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  1. Heyo, I'd like this album for less than $50 or for a trade. I got the goods, we both know it. PM for my list if you got this record to give.
  2. Jackie Crackrock

    Flenser Releases

    go nuts now. test presses galore. https://nowflensing.com/collections/black-friday
  3. Jackie Crackrock

    Big Thief - Masterpiece (saddle creek, 2016)

    new press preorder from newbury /500. limit 5 u fux. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/big_thief-masterpiece_exclusive_lp?variant=17658532986985
  4. big bill guy here, if anyone willing to sell blue/black copy. down 2 trade 2.
  5. also, who wants a test press of a repress? i mean, what's the fuckin' point?
  6. ayyyyyy, dis guy a genius ova hea. neva even toughta dat!
  7. so recapping... we like earlier mark kozelek better than the later stuff? seems like it's been established, but i'm sort of disconnected in general.
  8. he's doin' somethin' different and you can't take it. yr mind... it hurts. owwwwwwowowie.
  9. i have a mental block on how to redeem my bullmoose points on chrome. anyone else get this? i've been able to do it once, but have tried upward of 20 times. ya, i'm dumb. wanna fight? anyhow, bought this quick. last Koz record is really flippin' good.
  10. Jackie Crackrock

    PO Dave Grohl's PLAY - Limited Edition LP

    eh... i miss chad channing.
  11. Jackie Crackrock

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    foo fighters or nsync?
  12. Jackie Crackrock

    PO: Joe Strummer -001

    Ah man, Burning Lights! Best song from the best movie ever. Sweet lord, thank you!
  13. kinda juicin' this poor dead guy, no? hope some of this is goin' to his family.