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  1. ayo, going through all your stuff you listed for sale. i dig your style. i'm diggin' your label too. way to go! i think you can safely put me down for that Elephant Micah and that new Saw Black ;). if you could hold those bad boys for like 2 days while i listen to the rest of the bands i don't know here, that'd be siiiik. i promise u i will buy those two at least. 

    1. warhenrecords



      Thanks for the compliments about the label! It's a labor of love that relies pretty heavily on word-of-mouth and self-discovery, so I'm glad you found something on there that you vibe with.

      Have tons of the Saw Black so I gotcha there, but will make a note to hold the Elephant Micah for you.

      If you dig the Saw sound, I'd recommend checking out Dogwood Tales as well. Might be up your alley.