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  1. My prime ended before the price increase and I don't regret shopping elsewhere. I haven't missed out on anything worthwhile since.
  2. Nah, they've still got Mike Jeremy and Andy. 3 out of 6 beats 1 out of 15+. Or is it 0 out of 15+? Idk.
  3. At least someone agrees with me. Usually Norma Jean stans get all up in arms and go "well Cory's original enough" but like...is he? Aside from that, the drummer quitting after a year, Jeff after 8 (both this year), no originals for 4 years and no song before launching a pre-order that's more than 3 months out is bad news to me. I still enjoy their catalog but this looks questionable. Artwork is janky too.
  4. I read only Cory and Phillip are in the band now. I've been saying it for a while but it's time to call it a day. No originals since...2015?
  5. http://thrilljockey.com/products/context https://eyeflys.bandcamp.com/ Eye Fly's debut EP "Context" out 9/13/2019 on Thrill Jockey on smoky red vinyl. Members of Full of Hell, Backslider and Triac.
  6. Tip for anyone still needs Knife + Heart, I ordered it with this and got free shipping from Bullmoose. They shipped it Friday and I got it today and DSVII will ship when it releases. Bullmoose is the best.
  7. I'm lucky I went to both your cycles and I can definitely say both vocalists are phenomenal and doing/did M83 justice.
  8. I'm hoping it's instrumental but we'll see. I already own the original box set and every record minus the flexis so I probably won't be getting the new one.
  9. 180 gram 7 inch records. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  10. Honestly, I think they're only in it for the money now. I know that's a generic and overused statement for bands that people grow to dislike but the fact their headliner with DGD was $55 a ticket for standing room only in Philly and didn't even sell out said enough to me. Still haven't seen them full band and probably won't. I mean, Tim's coffee company charges $17 for a 12oz bag at the cheapest.
  11. To add, Equal Vision's IG story says first 10 orders from their store receive handwritten lyrics and there's a sale for 20% off everything Hopesfall (except this preorder) today through 7/15/19. I don't see the handwritten lyrics showing in the cart though.
  12. Nope. Advertised as an acoustic set but no one knew it would be so short and the crowd was definitely disappointed. A group of us drove 3 hours for that and that's the only time I've ever seen Underoath.
  13. I went to their first official acoustic show in Lancaster and we were totally ripped off and they only played 4 songs for a headlining club show. A Scent Like Wolves and Carousel Kings played more songs than them and they opened. Underoath's songs were good tho. They played Reinventing Your Exit, Rature, ihateit, and A Boy Brushed In Red so I'd expect at least the 2 off Erase Me.