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  1. Referral links are fine with me. Dude works really hard to stay on top of new releases and has the best FB group for new vinyl releases. Keep em coming.
  2. Originally I remember them giving us "summer" as the estimated ship date. I definitely remember seeing the May date and thinking they didn't say May. My guess is Bandcamp forced them to put in a ship date even though they weren't too sure. I'm pretty sure this was an open preorder at the time of sale making it even hard to guess when they'll be done. Then you add in the mail going by boat and plants being backed up. Could be Autumn at this rate.
  3. New album coming this year! https://thethankslist.com/andrew-clinco-drab-majesty-vr-sex-marriages/ "In the fall, VR SEX will be releasing its second LP, which I’m really excited about. I really spent a lot of time and a lot of care into making this record. It’s to date the most expensive record I’ve made. Actually, funnily enough, it was done in a really fantastic studio in New York with my dear friend. I’d love to give a shout out to Ben Greenberg. He’s a producer extraordinaire, amazing musician. He’s one half —or one third, I guess now— of the band UNIFORM. He’s truly beco
  4. I hope the video is coming out tomorrow. As for Zombie EP 1 repress from Dead Serious, a friend of mine got a shipping notification for that. I haven't but I assume I will soon.
  5. We all need ska. I had a 10 minute ska mash-up at my wedding and it was definitely the best part of the reception. They didn't disappoint with this one.
  6. Woahhhh that is not cool. Other than this I've also been seeing my packages bounce back and forth between repeat facilities but it hasn't affected delivery.
  7. Manhead merch said they'll send another copy. I assume they also have no idea what the problem is. Fingers crossed this time.
  8. Clear with twist came in today so bowled I could do CPR compressions with it. Anyone else's bowled? Edit: kinda forgot this is common with 1 sided records
  9. Nice! That must be why Diggers doesn't have copies for sale anymore. I would have loved a test press for this but $243 is too steep for my consideration, even if it is one of my favorite albums. If the price is right for you, here you go: https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/242427/hundredth-somewhere-nowhere In other news the remix for "Whatever" drops May 19th.
  10. 2 weeks and my priority shipping hasn't moved and the merch company has no idea what USPS is doing. I got screwed over big time. If anyone knows of a retailer that has this in the United States please let me know. Preferably not Discogs or eBay.
  11. I'm all for supporting research so I completed the survey. However with this being your first post it would be cool if you decide to stick around and contribute to the boards.
  12. I guess it was too much work for Walmart to put that FOB Believers Never Die is Volume 2, aka the bad one.
  13. Good watch. This is the dude that used to do All Gas No Brakes.
  14. I'm also interested in domestic US shipping. It was about $43 shipped from across the pond so I'm holding off for now.

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