki and :3lon. It was worse than punk time for a monday night show. Choir Boy didn't go on until after 11PM and curfew was midnight when the cop pulled up outside Metro Gallery to enforce it. They played 7 or 8 songs instead of 12 like the other dates. Really short for a headliner at a show that started at 8. They sounded great but I hope they get their shit together. Riki and :3lon were wonderful. Slow Crush with Cathedral Bells and The Escape Artist in April. That show freaking ruled. I finally saw Ludo in Chicago this April. I've been a fan since 2008 and by the time I could drive they stopped touring so it meant going halfway across the country to see them. I did the meet & greet/acoustic singalong. I've listened to their albums hundreds of times so that was a dream come true. Their set was 22 songs, singalong was 5. We got 2 shakers and a kazoo with their logo branded on everything to take home. I also got a cocktail table to watch the show and that was really nice. May was Slayyyter. She's my favorite pop artist so i was stoked but you can't hear her singing about 90% of the time. I think that's what she's going for but I still had a good time. She needs her own sound setup because Foundry in Philly definitely didn't sound that good. June was Teenage Wrist, Softcult and Soul Blind. SB blew me away. I had no idea they'd be that good live. Softcult was the reason I went and they were pretty good. This was their first US tour and they still need to sharpen up a little bit but I'm confident they will. I saw them in 2017 when they were Courage My Love and they were good then too. Teenage Wrist had been on tour for 6 weeks and I have never seen a band so tired. I left 4 songs in because I could tell they needed rest. Great band but clearly exhausted. July was Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, Static-X and Powerman 5000. Powerman makes no sense in an amphitheatre but they're good. Definitely a band suited for club shows. Static-X was SO tight. I'm really glad they're still going. Mudvayne was why I went and they were perfect as expected. Their setlist had every song I could have asked for and more. Rob Zombie was fine. He forces everyone to watch The Munsters trailer before he plays Dragula which is hilarious and also the worst thing an artist could do in the digital age. I guarantee 90% of the crowd had seen it already. Someone puked on me at this show which was a first. August was 2 shows. I went to the Adult Swim Festival and had an amazing time. Got a pickle flavored frosty since Wendy's was a sponsor and rode a mechanical hot dog. This was to see my favorite comedian Conner O'Malley for a 4th time as well as Jo Firestone for a second time who I also love. Second time seeing Ana Fabrega. First time was with Fred Armisen and she bombed. No one laughed the whole time. My group thought her set was rough but it was actually a lot better than 2017. River L Ramirez was unfortunately pretty bad. I expected it to be good but it wasn't. The second half of their set was a noise set. End of August there was a house show in Newark with My Fictions who I had no idea were playing shows. They still rule. I got to see my friends in A Paramount A Love Supreme and hang out with them which was nice. 2 shows in September so far. First was The Callous Daoboys the day their album dropped. That was sick. I'm definitely seeing them again ASAP. They played with Cryptodira who were very good and Rolo Tomassi who blew me away. 5 star show. The other was Holy Fawn the day their album dropped and Astronoid. Astronoid was very good, Holy Fawn was top tier. They have a promising future ahead of them. Next up is Firefly on Sunday for Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Dorian Electra, T-Pain, Flor, Oh He Dead, and The Regrettes. I wish I could see Chai but they're the same time as Dua which is so lame. Even though I've always lived in DE this is my first time going to Firefly which tells you how bad their lineups have been in the past. I'm going to The Knocks, Cannons & Pink Skies which should be fun. In October Full of Hell is playing a hometown show with Burial Waves and Damnations Domain at Burley Oak Brewing. That's wild. We're also getting They Are Gutting A Body Of Water and Primal Rat Screw which is tight. Delmarva doesn't really get tours so these are pretty big highlights since I don't have to drive 2-3 hours. Then on October 30th 3 metal bands are playing at Sonic in Bridgeville, DE. Should be one of the books. Nothing on my radar for November or December besides small local shows probably. Sorry if this was too long. It's been a good year.